Bernard Martel – Montelero

Martel, Bernard: Georges Martel's elder brother. Born in Morocco, he served in Military Intelligence and did undercover work in Algeria and Morocco. He married an English woman named Tracy June Chilton. When she disappeared during their honeymoon in Morocco, he resigned his commission and vanished. Adopting the name Louis Gautier, he became a lieutenant in El Mico's organization, in hopes that it would somehow lead him to his wife. Eventually learning her fate, he stole The Object and intended to use it to purchase her freedom from the harem at Xanadu. Before he is able to do so, he is trapped with Modesty in the rubble beneath Hotel Ayachi following the earthquake near El Jadida. He is recovering from his injuries at Modesty's house in Tangier when he is killed by El Mico, using a flame-thrower. [XT]

Martel, Fauzia: Henri Martel's wife, the mother of Bernard and Georges Martel, and Al‚eddin's sister. [XT]

Martel, Georges: Bernard Martel's younger brother. After serving a prison term for attacking a man with a knife, he was recruited into the Union Corse as an enforcer, and eventually became their top executioner. Modesty meets with Georges to tell him Bernard's dying words. Following the meeting, Georges is abducted by Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk. He is later killed while being questioned by Kermina about the location of The Object. [XT]

Martel, Henri: the father of Georges and Bernard Martel, a baker in the town of Bonifacio on the island of Corsica. Modesty visits the man to talk about his sons, and learns that Tracy June Martel was sold to Prince Rahim Mohajeri Azhari, and that Bernard Martel had visited his uncle Al‚eddin in Morocco. [XT]

Martel, Tracy June: Tracy June Chilton's married name. Her husband Bernard Martel called her June. [XT]

Martha: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. [LDL]

Martindale: a wealthy merchant banker on Seff's death list. Martindale was killed when he was struck by lightning. [IL]

Martine, Mme.: the patronne of L'Auberge Du Tarn. [SM]

Martinez: one of Paxero's employees. He accompanies the two Specials - Jake and his unnamed partner - who fail in their attempt to abduct Modesty and John Dall in Idaho. Martinez goes with Gregg to abduct Dinah Collier and kill her in a ritual sacrifice at the Tenazabal Temple that will be filmed for Miss Benita's amusement. Martinez is killed by Willie, who buries a thrown knife to the hilt in the man's back. [LDL]

Martinez: the hotel in Nice where Modesty meets Georges Martel, and where Martel is kidnapped by Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk. [XT]

Mashari: the leader of an organization in Port Said hired by Gabriel. [MB]

Mason, Bernard: a high ranking official at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Robson receives an acknowledgment from Mason that Modesty's message has been passed on. [NM]

Maureen: one of Willie's girls, a nurse in Liverpool. Maureen has a theory about the best way to sweat out a cold. It involves a double bed, four hot water bottles, and her. [IL]

Maurice: a member of Pacco's criminal organization. Maurice is killed by Paul Hagan at Le Gant Rouge. [MB]

Mavis[1]: one of Willie's girls. Mavis is a very tall showgirl with more and bigger curves than you would think possible on any human being. A resident of Jersey, Mavis is "as thick as two planks," but makes up for it with her cheerful, enthusiastic nature. Willie claims it's like "going to bed with four girls and a cylinder of laughing-gas." [GW]

Mavis[2]: a barmaid at The Treadmill. [GBB]

Maya: the plump middle-aged Eurasian Madame at Karz's seraglio. [ST]

Mbarraha, Angel: John Mbarraha's wife. [IV]

Mbarraha, Reverend John: a Bantu missionary working for the African Mission Society, stationed in Kalimba. [IV]

McBeal, Elaine: the wartime lover of Alexander Sayle, and the mother of Sir Angus McBeal. Elaine served in the Women's Royal Air Force, and had not told Alexander Sayle that she was pregnant for fear that he might think she was forcing him into marriage. Elaine gave birth to her son six months after Alexander Sayle was reported missing over France. Following her own death five years later, Elaine's son was raised by her parents. [OA]

McBeal, Sir Angus: one of the four principal directors of Salamander Four. In a meeting at Rand's arranged by Sir Gerald Tarrant, Modesty makes it clear to McBeal that canceling the Dead Man's Handle contract, taken out by Thaddeus Pilgrim on the life of Steve Collier and his wife Dinah, would be a good idea. [DMH] McBeal is the illegitimate son of Alexander Sayle and Elaine McBeal. After the failed attempt on Modesty's life by Las Sombras, McBeal goes to Modesty and Willie to thank her for finding his father, to explain his difference of opinion with the other three directors of Salamander Four, and to display his willingness to destroy the group by having the other three principal directors killed in an explosion in an effort to convince the pair not to kill him. [OA]

McGovern, Jim: the CIA man at the embassy in Rabat, and Ben Christie's superior at the time of the Bora operation. [NM]

McNally, Jeannie: the false identity adopted by Modesty when she and Willie, who is disguised as Reverend James McNally, go to The Black Horse to humiliate Pike following his beating of Steve Collier. Jeannie McNally leads the occupants of the pub in a rendition of Yes, Jesus Loves Me. A videotape of the event made by Weng provides a great deal of amusement to Inspector Brook and Inspector Harry Lomax. [OA]

McNally, Reverend James: the false identity adopted by Willie when he and Modesty, who is disguised as McNally's wife Jeannie, go to The Black Horse to humiliate Pike following his beating of Steve Collier. James McNally plays a concertina. [OA]

McReedy: Caspar's less flashy companion, and the brains behind their operation, which consists of stealing the jewelry of the guests invited to Caspar's parties. McReedy is attacked by a pair of thugs hired by Caspar, who is becoming frightened by his boss, but they are interrupted by Steve Collier, and then by Modesty and Willie. When Modesty figures out the operation, she steals the jewelry back, then arranges for it to be found by Dinah Pilgrim, who collects the reward for its recovery. [PN]

McTurk, Clare: the Scottish former madam of a New Orleans brothel, and a current member of Colonel Jim Straik's organization. Clare, along with Angel, assists is the abduction of Sir Gerald Tarrant by posing as a nun. Clare is killed, along with her boss, when Willie throws a seven foot length of angel iron, javelin-style, through the windshield of their car following his escape with Quinn and Lady Janet Gillam from Chateau Lancieux. [SM]

McWhirter: a Scottish member of Gabriel's criminal organization. McWhirter and his boss are the only ones to escape from Kalithos when Modesty and Willie foil Gabriel's plans to steal the diamonds being shipped to Sheik Abu-Tahir. [MB] McWhirter accompanies Gabriel when he teams up with Simon Delicata to recover the treasure of Mus. Along with his boss, he is killed by Delicata when Modesty and Willie and the other prisoners escape. [TFD]

Melanie: one of Willie's girls. Melanie is the "dark girl with the big mouth." She sings at The Pink Flamingo. [ST]

Mellini: one of the people on Seff's death list. Mellini died in a restaurant from getting a chicken bone stuck in his throat. [IL]

Mellish: a member of Colonel Jim Straik's organization. [SM]

Meloul: a former member of El Mico's organization. Following his death, Bernard Martel, using the name Louis Gautier, was hired to replace Meloul as liaison between the organization and its various operations. [XT]

Mendoza: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. Mendoza operates the projector so that Gabriel can watch the Tom and Jerry cartoons delivered by Kalonides. [MB]

Mental Health: Modesty is working as a flag-seller for Mental Health when she has her bottom pinched by Charles Leybourn. She agreed to work for the charity at the insistence of Madge Baker. [SGC]

Mentash: a criminal in Cairo who introduced Nannie Pendergast to the worlds of drugs, vice and murder. Mentash was Jeremy Silk's first killing. [XT]

Mercycorps: the Association of International Mercy Volunteers. All messages sent to Mercycorps go to Sir Gerald Tarrant's department first. Most such messages are legitimate, but any signed "Doctor Rampal" are treated as secret transmissions. Willie alerts Tarrant to Karz's plans with a message sent to Mercycorps, but Roger Selby fails to take it seriously. [ST]

Mesquita: one of Brunel's five overseers at Bonaccord. Mesquita was wanted for rape. Willie kills Mesquita with a knife when he travels to Rwanda to rescue Modesty and Dr. Giles Pennyfeather. [IV]

Midas: the code name of an Answer To Prayer applicant. Dixon and Patel will arrange for the destruction of some files by arson to insure the desired outcome in a lawsuit involving drug patents. "Midas" is the top executive in a large drug manufacturing corporation. [DMH]

Mifsud: the owner of a brothel in Malta who sold girls to Bora. [NM]

Miller, 'Wee' Jock: a former operative in The Network from a Glasgow slum in charge of all transport matters. He had been set up with a garage and a pension in his hometown when he lost the sight in one eye while serving the organization. A natural engineer, Miller operates the wrecking ball used in the theft of the safe containing the Singapore papers from Brunel's London house. [IV] Miller meets Willie and Lady Janet Gillam at Glasgow airport, and provides Willie with a car for the drive to Glencroft Castle. Then next morning, he and Lady Janet come to the castle in time to meet Modesty and Willie, who have just defeated Rodelle's men. [IHD] Miller's stories about the contract work he did for a North Sea drilling company provide Willie with the idea that allows him to destroy the Drioga Corporation's drillship. [NM]

Minister, The: Sir Gerald Tarrant's unnamed superior. He gives his tacit approval of an operation to rescue Modesty from Limbo. [LDL]

Mirot, Alex ('Old Alex'): the name adopted by Alexander Sayle after his bomber was shot down over France in 1943. Suffering from amnesia and uncertain of his own identity, he came to live with the Mirot family in the Pyrenee region. [OA]

Mirot, Beatrice: Pierre Mirot's wife, and the person most responsible for looking after Modesty during her recovery from the ten days she spent trapped in a cave in a Salamander Four assassination attempt. [OA]

Mirot, Janine: one of the younger members of the Mirot family. Janine lends Modesty some clothes during her stay at the Mirot farm as she recovers from the ten days she spent trapped in a cave in a Salamander Four assassination attempt. [OA]

Mirot, Matilde: the matriarch of the Mirot family, and the only one to know Alex Mirot's true birthright and how he came to join the family. She passes the information along to Modesty, who's recovering from ten days she spent trapped in a cave in a Salamander Four assassination attempt. [OA]

Mirot, Maurice: the late brother of Matilde Mirot, and the father of Pierre Mirot. Maurice found Alexander Sayle after his plane was shot down, and brought him to the Mirot farm. [OA]

Mirot, Pierre: the son of Maurice Mirot, and Matilde Mirot's nephew. Pierre is the head of the family that takes Modesty in and helps her recover from the ten days she spent trapped in a cave in a Salamander Four assassination attempt. [OA]

Mistress: how the slaves at Limbo refer to Miss Benita. [LDL]

Mocca: the name provided by Sam Solon as the identity of the Maltan lawyer who hired Alfredo Frezzi to bug Modesty's villa on Malta. [DC]

Modesty Blaise: the first Modesty Blaise book, published in 1965 and abbreviated MB. Gabriel plans to steal the diamonds being shipped to Sheik Abu-Tahir in payment for the oil concession to Malaurak.

Mohs test: a term used by The Watchmen to measure one aspect of a potential member. The Mohs scale is used to measure the hardness of abrasives. Ben Christie's Mohs test was to kill a young female drug addict in cold blood. [NM]

Molinet: a former operative of The Network. [LDL]

Monique: one of Willie's girls, an Air France air hostess. [XT]

Monson: one of Gabriel's men in Panama, Monson drives the getaway car that Reilly will take after killing Modesty at the Hotel Cadiz. [TFD]

Montale: one of the men sent by Alfredo Frezzi to bug Modesty's villa on Malta and determine if Luke Fletcher remembers anything of his time on Dragon's Claw. Sam Solon later claims that Montale provided him with the name of the lawyer who represented the person who hired Frezzi. [DC]

Montelero: a republic in Central America located between Columbia and Panama. Steve Collier is doing statistical analysis for the government of Montelero when the Cobras begin their coup attempt. [CT]

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