Montlero – Ozymandias

Montlero: formerly occupying a high position in the hierarchy of American gangsters, Montlero had been deported to his native Sicily. Montlero is hired by Mike Delgado to kidnap Modesty and Willie in Lisbon and hold them captive. The amount of time they take in escaping will determine their suitability for leadership roles in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Morningstar, Operation: the code name for a plan by The Watchmen to assassinate the President of the United States, the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and West Germany and the President of France at a summit meeting to be held on the Portuguese island of Porto Santo. Following the success of the operation, two groups purporting to be Watchmen will assault and take over the Soviet embassies in Bucharest and Belgrade. The USSR will respond with parachute battalions dropped into both cities, eventually placing their own puppets in charge of the governments. [NM]

Moro: Seff hires a band of Moro natives to serve as guards at his base in the Philippines. [IL]

Moulay: a servant at Modesty's house in Tangier. After five years with Modesty, he is well used to strange happenings, and can be trusted to say nothing. [ST] Moulay's daughter Lisette also worked at the house as a maid. [BM] Moulay cares for Sir Gerald Tarrant during two weeks of convalescence at the house following his abduction by Colonel Jim Straik. [SM] Moulay used to run the catering side of one or two respectable Network establishments. Modesty put him in as her steward when she built the house in Tangier. His real name is unknown: Willie began calling him "Moulay" (the equivalent of "squire") as a joke, and the name stuck. [XT]

Mountjoy: the leader of a criminal organization which kidnaps suitable candidates under the guise of various fringe political organizations. A series of demands are made for the release of the prisoner. These are eventually dropped through negotiation until only ransom money remains. One of Mountjoy's victims is Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize winner Tor Hallenberg. [GBB]

muga: a Japanese word for the short-circuiting of the mind that occurs during close combat, allowing someone to react subconsciously, but with exactly the right move. Willie and Modesty practice with the quarter-staff because it's good for muga. [IV]

Muktar, Jacko: along with Adrian Chance, one of Brunel's lieutenants, bodyguards and occasional executioners. Jacko helped torture Mischa Novikov, and later comes after Dr. Giles Pennyfeather to see if Novikov told him the coordinates of the gold deposit. Muktar is killed by Willie with a knife as he, Modesty, Giles and Lisa Brunel escape from Brunel's estate. [IL]

Muro: one of Colonel Jim Straik's Japanese guards. [SM]

Mus: an ancient Roman city located in Algerian territory in the Sahara. The location of Mus is determined from some work done by Dr. Aaronson on some scrolls found near In Salah. Sir Howard Presteign finances an archeological dig at the site, lead by Professor Malcolm Tangye. Presteign's real goal is the Garamantes treasure rumored to be buried in the city. To help recover it, he enlists the aid of Gabriel and Simon Delicata. [TFD]

muscle control: Modesty is able to control her muscles to such a degree that it appears that a mouse or snake is moving under her skin, up her arms and across her back. She is able to use this skill to expell a small part of the hypnotic drug injected by Dr. Djakovo in the sick bay of the Drioga Corporation's drillship. [NM]

Musée Mattioret: French art museum from which Modesty and Willie steal the painting by Watteau, using a device constructed by Willie. [ST]

Mystery Tycoon: the name used to refer to Howard A. Keyes by British newspapers reporting on his plans to open a chain of supermarkets in England. [DA]

Nadia: one of the women appointed as a personal servant of Nannie Pendergast at Xanadu. [XT]

Nailer, The: a diversionary tactic improvised by Willie during a life-and-death occasion in Agrigento. The Nailer requires Modesty to strip to the waist before entering a room occupied by the enemy. So named because it was guaranteed to "nail" a roomful of men, holding them frozen for two or three vital seconds. [MB] Modesty uses "The Nailer" when she and Willie escape from Montlero's men. [ST]

Napolean: Old Alex Mirot's oxen. Old Alex uses the beast to pull away the stone which has been used to imprison Modesty in a cave in a Salamander Four assassination attempt. [OA]

Nash, Johnny: one of Sir Gerald Tarrant's operatives, and a friend of Modesty. Nash tried to infiltrate Mountjoy's organization. After his cover is blown, Nash is killed and has two of his fingers removed by Simon Bird, using a pair of bolt-cutters. Jack Fraser disobeys Tarrant's orders not to tell Modesty about Nash's death, knowing that the news will prompt her and Willie to attempt to rescue Tor Hallenberg. [GBB]

Nasir: Hakim's servant. [MB]

near-death experience: during the operation which put Karnak out of business, Willie was seriously wounded and suffered a near-death experience as a result. He describes the event years later to Steve Collier and his wife Dinah on the train which is carrying them out of Montelero to safety in Panama. The only other person who has heard the story is Modesty. [CT]

necktie: Willie fashions a red suede necktie lined with plastic explosive. The device is detonated after a ten second delay by unscrewing an imitation diamond set in a long and heavy silver mounting on the front of the tie. Willie uses the tie to kill Pacco following Nicole's death. [MB]

Nedic: a former member of The Network and one of three men, along with Rafael Garcia and Krolli, to support Modesty following the death of Henri Louche. [NM, BM] Nedic was a victim of one of the organization's rare non-profit-making operations: the crushing of a narcotics ring in Morocco, in which he lost part of his right arm. He became one of seven men to receive a pension from a special fund set up by Modesty in The Network's early days. Nedic leads Modesty and Willie to the labour battalion in Yugoslavia where Krolli is serving his ten year sentence. [IL]

Network, The: the criminal organization controlled by Modesty Blaise. When Henri Louche was killed by rivals, Modesty took over his criminal organization. Within a year or two, under the name "The Network," its operations had expanded on an international scale, including the Mediterranean, the Americas and the Far East. The Network specialized in art and jewel thefts, smuggling, currency and gold manipulations, and espionage. However, The Network never traded in secrets dealing with the British government. It also abstained from involvement in drugs and vice, and gave assistance to the United States Bureau of Narcotics on two occasions. From the earliest days of the organization, Modesty built up a special fund that eventually paid pensions to seven men disabled in the course of Network operations. During the course of their adventures in the years following the break up of the organization, Modesty and Willie encounter a number of former Network operatives. See the individual entries for details on the following: Dr. Aquilina, Consuela Aranda, Bauer, Hans Braun, Danny Chavasse, Claudine, Franklin, Rafael Garcia, Ahmed Hamza, Ben Hollinson, Dr. Howie, Ilse, Krolli, Lensk, Mahmoud, 'Wee' Jock Miller, Molinet, Nedic, O'Leary, 'Orace, Pacco, Pauline, Bluey Peters, Santos, Viret, Sammy Wan, and Carl Zappi.

New Provident and Commercial Bank: the bank in Macao owned by Wu Smith, and used by him to finance any criminal projects that he deems sound. [SM]

Nico: a member of The Watchmen, participating in Operation Baystrike. Using the name Herb Ashton, he poses as one of the CIA agents who abducts Modesty and takes her to the Old Hickory. [NM]

Nicole: one of Willie's girls, Nicole also had an intimate relationship with Pacco, and sang at his cabaret Le Gant Rouge. Nicole is killed by Pacco's men on Gabriel's orders when she raises suspicions by asking questions about Gabriel and diamonds, at Willie's request. [MB]

The Night Of Morningstar: the eleventh Modesty Blaise book, published in 1982 and abbreviated NM. Modesty and Willie take on more than they bargained for when they declare war on The Watchmen following the death of Ben Christie.

Nobby: one of the boys from Willie's orphanage who worked for the radio and TV repair shop, where he received sexual favors from Grace. [XT]

Nolan, Erica: one of Willie's girls, a 27 year-old Professor of Sociology at the LSE. He found her philosophical convictions hilarious, but her physical parts exerted a compelling attraction on him. [IV]

Novikov, Ilona: Mischa Novikov's wife. [IV]

Novikov, Mischa: a member of the KGB, working in the High Altitude Reconnaissance Section. When Novikov discovers a substantial gold deposit in an undeveloped area of Africa, he defects to France with his wife Ilona. He approaches Brunel for assistance in exploiting his find. Brunel has him tortured so that he'll reveal the coordinates of the deposit, allowing Brunel to take it for himself. Novikov escapes and makes his way to Kalimba, where he is found, shortly before his death, by John and Angel Mbarraha, who take him to Dr. Giles Pennyfeather. [IV]

O'Leary: a member of The Network who boarded the Isparta in the break up of Bora's operation. [NM]

Oberon, Hugh: an Oxford University graduate who was considered as a possible recruit for The Network at around the time Modesty decided to break up the organization. In those days, his nickname was "The Graduate." He was rejected due to his arrogant nature. Later, as a member of The Watchmen, Oberon kills Hugo Gezelle following the Belgian's failed attempt to assassinate Modesty with a crossbow. Oberon is meeting with Ben Christie in a San Francisco restaurant when Modesty sees the CIA agent and unwittingly blows his cover. Following the destruction of Operation Morningstar by Modesty and Willie, Oberon is shot by Modesty on the deck of The Sandpiper. [NM]

Object, The: the code name used within El Mico's organization to refer to the Pahlavi Crown, stolen in Iran by the Inside Group and eventually transferred to Captain Edmund St. Clair Baillie-Smythe on the Kythiria. It is sealed inside a steel box. The only people within the organization who know what The Object is are Jeremy Silk, Dominic Silk and Nannie Pendergast. Bernard Martel steals The Object from the ship and leaves it with his uncle Alâeddin for safekeeping, intending to use it to purchase the release of Tracy June Martel from the harem at Xanadu. [XT]

Okubo: a brilliant Japanese scientist. Okubo defected to the Soviet Union at the age of 24. When he appears to want to return to the West 16 years later, Sir Gerald Tarrant must find a way to get him safely out of East Berlin. When Modesty and Willie succeed in getting Okubo across the Berlin Wall, it is learned that the man claiming to be Okubo is actually Yoshida, a Japanese agent working for Major-General Starov. He pretended to be the scientist in the hope that Tarrant's sleeper network of agents would be activated, and subsequently revealed, as they helped Okubo escape. [GW]

"Old Alex": a short story published in Cobra Trap, abbreviated OA. Modesty's rescue by Old Alex Mirot from an assassination attempt sets in motion a chain of events which leads to the eventual destruction of Salmander Four. Note: this story is a direct sequel to Dead Man's Handle.

Old Hickory: the fishing boat from which The Watchmen plan to launch Operation Baystrike. Ben Christie and later Modesty are held captive on the Old Hickory. The pair escape from the boat and are in the water for many hours before reaching San Francisco Bay. Following the failed attempt on the Golden Gate Bridge, the boat is scuttled at sea. [NM]

'Orace ('Jacko'): an Aboriginal friend of Modesty and Willie. He and Bluey Peters worked for Modesty in the days of The Network running one of her motor fishing vessels in the Mediterranean. 'Orace attends the meeting of the Prison Abolition Society with Peters and identifies Simon Bird from the scent on the white cotton glove that was found with the body of Johnny Nash. [GBB]

Orient Society For The Disabled: a fake charity fund with an account at Wu Smith's New Provident and Commercial Bank in Macao. Victims of Colonel Jim Straik's blackmail scheme make their monthly payments to the charity account. [SM]

Orozco: a guard at Dragon's Claw, shot by Willie from the chair-lift leading to Paradise Peak. [DC]

Orsita: the South American town where Modesty meets Reverend Leonard Jimson, on her way to San Tremino to see Garcia. [BDD]

oscillator: one of Willie's gadgets, the transistorized oscillator sends out a train of pulses from a multivibrator at a frequency very close to that of the line timebase of the closed circuit television in the office of The Director of the Musée Mattioret, destroying its picture and allowing Modesty to use a device constructed by Willie to coat the Watteau painting unobserved. [ST]

Osmani: an opponent of The Network. [LDL]

Osslund: the false identity adopted by Modesty when she accompanies Willie to East Berlin on their annual antique buying excursions. Willie poses as Swedish antique dealer Sven Jorgensen. Modesty poses as Osslund when she and Willie go to East Berlin to help Okubo escape. [GW]

Ozymandias: a gorilla kept by Brunel in a cage at Bonaccord. After Brunel's death, Jacko Muktar and Adrian Chance lock Modesty and Dr. Giles Pennyfeather in the cage, thinking it will mean their deaths. The pair are able to escape by getting Ozymandias to imitate them when they begin pulling at the bars. The animal's great strength allows him to separate the bars far enough for the two to squeeze through. [IV]

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