Le Lion Rouge – Dr. Marston

Le Lion Rouge: the French inn where Lady Janet Gillam and Quinn await word of Modesty and Willie's attempt to rescue Sir Gerald Tarrant from Chateau Lancieux. [SM]

Leah: the nurse who looked after Ben Christie while he recuperated at Modesty's villa near Tangier. [NM]

Legend, The: an exclusive London restaurant where Modesty and Willie take Jack Fraser for supper, so they can grill him for suggestions for a birthday present for Sir Gerald Tarrant. While in the restaurant, the trio is confronted by Brunel, Jacko Muktar and Adrian Chance. The meeting prompts Fraser to tell Modesty and Willie the story of the Singapore papers. [IV]

Leighton, Monsieur: the American owner of the painting by Watteau that is stolen from the Musée Mattioret by Modesty and Willie using a device constructed by Willie. [ST]

Leila: a French-Chinese nymphomaniac from Bangkok, one of the prostitutes in Karz's seraglio, or brothel. [ST]

Leng, Chit: the local Thai-style champion that Willie was fighting in Saigon when he was first seen by Modesty. [DMH]

Lensk: the false name used by an operative of The Network who ran the sections dealing with international intelligence and industrial espionage. A defector from the KGB who had undergone plastic surgery to change his appearance, his real name is not recorded. [NM]

Les Genévriers: a small ten-bed hospital owned by The Network. [NM]

Leybourn Enterprises: the business owned by Charles Leybourn. Modesty is selling flags for Mental Health in front of Leybourn Enterprises when Charles Leybourn pinches her bottom. [SGC]

Leybourn, Charles: a wealthy businessman, the head of Leybourn Enterprises. Leybourn pinches Modesty's bottom when he encounters her selling flags for Mental Health outside his offices. He is married to a much younger Javanese girl named Soo. When Leybourn is killed by his wife, Modesty and Willie cover up the murder by making it appear that he died in a car crash, assuming that Soo was motivated by the abusive treatment she received from her husband. [SGC]

Leybourn, Soo: the Javanese wife of businessman Charles Leybourn. Modesty stops Soo from committing suicide as she and Willie are preparing to burgle Leybourn's safe. Soo later kills her husband as the pair are getting ready to leave the house. They cover up her actions and help her return to her family in Java, based on an assumption about her motives that turns out to be incorrect. [SGC]

Li Gomm: a chigro from Macau, one of the guards at Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Liebmann: the Chief of Staff in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Limbo: a coffee plantation in Guatemala run by Paxero for the amusement of his Aunt Benita. Limbo is worked by a group of slaves made up of powerful and wealthy people from all over the world who have been kidnapped and brought there for that purpose. Modesty and Willie are led to Limbo in their search for Danny Chavasse, acting on information provided by both Lucifer and Dinah Collier. [LDL]

lipstick: Willie fashions a lipstick case for Modesty that can shoot a burst of tear-gas far enough to disable someone at a distance of six feet. Modesty uses it to disarm one of Gabriel's men as she and Willie are escaping from Gabriel's headquarters. [MB]

Lisette[1]: the owner of La Nymphe d'Argent. [NM]

Lisette[2]: the daughter of Moulay. Lisette worked at Modesty's house in Tangier as a maid. Approximately three years younger than Modesty, the two women became close friends. Lisette was stabbed and killed by a couple of junkies for the money in her purse. Modesty blamed Bellman for the death. [BM]

Little Garnet: the emergency code name Modesty uses for Weng when she contacts him by radio from Kalivari. [DMH]

Lob: a Jewish professor from Budapest. Modesty met him in a refugee camp when she was approximately seven years old. She spent several years with him as his protector and pupil as they wandered around the Middle East and North Africa. He gave her the name "Modesty," and told her the legend of Arthur, King of Britain, from which she took the name "Blaise," the name of the magician Merlin's tutor. When he died, Modesty buried Lob in the desert. [XT, DA]

Loeb: one of Brunel's five overseers at Bonaccord. Loeb was wanted for murder. He is shot by Willie with a rifle at the beginning of the battle to escape from the estate. [IV]

Lois: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. [LDL]

Lok: one of The Twins. [ST]

Lomax, Inspector Harry: a friend of Inspector Brook, and a police officer who covers the area where The Black Horse is located. Lomax provides Brook with information about Pike and his possible ties to Salamander Four. Lomax is on leave when he arrests Skendi near Modesty's cottage following the Albanian's failed assassination attempt. [OA]

Long Arrow, Charlie: the sixty year-old Shoshone guide who accompanies Modesty and John Dall on their canoe trip in Idaho. He is killed by the two Specials sent by Paxero to kidnap Modesty and Dall. [LDL]

Louche, Henri: the head of a small criminal organization that controlled a gaming establishment in Tangier where Modesty worked at the age of 17. After Louche and his second in command were killed by rivals in a gang war, Modesty took over control of his organization, which became known as The Network. [MB]

Lowry, Skeet: claimed by Sir Howard Presteign to be one of the six best pilots in Europe or the United States. Lowry flies Modesty, Willie and Steve Collier to Mus, and right into the hands of Gabriel and Simon Delicata. Lowry is totally faithful to whoever is paying him, but when Modesty and Willie convince him that his bosses plan to kill him, he switches sides and agrees to fly the prisoners from Mus to safety for $20,000. Modesty makes back the fee by selling short on Presteign Holdings two days before she drowns Presteign. The stock falls 25% on news of his death, leaving just enough after taxes to pay off Lowry. [TFD]

Lu, Wei: Molly Chen's grandfather. A deserter from the Chinese Army who had settled in Honk Kong, Lu owed The Network £50,000 for services rendered. When Willie went to collect the sum on his first Network assignment, he was informed that Lu had been captured by his former superior officer and was being held prisoner at Kui-tan in China. Willie rescued Lu from the Chinese, rather than return to Modesty empty-handed. [DMH]

Lubyanka Prison: a prison located in Dzerzhinsky Street in Moscow. John Ryan is taken to the prison after being picked up in Sofia. René Vaubois has a source inside the prison, and is able to inform Jack Fraser that Ryan took his own life within 48 hours of his arrival at Lubyanka. [DC] Pirie was imprisoned and tortured at Lubyanka. [NM]

Lucifer: a paranoid young man who has deluded himself into believing that he is Satan. Seff makes use of Lucifer's precognitive abilities to predict natural deaths as part of a scheme to extract protection money from rich victims. Lucifer kills Seff when Modesty and Willie return to Seff's base in the Philippines to rescue both Steve Collier and Lucifer. [IL] Modesty takes Danny Chavasse's Breguet watch to Lucifer in New York to see if he can tell her if its owner is still alive. Lucifer tells her that "he dwells in the upper levels still." [LDL] Lucifer is visited by Modesty in an attempt to see if Willie is still alive, and later by Steve Collier to see if Modesty is still alive, following their respective disappearances. In both cases, the answer is yes. [DMH]

Luco: a Panamanian Indian who serves as Willie's guide while diving for the pearls he needs to complete the necklace he is fashioning for Modesty. [TFD]

Ludz: a guard at Dragon's Claw. He is killed by Clarissa de Courtney-Scott on Beauregard Browne's orders. [DC]

Luigi: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization, the pilot of the Giolitti. [MB]

Luisa: one of Willie's girls, a fado singing fan. Willie is with Luisa on the beach in Lisbon when he is kidnapped by Emilio, Forli, Ugo, and an unnamed fourth man. [ST]

Lussac: one of Paul Casanova's bodyguards. [XT]

Mabel: a little pixie that Willie claims offered him three wishes after he saved her from being caught in some brambles. [CT]

Macanza: Kaltchas's driver. He is not hurt in the attack by The Dark Angels which takes his employer's life. [DA]

mace: to keep Professor Malcolm Tangye, his wife, and the rest of the workers at Mus submissive, Simon Delicata has them locked in a sealed room and sprayed with mace, a form of nerve gas, three times a day. When Modesty, Willie and Steve Collier are subjected to the same treatment, Modesty renders Collier unconscious before she and Willie put themselves into a trance. [TFD]

machete: Willie kills one of Brunel's Kikuyu guards with a thrown machete during the fight to escape from Bonaccord. [IV]

Mahjoub: an Arab who raped Modesty when she was 13 or 14. She killed him with a nail wired to a piece of wood, and then sold his mule and other belongings to Alâeddin. [XT]

Mahmoud: a Moroccan boy employed by The Network at its Tangier office. [NM]

Mailer Gallery: the art gallery where Modesty purchased Luke Fletcher's Estaminet. [DC]

Maisie: a prostitute in Clare McTurk's New Orleans brothel. [SM]

Malaurak: a tiny Sheikdom located between Syria and Iraq. Recognized by the Treaty of '56, and the site of an oil discovery in the days of The Network. Abu-Tahir is the Sheik of Malaurak. [MB] Modesty and Willie and a group of twenty men had overturned a coup attempt that had followed the discovery of oil. The Sheikdom will vanish, absorbed by its neighbours, when the elderly Abu-Tahir dies. [LDL] After destroying his operation, Modesty had Bora shipped to Malaurak, where he faced hard labour as a slave for the rest of his life. [NM]

Malcolm: Jack Fraser's nephew. Malcolm figured often and luridly as a hideous comparative in Fraser's conversation. [DC]

Malta: Modesty and Willie have a little villa in Malta, which they use as a base while trying to find specimens of all the different wildflowers. [IV] Modesty stays at the villa with Luke Fletcher following his recovery after his rescue. While there, she learns from Alfredo Frezzi that someone is very interested in whether or not Luke remembers what happened to him during the time of his disappearance. [DC] Willie takes Molly Chen to the villa when the pair go on vacation together. [DMH]

Mam'selle: in the days of The Network, Modesty was addressed and referred to simply as "Mam'selle" by the men who worked for her. [IL, IV, LDL, XT, NM, DMH]

Mandrake: a yacht owned by Gabriel, used as a decoy. While Sir Gerald Tarrant and Paul Hagan watch the Mandrake, the Andronicus is used to launch the real theft of the diamonds from The Tyboria. [MB]

Mandrou: a member of El Mico's criminal organization. [XT]

Manetta, Mr.: the chief receptionist at The Ritz. He informs Sir Gerald Tarrant and Modesty about the "moments of unusual interest" caused by Sheik Abu-Tahir's stay at the hotel. [MB]

Manuela: one of Miss Benita's servants. [LDL]

Margello: one of Gabriel's men who kidnaps Dinah Pilgrim, and the killer of her sister Judy. Willie kills Margello with a Bowie knife when he rescues Dinah. [TFD]

Marimba: the tanker owned by the Hostel of Righteousness that will be used in the Hallelujah Scenario. Modesty is able to warn Captain Axel Valerius that he and his men will be killed when the ship is destroyed for insurance purposes. As a result, Valerius sells the ship for $12,5000,000 and deposits 10% of the proceeds in a Swiss bank account in Modesty's name. [DMH]

Marker: one of the slaves being held at Limbo, a South African diamond man who earned himself three floggings in his first six weeks on the plantation. Marker is one of the group of slaves that Modesty organizes to fight against Paxero's men when the time comes, although he is initially reluctant to take orders from a woman. [LDL] Following the rescue, Marker chipped in with Valdez and Stavros to buy Dr. Kim Crozier a practice in San Francisco. [NM]

Marroc: a Chigro who controlled the thriving vice rackets in Panama. When he tried to have Modesty killed in the days of The Network, she delivered a wounded Marroc to Sergeant Sagasta, with enough evidence to put him away for 15 years. The Marroc affair was the beginning of Sagasta's rapid promotion. [TFD]

Marston, Dr.: the doctor who comes along on the Samarkand to look after Lucifer after he's rescued from Seff. [IL]

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