Her Highness – Helen Kaltchas

Her Highness: how Lady Janet Gillam speaks of Modesty. Although at first the name was intended to be somewhat sarcastic, it became something of a joke after the two women met and got to know each other. [IHD]

Hobbs, Old Davey: a resident of Benildon who always beats Modesty in a straw bale throwing competition held at the Benildon fête. [DC]

Hollinson, Ben: a former operative in The Network in charge of the boat section. Modesty visits Hollinson in Brisbane and offers to sail his boat The Wasp to Wellington after he breaks his arm. Modesty is in the middle of the Tasman Sea with the boat when she rescues Luke Fletcher, following his escape from Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Hosanna Scenario: an operation of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Hostel Of Righteousness. It involved the collection of insurance money on a ship that was scuttled after its cargo had been sold covertly. Five crewmembers who knew about the operation were killed following the scuttling. One of these was Molly Chen's husband. Fear that he may have told his wife about the operation prompted Molly's killing as well. [DMH]

Hostel Of Righteousness: a missionary society founded on the Greek island of Kalivari by Thaddeus Pilgrim, with branches in Macau, South Carolina and England. The society is a front for Pilgrim's criminal activities, including the Hallelujah Scenario, the Hosanna Scenario, and the activities of the Answer To Prayer (A.T.P.) groups. [DMH]

Hotel Ayachi: the hotel a mile east of El Jadida in north Morocco where Modesty has gone to meet Dr. Giles Pennyfeather when an earthquake strikes. Modesty is trapped in the basement of the collapsed hotel with Bernard Martel for almost one full day. [XT]

Hotel Cadiz: the Panamanian hotel where Willie is being held captive. He is being used as bait by Gabriel, who plans to lure Modesty to her death in the hotel, either by being shot by Reilly, or blown up (with Willie) by the booby-trap fashioned by Rosita. [TFD]

Hotel Malaurak: the Tangier hotel owned by The Network which housed the organization's offices on its top floor. [BM]

Houston, Larry: a friend of Sir Gerald Tarrant, and the head of Australian Security. Houston is on the plane that flies to Dragon's Claw in response to the encrypted message sent by Willie after he escapes from his cell on the island. [DC]

Howie, Dr. ('Doc Howie'): a Network doctor who came along on the operation to put Bora out of business and looked after Ben Christie on board the Almarza. [NM]

Hsuan-Te chair: a 500 year-old red-lacquer chair made in the Hsuan-te period of the Ming dynasty. Reverend Uriah Crisp, Beauregard Brown and Clarissa de Courtney-Scott steal the chair from the Bor Museum for Sam Solon's collection on Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Hudson: a doorman at Modesty's apartment building. [OA]

Hugo: one of two friendly Dutch journalists that Clarissa de Courtney-Scott spent time with to determine how much was known about the theft of the Hsuan-Te chair from the Bor Museum. [DC]

"I Had a Date with Lady Janet": a short story published in Pieces Of Modesty, abbreviated IHD. Willie flies to Glasgow to rescue Modesty, who has been kidnapped by Rodelle's men, and is being held captive at Glencroft Castle. The story is narrated by Willie.

I, Lucifer: the third Modesty Blaise book, published in 1967 and abbreviated IL. Seff makes use of Lucifer's precognitive abilities to predict natural deaths in an elaborate ransom scheme.

Ilhas Deserta: a chain of three uninhabited islands that is part of the Madeira Islands, belonging to Portugal. Deserta Grande is one of the islands. [NM]

Ilse: one of Willie's girls in Germany, and formerly a small cog in The Network. Ilse's role had been to associate with financiers and industrialists, and pass along any bits of information she picked up. Willie tells Ilse his concerns over Modesty's recent behavior, knowing that the rumours will be passed along. [ST]

The Impossible Virgin: the fifth Modesty Blaise book, published in 1971 and abbreviated IV. Brunel attempts to find the gold deposit located by Soviet defector Mischa Novikov.

Impossible Virgin, The: the rough translation of the native name given to a freakish natural feature in Rwanda that encloses the gold deposit located by Mischa Novikov. The area is made up of two long ridges that rise in the middle, and converge to form a blind end to the valley. Beyond the juncture is flattish ground, then two small volcanic hills, and finally a bigger, rounded height. Seen from the north, it resembles a naked woman lying on her back with her legs apart and her knees drawn up. Novikov's gold deposit lies between the legs. [IV]

In Salah ('I-n-Salah', 'Aïn Salah'): an oasis town in central Algeria on the southern edge of the arid Tademaït Plateau. Work done by Dr. Aaronson on some scrolls found near In Salah leads to the discovery of Mus. [TFD]

Individual Duel: a contest betwen two members of The Watchmen who have a personal score to settle, ending in the death of one of the participants. Major the Earl St. Maur kills Romaine in an Individual Duel. [NM]

Inside Group: a criminal group hired by El Mico's organization to steal The Object. The Inside Group transferred the crown to a P.L.O. group, who killed them and then sealed the crown in a steel box. [XT]

Inspector, The: an unnamed member of the Sûreté Nationale who is ordered by René Vaubois to bring in Bourget, Garat and Servalle for questioning. [SM]

International Diamond Security: Paul Hagan's former employer. [MB]

Isparta: the boat owned by Bora that was used to pick up girls from various sellers. [NM]

Ito: one of Colonel Jim Straik's Japanese guards. Ito is killed by Willie as he begins the escape from Chateau Lancieux. [SM]

Jacinto: the leader of the group of El Mico's men who hijack the bus carrying Modesty, Reverend Leonard Jimson and a group of orphans to San Tremino. Jacinto is shot by Modesty as she and Willie fight against the bandits. [BDD]

Jack: one of Sam Solon's men who take Luke Fletcher off The Wasp for the flight to Australia. He attempts to do the same with Modesty, and quickly finds himself thrown overboard. [DC]

Jacko: a member of Mountjoy's organization. [GBB]

Jacoby: an instructor at Three Meadows with a low opinion of both Modesty and Willie. Willie considers Jacoby to be a "nasty bugger" who teaches set forms of combat effectively, but who doesn't teach his students to think. [LDL]

Jacqueline: Modesty and Willie's danger word. [MB, TFD]

Jacquie: a prostitute in Clare McTurk's New Orleans brothel. [SM]

Jade Queen: a jade statue of a young woman. It is part of the treasure unearthed from a huge complex of jungle-smothered temples discovered north of Pi Mai in central Thailand. Modesty and Willie are forced to steal the statue, which is on exhibit at the Royal Academy at Burlington House, to ensure the safe return of Luke Fletcher. They later discover they have stolen the statue for Sam Solon, who has had it transported to Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Jafar: a banker in Calcutta who is selected by Seff as one of his victims. Mr. Jafar signals his agreement to pay the ransom money by placing an ad in the London Times. Seff decides that Jafar will be charged a price of $200,000, payable in heroin. [IL]

Jaffe: one of Paul Casanova's bodyguards. [XT]

Jake: one of the Specials sent by Paxero to kidnap Modesty and John Dall in Idaho. He and his unnamed partner are killed by Modesty. Jake and his partner were ex-cons from Kentucky, referred to in Limbo as "hillbillies." [LDL]

Jamieson: a crewmember on the Kythiria who takes over as captain after Little Krell kills Edmund St. Clair Baillie-Smythe. [XT]

Jane: a friend of Caroline Ross. [DC]

Jason: the pilot of the helicopter used by Martinez during the failed attempt to abduct Modesty and John Dall in Idaho. He later flies Modesty and Damion from Acapulco to Limbo following her abduction. [LDL]

javelin: following the escape from the Chateau Lancieux, Willie kills Colonel Jim Straik, along with Clare McTurk, Ramon da Cruz, Muro and Tokuda, by throwing a seven-foot long piece of angel iron, javelin-style, through the windshield of Straik's Citroen, causing the car to swerve off the road and drop over fifty feet. [SM]

Jazairli, Major: an Egyptian military officer who assists Paul Hagan and Sir Gerald Tarrant as they search for Modesty and Willie after the pair are taken captive by Gabriel. [MB]

Jeanette: a woman contacted by Willie in Paris for the purpose of spreading the rumor that Modesty is desperate for money and therefore a likely candidate for employment in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Jimmy: one of the drivers who comes from Glasgow with Wee Jock Miller to assist in the theft of the safe containing the Singapore papers from Brunel's house in London. [IV]

Jimson, Reverend Leonard: an employee of the South American Missionary Society that runs a school for orphaned girls in Saqueta. Jimson first learned of Modesty from Mike Delgado when they were in a hospital together in Rio. He meets Modesty in Orsita, where she and Willie have stopped on their way to see Garcia. The bus that Modesty and Jimson are riding to San Tremino is hijacked by a band of men working for El Mico. Jimson abhors violence, no matter what its motivation. As a result, he has difficulty dealing with the fact that his skill as a cricket player allows him to catch and return a thrown hand grenade, killing many of El Mico's men. [BDD]

Jodelle, Colonel: an officer in the French Foreign Legion. Willie served under Jodelle for two months while stationed at Bordj Kerim. [TFD]

Joe, Mr.: an overseer at Limbo. [LDL]

John: the name used by Hugh Oberon when dealing with Ben Christie while trying to determine if he's a suitable candidate for membership in The Watchmen. [NM]

Johnson, Miss: the false name used by Modesty when she checks into the St. Francis hotel while awaiting word from Dr. Kim Crozier, who's following Ben Christie and Hugh Oberon. [NM]

Johnson, Ms.: a member of one of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Answer To Prayer teams, from Los Angeles. A fitness fanatic, her partner is Zanelli. [DMH]

Johnson: a servant of Major the Earl St. Maur. [NM]

Jonathan: one of the horses at Modesty's farm near Benildon, ridden by Dinah Pilgrim. [TFD]

Jorgensen, Sven: the false identity adopted by Willie for the annual excursion he makes with Modesty to East Berlin. Jorgensen is a Swedish dealer in antiques. The business he works for in Gothenberg is legitimate and is owned by Modesty and Willie. The pair began the trips a year or two before retiring from The Network to see what went on behind the Iron Curtain and establish credible identities there. They have continued making them because "it seemed a pity to let the thing lapse." Willie poses as Jorgensen when he and Modesty go to East Berlin to help Okubo escape. [GW]

Joseph: a member of Pacco's criminal organization, since deceased. His ashes are in an urn at Le Gant Rouge. [MB]

Julie: one of Willie's girls, a British Airways air hostess. [XT]

Kadiri: a rival mob that was taken out of action by Modesty along with Krolli and two of his men shortly after her return from training under Saragam. [DMH]

Kafoula, Mary: a local girl pressed into service in the hospital in Kalimba as a ward-maid by John and Angel Mbarraha. [IV]

Kalimba: a small town in Tanzania. Dr. Giles Pennyfeather works at the hospital there, and John and Angel Mbarraha are stationed there as well. Mischa Novikov dies in Kalimba after escaping from Brunel, and Modesty's plane makes an emergency landing nearby on a flight from England to Durban. [IV]

Kalimbua: the village in Java where Soo Leybourn's family lives. [SGC]

Kalithos: a small Turkish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, 80 miles south of Cypress. Gabriel takes over the monastery on the island and uses it as his headquarters while plotting to steal the diamonds being shipped to Sheik Abu-Tahir. [MB]

Kalivari: a small Greek island leased by Thaddeus Pilgrim. The island is the site of the founding of the Hostel Of Righteousness, and the location where Willie and later Modesty are held captive. [DMH]

Kalonides: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization who makes regular deliveries to the monastery headquarters on Kalithos. [MB]

Kaltchas, Helen: the daughter of Nikos Petrakis and the sister of George Petrakis. A widow, she provides Danny Chavasse with information about the whereabouts of her father and brother, who have followed Modesty's advice and disappeared after taking her to Kalivari. The two men are able to provide Krolli with Modesty's location. [DMH]

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