Gesner – Henri

Gesner: one of the four principal directors of Salamander Four. [DMH] Gesner is killed, along with de Chardin and Pereda, in the explosion of a house in Sussex used by the group for board meetings. The explosion was arranged by Sir Angus McBeal. [OA]

Gezelle, Hugo: a Belgian mercenary being considered for membership in The Watchmen. One of his tests was to kill Modesty with a crossbow. After the attempt failed, Gezelle is taken to a police station, where he is later killed by Hugh Oberon impersonating someone sent from the Special Branch at the request of Sir Gerald Tarrant's department. [NM]

"The Giggle-wrecker": a short story published in Pieces Of Modesty, abbreviated GW. Modesty and Willie find a way to bring Soviet defector Okubo safely across the Berlin Wall from East to West.

Gillam, Lady Janet: Willie's steady girlfriend whenever he's at home, and the owner of a farm located near The Treadmill. She lost part of her left leg in an automobile accident that killed her husband Walter. Willie became acquainted with her when he stopped a small-time protection mob that had selected her as a target. Janet flies Willie to Glasgow in her father's Beechcraft Baron when he goes to rescue Modesty, who is being held captive by Rodelle's men at Glencroft Castle. [IHD] In an effort to see the part of Willie that is known only to Modesty, Lady Janet accompanies the pair to France when they go to rescue Sir Gerald Tarrant. Upon arriving, she and Quinn are soon abducted and held captive by Colonel Jim Straik. [SM] Lady Janet conspires with Sir Gerald Tarrant to find out what happened to Modesty and Willie while on Dragon's Claw. [DC] Lady Janet met Prince Rahim Mohajeri Azhari a couple of times before her accident, and formed the conclusion that "there's an awful thick streak of nastiness in that man." [XT] Lady Janet met Ben Christie in London and learned from him the story of Modesty's destruction of Bora's operation. [NM] Willie is brainwashed by Dr. Tyl into believing that Janet is actually Modesty, who has been killed by Delilah. [DMH]

Gillam, Walter: Lady Janet Gillam's husband. He started drinking after losing all of his money at farming. He was killed in the automobile accident that cost Janet part of her left leg. [IHD]

Gio: an Italian soldier in Karz's mercenary army. Gio served in the section commanded by Willie, and had known him previously. [ST]

Giolitti: a diving saucer launched from the hold of the Andronicus, used to steal the diamonds being shipped to Sheik Abu-Tahir on board The Tyboria. Through a diving bell attached to the bottom of the ship, Willie cuts a hole in the hull of The Tyboria and removes the diamonds from the ship's hold. They are then transferred back to the Andronicus on board the Giolitti. [MB]

Girard, Inspector: a former "sparring partner" of the Riviera Section of The Network. During a meeting in Antibes, Girard tells Willie about the current state of crime in the area, and mentions the name Georges Martel. [XT]

"The Girl with the Black Balloon": a short story published in Cobra Trap, abbreviated GBB. Modesty and Willie enlist the aid of Lucy Fuller-Jones and her hot air balloon to rescue Tor Hallenberg, who has been kidnapped by Mountjoy.

glaikit tattie-bogle: Scottish slang for a "clumsy scarecrow." Modesty uses the expression, which she picked up from Wee Jock Miller, to refer to Pike while disguised as Jeannie McNally. [OA]

Glencroft Castle: a small Scottish castle being rented by Rodelle's men. Modesty is held captive there while Fitch goes to The Treadmill in an attempt to kidnap Willie. When Willie uses a grenade against Rodelle's men as he and Modesty attempt to escape, the resulting explosion causes the collapse of a wing of the castle that had been condemned. After he kills Rodelle, Willie uses a second grenade to entomb the criminal and his men within the ruins. [IHD]

Gogol's Circus ('Gogol's Wonder Circus'): the circus Willie owns in partnership with Georgi Gogol. Willie spends a few weeks with the circus every year, either touring or in winter quarters. [XT] He met Gogol in the south of France just before The Network was shut down, and became his silent partner. [NM]

Gogol, Georgi: Willie's Hungarian partner in ownership of Gogol's Circus. [XT]

Golden Plateau of Serenity: the state that Lucy Fuller-Jones hopes to achieve with the assistance of Swami Gumarati and his book. [GBB]

golf: only twelve months after taking up the game, both Willie and Modesty are quite good at playing golf, thanks to their natural co-ordination of hand, muscle and eye. However, their approach to the game is both irreverent and experimental. Although shocked at first, Sir Gerald Tarrant soon finds their lack of reverence to be somewhat infectious. [ST]

Golitsyn, Colonel Mikhail: one of the leaders of The Watchmen. A Soviet, he once had dealings with The Network when Modesty functioned as an intermediary between him and Sir Gerald Tarrant during a spy swap. Considered by Hugh Oberon to be first among equals in the triumvirate governing The Watchmen, Golitsyn had devised the idea of the group, and had been given unlimited backing and a free hand by the Kremlin. Golitsyn is killed by a fellow Watchmen who takes his life preserver following the sinking of the Drioga Corporation's drillship. [NM]

Goss, Dave: an English criminal. In the days of The Network, Modesty had warned him that a consortium was trying to take over his organization. Goss provides Modesty with a possible clue in Willie's disappearance when he passes on a rumor about a flight made by Roger Lafarge on the night that Molly Chen was murdered. [DMH]

Grace ('Amazing Grace'): Willie's second girl. The wife of the owner of a radio and TV repair shop where Willie worked while in the orphanage. She used to appear in the shop twice a day and claim her TV was acting up. When one of the boys from the orphanage would go to see what the problem was, she would have sex with them while watching TV. Willie and the other two boys from the orphanage worked out a roster so that each would get their proper turns. [XT]

Graduate, The: Hugh Oberon's nickname at the time he was considered as a possible recruit for The Network. [NM]

Grant, Ivor: a British operative sent by Sir Gerald Tarrant to investigate rumours of a plot to steal the diamonds being shipped to Sheik Abu-Tahir. Grant is captured by Gabriel's men. When Gabriel decides that the prisoner is of no interest, he is strangled by Mrs. Fothergill. [MB]

Grasshopper, The: the San Francisco restaurant where Modesty meets Dr. Kim Crozier, and unwittingly blows Ben Christie's cover in front of Hugh Oberon. [NM]

Gravett, Charlie: one of the boys from Willie's orphanage who worked for the radio and TV repair shop, where he received sexual favors from Grace. [XT]

grease: to protect him from the cold of the Lancieux Cave, Modesty has Sir Gerald Tarrant cover his body in car-grease. Later, she has Tarrant cover her body with the same grease to prevent Sexton from getting a grip on her during their battle in the Cave. [SM]

Greeley, Dr.: the GP that Giles Pennyfeather worked with as an assistant upon graduation. [IV]

Gregg: an American employee of Paxero. Gregg goes with Martinez to abduct Dinah Collier and film the ritual sacrifice for Miss Benita. He is killed by Modesty at the Tenazabal Temple when she throws him off a terrace to land headfirst on a step fifteen feet below. [LDL]

grenade: Reverend Leonard Jimson ends the battle with El Mico's men when his skills as a cricket fielder allow him to catch and return a thrown grenade. [BDD] Willie uses a grenade against Rodelle's men when they have him and Modesty trapped in the basement of Glencroft Castle. The resulting explosion causes at least half of the castle's ground floor to collapse. Willie uses a second grenade to entomb the bodies of Rodelle and his men in the ruins of the castle. [IHD] Willie uses grenades against the occupants of Miss Benita's house during the fight to rescue the slaves from Limbo. [LDL]

Guardia, José: the proprietor of the El Dorado hotel. [LDL]

Guilio: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. [LDL]

Guiseppe: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. [MB]

Gumarati, Swami: the author of a book that is helping Lucy Fuller-Jones achieve the Golden Plateau of Serenity. In response to a letter from Lucy, the Swami suggested she take up ballooning. [GBB]

Hagan, Paul: one of Sir Gerald Tarrant operatives in the south of France. Paul works jointly with René Vaubois of the French Deuxième Bureau. He is also an artist. Paul assists Modesty and Willie in the search for information about Gabriel's plan to steal the diamonds being shipped to Sheik Abu-Tahir. Formerly employed by International Diamond Security, Paul first encountered Modesty in the days of The Network when, using the alias Lucienne Bouchier, she tried to dig information out of him regarding counter measures against diamond smugglers. [MB]

Haigh, Dimple: a friend of Modesty who provides a forged visa for Dinah Pilgrim. [TFD] Haigh forges a passport for Soo Leybourn when Modesty decides to return the girl to her family in Java. [SGC]

Hakim: a buyer of stolen goods in Cairo. Modesty and Willie offer Hakim £10,000,000 worth of diamonds, knowing that he'll eventually go to Gabriel with the information that they too are planning to steal the gems being shipped to Sheik Abu-Tahir. [MB]

Hallelujah Scenario: an operation of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Hostel Of Righteousness. It involves the collection of insurance money following the destruction of the tanker Marimba. Modesty is able to save the ship and its crew by getting a message to Captain Valerius after escaping from captivity on Kalivari. [DMH]

Hallenberg, Tor: a Norwegian winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Hallenberg is kidnapped by Mountjoy's organization and held for ransom. He is rescued from Poldeacon by Modesty and Willie, with the assistance of Lucy Fuller-Jones. [GBB]

Hamid: an Arab commander in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Hammer of the Lord: how Reverend Uriah Crisp refers to himself. [DC]

Hammond, Bob: a resident of Benildon. His housekeeper also looks after Ashlea. [DC]

Hamzan, Ahmed: an operative of The Network imprisoned in Baghdad at the time Modesty decided to break up the organization. Securing his release was part of her tidying up program. [NM]

hand signals: when Modesty and Willie are unable to speak to each other, they are still able to communicate through an elaborately worked-out series of hand signals. One hand brought up to the right ear means What orders? A hand on the left ear means Message understood. [BDD]

Handkerchief Trick: Beauregard Browne kills his victims using a modified form of the rumal used by the Thugs of India for their ritual killing. He snaps his victim's necks with a long strip of silk with a weighted end. Browne uses the Handkerchief Trick to kill both Weber and Luke Fletcher. [DC]

hang-gliding: Willie gives a demonstration of his hang-gliding talents at a fête held at Benildon. He and Modesty later escape from Paradise Peak on Dragon's Claw with a hang-glider they construct out of polythene and angle-metal that they take from one of Beauregard Browne's greenhouses. [DC] Modesty and Willie catch Skendi unaware when they both drop out of the sky on hang-gliders following his attempt to kill her at her cottage near Benildon. [OA]

Hans: one of the members of The Watchmen involved in Operation Baystrike. Modesty kills Hans on board the Old Hickory with a pen gun concealed in a bandage on her hand. [NM]

Harry, Old: a former reporter for The Standard and a resident of Benildon. He knows something of Modesty's mysterious background. [DC]

Hart, Cy: one of the slaves being held at Limbo, a Texan who made his money in oil. [LDL, NM]

Harun: Dr. Giles Pennyfeather's orderly at Xanadu. [XT]

Hassan, Big: an Arab Modesty had known before the days of The Network. [XT]

Hassan: an employee of Prince Rahim Mohajeri Azhari at Xanadu. [XT]

Hassiba: one of the women appointed as a personal servant of Nannie Pendergast at Xanadu. [XT]

Haus Lobigo: the name of the house rented by Seff on Sylt. Modesty goes to the house on the pretense of looking at it on behalf of someone interested in renting it. Modesty's cover is blown when she is recognized by Steve Collier, who is unaware of the reason for her presence. The pair are taken captive and moved to Seff's base in the Philippines. [IL]

Hazel: a barmaid at The Treadmill. [DMH]

Head Buyer: an unnamed member of The Watchmen in charge of procuring the necessary equipment for the group's operations. [NM]

Hemmer, Alex: a Hungarian sculptor living in Finland. Hemmer fled his native country during the revolution of 1956. While he is working on the mahogany statue of Modesty commissioned by John Dall, an injured Waldo arrives at his cabin, closely followed by three killers hired by Salamander Four. [SF]

Henri: the guard at the Musée Mattioret. Modesty uses a device constructed by Willie to cover the Watteau painting with a concoction that dries to the colour of the wall behind the painting, while Henri is on the phone with The Director assuring him that the painting is safe. [ST]

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