Kaltchas – Le Gant Rouge

Kaltchas: one of the victims of The Dark Angels. He is killed before he is able to lend his financial backing to a hostile takeover of British Chemicals Ltd. [DA]

Kalzaro, General: a South American rebel, and the leader of a successful coup attempt. While working as a mercenary for the government forces overthrown by Kalzaro, Willie is imprisoned and later rescued by Modesty. [MB]

Karnak: the leader of a vice mob who was put out of business by Modesty in the days of The Network. Willie was seriously wounded in the operation, and suffered a near-death experience as a result. [CT]

Karz: the Mongolian leader of highly trained and well-equipped band of mercenaries. Karz plans to invade Kuwait and take control of its oil reserves. The code name for his operation is Sabre-Tooth. Karz's army is training in a valley in the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan. When his operation is destroyed by Modesty and Willie, Karz is killed by Thamar. [ST]

Kassim: a man killed by Modesty in Malaurak when she and Willie overturned the attempted coup that followed the discovery of oil. [MB]

katsu: a restorative massage technique used by Modesty on Sir Gerald Tarrant following a torture session from Sexton. [SM] Modesty uses katsu on Willie to help him recover his memory after being brainwashed by Dr. Tyl. [DMH]

Kazim: a Turkish member of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Hostel Of Righteousness. He and Sybil Pray kill Molly Chen, and later face Modesty and Willie in gladiatorial combat on Kalivari. Kazim is killed by Willie. [DMH]

Keller: the Swiss banker who confirms that $20,000,000 has been deposited to Nannie Pendergast's account. [XT]

Kellgren Laboratories: a Swedish corporation that has developed a new process for colour film. Waldo invokes the wrath of Salamander Four when he manages to obtain the details of the process before they do. [SF]

Kempton Road Hospital: the hospital where Steve Collier is taken for treatment following his beating by Pike at The Black Horse. [OA]

Kerenyi: a guard at Dragon's Claw who is working the night shift in the radio hut when Willie escapes from his cell. Willie is able to render Kerenyi unconscious and send an encrypted message without Kerenyi realizing what has happened. Kerenyi is later killed by Clarissa de Courtney-Scott on Beauregard Browne's orders. [DC]

Kermina: a member of El Mico's organization who tortures and eventually kills Georges Martel in an attempt to find out what Bernard Martel did with The Object. [XT]

Ketch, Jack: a nickname given to Dr. Giles Pennyfeather in medical school when he almost strangled a patient while putting him in traction. Jack Ketch was the name of a public hangman. [XT]

Keyes, Howard A. ('Gus'): a former CIA operative, and the owner of a small hardware store in Montana. Keyes poses as an American tycoon who is planning to open a chain of supermarkets in England. Sir Gerald Tarrant hopes to use Keyes as bait to catch The Dark Angels, and tricks Modesty and Willie into acting as Keyes's bodyguards. [DA]

Kikuyu: Brunel imports a dozen Kikuyu natives to serve as guards at Bonaccord. [IV]

Kingston, Dick: an investigative reporter who was formerly an operative with MI6. He had penetrated The Network to determine if the organization was selling any British secrets to the Eastern Bloc. Although his cover was blown, Modesty did nothing to stop him, since she wanted it known that she was not dealing in secrets relating to the country where she planned to settle. Kingston comes to Malta hoping to learn more about Luke Fletcher's disappearance, and puts forth the theory that it may be related to the disappearance of a number of other art experts. Later, Kingston is going to visit Fletcher at his studio in London when he is kidnapped, taken to Cawley Fields and killed by Reverend Uriah Crisp. The killing is meant to convince Modesty and Willie that the same will happen to Luke Fletcher if they do not cooperate in the theft of the Jade Queen. [DC]

Kiriacou: according to Little Krell, Kiriacou is the best knifeman he knows. Kiriacou claims that Willie Garvin "is world best." [XT]

kite: Modesty boards the Delphine by flying over it while hanging from a kite that is towed by a speedboat driven by Willie. [PN]

Kitty: one of the horses at Modesty's farm near Benildon, ridden by Steve Collier. [TFD]

knives: Willie's favorite weapons are a pair of knives, which he can throw with deadly accuracy. He often carries them in a harness worn either under his shirt, or stitched to the lining of his jacket. Willie's knives have hafts of black dimpled bone and 5½ inch blades with thin brass fillets on one edge near the haft. The fillets are intended to cause an enemy's blade to nick in and catch during a knife-fight.

kongo: also known as a yawara stick, a kongo is a weapon of hard smooth wood shaped like a small, elongated dumb-bell. It is held with the shaft in the palm of the hand and the mushroom-shaped ends protruding from the clenched fist. One of Modesty's favorite weapons, it is most effective when used to strike at certain nerve centres or pressure points on the body. Modesty was introduced to the kongo by Willie. He made one for her as a token of appreciation after she gave him his first Network assignment. [DMH]

Krell, Little: a member of Rodelle's group who had been wounded when Modesty and Willie rescued Consuela Aranda. He never forgot how Modesty stopped to apply first aid to his injured arm, preventing him from bleeding to death. Little Krell becomes a member of El Mico's organization, and instructs Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk in various forms of combat, including the use of the kongo. At Xanadu, he remembers Modesty's actions from years before, and helps her and Willie escape from the palace, along with Dr. Giles Pennyfeather and Tracy June Martel. Little Krell is killed outside Alâeddin's cave during the fight following the escape. [XT]

Krolli: a Greek former member of The Network and one of Modesty's favored lieutenants. He once deliberately took a bullet intended for Modesty. Krolli was the leader of the task force that served to protect the organization from its rivals. Following the dissolution of The Network, Krolli opted to take over its Aegean operation. [NM, BM] Modesty and Willie rescue Krolli from a Yugoslav labour battalion, in order to learn the name of the man behind the man who approached him to carry out the murder of one of the victims on Seff's death list. Krolli's cover was blown while on a job in Yugoslavia by Lascaris, his second-in-command, who disapproved of him turning down Seff's job. The name that Krolli gives to Modesty and Willie is that of Jack Wish. [IL] Shortly after Krolli's rescue from Yugoslavia, Lascaris turned up dead by an unknown hand. Krolli set himself up in a legitimate business exporting olive oil. Krolli provides Modesty with the information that eventually leads her to where Willie is being held captive by Thaddeus Pilgrim on Kalivari. [DMH]

Kui-tan: Willie rescued Wei Lu from the Chinese at Kui-tan, which is located 100 miles up the coast from Hong Kong, and five miles inland. [DMH]

Kukiel: the engineer in charge of the Drioga Corporation's phony drilling operation, and one of the two technicians on the drillship. [NM]

Kutaya Star: a ship involved in one of two maritime insurance scams that Captain Axel Valerius worked for Modesty in the days of The Network. [DMH]

Kuwait Liberation Army: Karz plans to call his mercenary army the Kuwait Liberation Army, in the hopes of preventing western powers from making a counter-move after he invades Kuwait. [ST]

Kypseli: the radio operator on Kalivari. Modesty knocks him unconscious with her kongo before using his radio to contact Weng. [DMH]

Kythiria: the ship used to carry out some of El Mico's operations. Edmund St. Clair Baillie-Smythe is the captain of Kythiria. [XT]

L'Auberge Du Tarn: the French inn where Sir Gerald Tarrant plans to spend some time with Modesty following the meeting of the Coordinating Committee for NATO Intelligence. [SM]

La Nymphe d'Argent: a Tangier restaurant owned by Lisette. Wee Jock Miller asked Willie to take Pauline to dinner there, so he could help Lisette get rid of two men who were demanding protection money. [NM]

La Roche[1]: a member of Henri Louche's organization who was initially hostile to the idea of Modesty taking over control following Louche's death. [NM]

La Roche[2]: a banker whose wife was seduced by Danny Chavasse in the days of The Network for information on the bank security system. [DMH]

Labriola, Teresa: one of the slaves being held at Limbo, an Italian film actress. Teresa is the only one of the slaves to be killed during the battle to escape from the plantation. [LDL]

Lafarge, Roger: the pilot who flies Sybil Pray and Kazim to Athens, along with a drugged Willie following his abduction. When Modesty learns from Dave Goss that Willie may have been one of Lafarge's passengers, she attempts to purchase information from the pilot about his flight. Lafarge agrees, providing that Modesty consent to spend the night with him as well, but reneges on the agreement the next morning. Shortly thereafter, he is visited by Weng, who persuades him that reneging on Modesty is not a good idea. [DMH]

Lala: one of Willie's girls in Papeete. Lala was the local witch-woman. Willie eventually learned that she was priming him with an aphrodisiac made from some kind of crushed ant. [TFD]

Lamelle: the leader of an organization in Lebanon hired by Gabriel. [MB]

Lancieux Cave: a cave in the Pyrenean region, a passage from which leads to the cellar beneath Chateau Lancieux. Modesty and Willie enter the Chateau through the Cave, and Modesty leads Sir Gerald Tarrant to safety through it as well. Sexton follows them, and is drowned by Modesty in an underground lake in the cave. [SM]

Lang, Dave: Ben Christie's cover name when attempting to infiltrate The Watchmen. Lang is a war veteran turned criminal. [NM]

Langford, Fiona: Lady Janet Gillam's young sister who lives in New York, and a victim of Colonel Jim Straik's blackmail scheme. She has been making payments of $1,000 a month to a charity relief fund at the New Provident and Commercial Bank of Macao for a period of two years, to prevent her husband Tommy Langford from learning about an affair she had three years ago. News of the scheme causes Modesty and Willie to fly to Macao to question Wu Smith. [SM]

Langford, Tommy: Fiona Langford's husband, he is unaware of the affair she had three years ago, and of the fact that she is being blackmailed as a result. [SM]

Langridge: a private detective hired to guard Luke Fletcher when he returns to his studio after his escape from Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Lanzarote: the easternmost of the Canary Islands in the North Atlantic, and the location of the hotel where Danny Chavasse spent time with Modesty. Danny tells Dr. Kim Crozier to mention Lanzarote so that Modesty will know that the note Kim passes her on her arrival in Limbo is genuine, even if she doesn't recognize Danny's handwriting. The note reads "You can trust Kim all the way. Danny." [LDL]

Laroche: the owner of a chain of casinos who came to Modesty for protection in the days of The Network. [IL]

Laroque: the member of Paul Casanova's organization who takes Modesty and Dr. Giles Pennyfeather to the contruction site where Willie will be killed unless Modesty reveals the whereabouts of Georges Martel. [XT]

Larsen: a member of Seff's group who figures out his operation and plans to blackmail him. When Jack Wish becomes aware of Larsen's plan, he tells Seff, who has Lucifer release Larsen "to the lower level". [IL]

Las Sombras: a trio of South Americans hired by Salamander Four over the protests of Sir Angus McBeal to assassinate Modesty. They shot her with a tranquilizer dart and left her to die, trapped in a cave in the Pyrenees. She was found after ten days and rescued by Old Alex Mirot. Following the failure of the contract, the lives of the members of Las Sombras were terminated, to prevent the contract being traced back to Salamander Four. [OA]

Lascaris: Krolli's second-in-command, and the person who double-crosses him when he's in Yugoslavia. Krolli plans to kill Lascaris at the first opportunity. [IL]

Last Day In Limbo: The eighth Modesty Blaise book, published in 1976 and abbreviated LDL. Modesty allows herself to be kidnapped by Paxero and Damion so that she will be taken to Limbo, where she and Willie can rescue the people being held there as slaves.

Le Dauphin: a small island off the coast of Morocco, used as a base by Jeremy Silk, Dominic Silk and Nannie Pendergast. [XT]

Le Gant Rouge: a cabaret owed by Pacco. Nicole sings at Le Gant Rouge. After Nicole is murdered, Willie goes to the cabaret with Paul Hagan, and kills Pacco. [MB]

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