Pacco – Pluto

Pacco: a former member of The Network, in charge of the south of France. Modesty and Willie attempt to find out if Pacco knows anything about Gabriel's plans to steal the diamonds being shipped to Sheik Abu-Tahir, unaware that he is now working for Gabriel. Willie kills Pacco after Pacco orders Nicole's death. [MB]

Paddy: a member of Mountjoy's organization. [GBB]

Pahlavi Crown: the great crown of Iran, code-named The Object when it was stolen by El Mico's organization in Operation Peacock. Bernard Martel stole the crown from the Kythiria (without realizing what it was) and left it with his uncle Al‚eddin for safekeeping, hoping to use it to buy Tracy June Martel's freedom from Xanadu. Modesty and Willie recover the crown from Al‚eddin, but are captured by Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk soon thereafter and taken to Xanadu. Following their escape from the palace, Modesty has the crown sent to Boulter. [XT]

Palmer, Sid: a criminal who cases the Royal Academy at Burlington House and reports to Reverend Uriah Crisp, Beauregard Browne, Clarissa de Courtney-Scott and Dr. Feng as they plan the theft of the Jade Queen. Following his report, Palmer is escorted from the meeting by Crisp, who later reports that "Our brother Palmer has truly left this house." [DC]

pamphlet bomb: Toller runs a printing house in East Berlin. He produces propaganda pamphlets that are loaded into papier-m‚chť "bombs" and are then fired over the border into the West using crude mortars. While in East Berlin, Modesty communicates with Sir Gerald Tarrant by inserting messages into stronger bombs that will not shatter on impact. These bombs, which contain homing transmitters to allow their recovery, give Modesty the idea to shoot Okubo over the Berlin Wall using a circus cannon. [GW]

Papadakis: a Greek newspaper reporter who is researching an article on Thaddeus Pilgrim and the Hostel Of Righteousness. Papadakis is killed by Sybil Pray on Pilgrim's orders when the reporter gets too close to the truth. [DMH]

parachuting: Modesty and Willie took up parachuting, thinking it might be useful for a Network job to be able to drop onto a small target at night. They eventually make use of their skills a number of years later when they jump from a plane owned by John Dall to land on the roof of Seff's house in the Philippines. [IL]

Paradise Peak: an area on Dragon's Claw where Beauregard Browne grows orchids in greenhouses. Bounded on one side by cliffs, Paradise Peak is accessible only by chair-lift. Modesty and Willie hide out there as they begin to execute their plan to escape from the island. They later reach the harbor by flying from the peak in a hang-glider fashioned from materials taken from the greenhouses. [DC]

Parker, Harold: the false name given by Reverend Uriah Crisp when he goes to Albert Ross's house to inform him that his daughter Caroline has been kidnapped. [DC]

Patel: a member of one of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Answer To Prayer teams. [DMH]

Patron, The: Beauregard Browne's somewhat sarcastic nickname for Sam Solon. [DC]

Pauline[1]: one of the slaves being held at Limbo, a withdrawn older woman. [LDL]

Pauline[2]: a Parisienne courier for The Network. [NM]

Paxero, Ramon: born into poverty and raised by his Aunt Benita, Paxero is a wealthy man with interests in both Switzerland and Guatemala. For the amusement of his aunt, Paxero runs Limbo, a coffee plantation in Gautemala that is worked by slaves kidnapped and brought there from all over the world. Paxero is killed when Modesty shoots him through the head as she and Willie lead the rescue of the slaves. [LDL]

Peacock, Operation: the code name used in El Mico's organization to refer to the theft of The Object. [XT]

Peake, Reverend Henry: the vicar of St. Mary's church, where Lady Janet Gillam volunteers Willie to play the organ for the morning service. [SM] Steve Collier encounters Reverend Peake at a cricket match near The Treadmill and agrees, in a moment of panic, to provide and run a home-made jam stall at an upcoming fÍte. [LDL]

pearl necklace: Willie makes for Modesty a necklace of 37 carefully matched pearls, ranging in weight from 25 to 100 grains. The pearls range in colour from pink through glowing shades of cream to white, with small black pearls on either side of the clasp. The pearls were collected by Willie over a period of seven years, on his annual pearl diving trips that took him all over the world. [TFD] The necklace is worn by Dinah Pilgrim to a party thrown by Caspar, where it is stolen by McReedy and his men. Dinah later assists Modesty in the recovery of the necklace, as well as the rest of the stolen jewelry. [PN] Dinah tries to use the necklace to determine Willie and Modesty's location following their disappearance, but fails because of her strong emotional attachment to the pair. [DMH]

Pedro[1]: Flying Francesca's first catcher. Willie took over for him when he began drinking, probably because Francesca was too keen for him. [TFD]

Pedro[2]: a fourteen year-old boy working in Gogol's Circus. [NM]

pelota: Willie plays pelota with Etienne Aranda, and enjoys the sport a great deal. The skills he has acquired come in handy when he uses a pelota glove found in Al‚eddin's cave to throw two home-made bombs at Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk during the battle following the escape from Xanadu. [XT]

pen gun: Modesty kills Hans while escaping from the Old Hickory with a pen gun concealed in a bandage on her hand. [NM]

Pendergast, Nannie: with Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk, the leader of the biggest criminal operation in northern Africa since The Network. Originally hired as a nannie to the two boys by their father, a diplomat in Cairo, she became their guardian when their parents were killed in a plane crash. Pendergast began by procuring girls for local men, and then moved on to drugs, vice and murder with the assistance of Mentash. When The Network ceased operations, El Mico was created, and Pendergast's operations expanded. She is trapped at Xanadu after Modesty and Willie escape with Dr. Giles Pennyfeather and Tracy June Martel, and forced to become a part of Prince Rahim Mohajeri Azhari's harem. [XT]

Pendragon: Modesty's villa on The Mountain, west of Tangier. [NM] Modesty renamed the house Pendragon in memory of Lob. The name comes from the Arthurian legends. [BM]

Pennyfeather, Doctor Giles: an English doctor working in the hospital in Kalimba, Tanzania. Mischa Novikov is brought to Giles after he escapes from Brunel's torture, where the doctor hears Novikov repeating the coordinates of the gold deposit over and over before he dies. Giles meets Modesty when her plane makes an emergency landing near Kalimba. He returns to London with her, and is later taken captive by Brunel, along with Modesty and Willie, as they attempt to protect Novikov's widow Ilona. Following his escape from Brunel, Giles becomes a volunteer with the medical emergency section of the Red Cross in Peru. He is accompanied by Lisa Brunel, who works as his nurse. [IV] After Lisa left him, Giles worked in New Guinea, Chittagong and Chad. He was on his way to meet Modesty at the Hotel Ayachi near El Jadida when an earthquake struck. After staying with Modesty and Willie in Tangier, Giles moves on to his next job, which turns out to be working for Prince Rahim Mohajeri Azhari at Xanadu. While there, Giles is able to assist Modesty and Willie escape from the palace, along with Tracy June Martel and Little Krell. [XT]

Pennyquick, Francis: the false name that Willie gives to Mountjoy and Simon Bird when he speaks to them at the meeting of the Prison Abolition Society. Pennyquick is a youth club leader. [GBB]

Pepe[1]: Pacco's radio operator. [MB]

Pepe[2]: a resident of Tenazabal. [LDL]

Pepe[3]: one of the detectives from an agency in Madrid hired by Modesty to keep tabs on Major the Earl St. Maur. She had made use of the same agency during the days of The Network. [NM]

Pereda: one of the four principal directors of Salamander Four. [DMH] Pereda is killed along with Gesner and de Chardin in the explosion of a house in Sussex used by the group for board meetings. The explosion was arranged by Sir Angus McBeal. [OA]

"A Perfect Night to Break Your Neck": a short story published in Pieces Of Modesty, abbreviated PN. Modesty and Willie team up with Dinah Pilgrim and Steve Collier to recover the jewelry stolen by Caspar and McReedy.

Perry, Jake: the false name given by one of Szabo's men. Posing as a CIA agent, he abducts Modesty and takes her to the Old Hickory. Perry's real last name is either Forster or Blik [NM]

Peters, Bluey: a friend of Modesty and Willie from Australia. He and 'Orace worked for Modesty in the days of The Network running one of her motor fishing vessels in the Mediterranean. Peters and 'Orace attend the meeting of the Prison Abolition Society at Modesty's request. [GBB]

Petrakis, George: one of the Greek fishermen hired to take Modesty to Kalivari. George is the son of Nikos Petrakis and the brother of Helen Kaltchas. [DMH]

Petrakis, Nikos: one of the Greek fishermen hired to take Modesty to Kalivari. Nikos is the father of George Petrakis and Helen Kaltchas. [DMH]

Pieces Of Modesty: the sixth Modesty Blaise book, published in 1972. A short story collection, it contains the following stories: "A Better Day to Die", abbreviated BDD; "The Giggle-wrecker", abbreviated GW; "I Had a Date with Lady Janet", abbreviated IHD; "A Perfect Night to Break Your Neck", abbreviated PN; "Salamander Four", abbreviated SF; and "The Soo Girl Charity", abbreviated SGC.

Pike: an enforcer employed by Salamander Four. Pike hangs out at The Black Horse and beats someone up every couple of weeks in order to maintain his rule of fear. Steve Collier becomes one of these victims when he enters the pub to ask for directions. Following his humilitaion at the hands of the Reverend James McNally and his wife Jeannie, Pike is killed in a brawl in Liverpool arranged by Salamander Four, who do not allow their lowest level employees to cause the organization to lose respect. [OA]

Pilgrim, Dinah: a blind Canadian. Dinah's psychic abilities allow her to earn a living by finding objects - pipes, wires and even mineral deposits - located underground. She is vacationing in Panama with her sister Judy when they are captured by Eddie and by Margello, who kills Judy. After being rescued by Willie, Dinah is taken to England by Steve Collier. While staying at Modesty's cottage near Benildon, she is kidnapped again, this time by Simon Delicata. She is taken to Mus, where Gabriel and Delicata want to use her talents to locate the Garamantes treasure. Following their escape, Dinah and Steve announce their plans to get married, even though she had briefly enjoyed an intimate relationship with Willie. [TFD] Dinah employs her heightened senses and her psychic abilities to help Modesty recover the jewelry stolen by Caspar and McReedy. [PN] While accompanying Steve to Guatemala, Dinah is kidnapped by Martinez and Gregg and taken to Tenazabal Temple, where they intend to make a filmed record of her sacrifice for Paxero's Aunt Benita. Dinah is rescued by Modesty and Willie, but suffers a miscarriage as a result of her ordeal. She is able to use her psychic abilities to locate Limbo, using Danny Chavasse's Breguet watch, which Modesty recovered from Paxero's Swiss villa. [LDL] Dinah's acute senses help guide Modesty to Hugo Gezelle after his failed attempt to kill her with a crossbow in a darkened parking garage. [NM] Dinah and her husband become the targets of a Dead Man's Handle contract taken out by Thaddeus Pilgrim with Salamander Four. The contract will take effect if Modesty and Willie refuse to go along with the Hallelujah Scenario. [DMH]. Dinah informs Steve that she's pregnant again when he's recovering from the beating he received from Pike. [OA] She eventually gave birth to two children: a son named Dan and a daughter named Sue. Dinah accompanys Steve to Montelero and is with him on the train that is carrying members of the government of the country to safety in neighbouring Panama. [CT]

Pilgrim, Judy: Dinah Pilgrim's sister. Judy would accompany Dinah as she traveled around North America using her psychic abilities to locate buried objects. Judy was killed when she and her sister were captured by Eddie and Margello while vacationing in Panama. [TFD]

Pilgrim, Thaddeus: a former missionary whose wife and children were killed by terrorists in Uganda. Believing in neither God nor the Devil, Pilgrim founded the Hostel Of Righteousness as a front for his criminal activities. He is shot by Ms. Johnson after Modesty, Willie and Maude Tiller destroy their operation on Kalivari. [DMH]

Pimm: the name given by the man who abducts Dick Kingston from in front of Luke Fletcher's studio. He takes Kingston to Cawley Fields. [DC]

Pink Flamingo, The: the nightclub where Melanie sings. [ST]

Piraud: a member of El Mico's organization. Piraud was trailing Modesty and Willie when she went to Corsica to speak with Henri Martel, but they were able to lose him easily. [XT]

Pirie: a former field agent of Sir Gerald Tarrant who was captured in Budapest and tortured for six weeks in Lubyanka Prison. By the time he was broken, his contacts had been pulled out to safety. He was eventually exchanged for a Hungarian agent. [NM]. Inspired by Pirie, Tarrant sets six weeks as his target for holding out when he's tortured by Colonel Jim Straik. [SM]

Pit, The: a natural oval arena at Xanadu. Modesty defeats both Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk in combat in The Pit. Willie is also victorious there when he defends Modesty against a panther. [XT]

Plough, The: the inn in Tunbury where Inspector Harry Lomax is staying on leave while Modesty and Willie are preparing to catch Skendi in an assassination attempt at her cottage. [OA]

Pluto: one of the dolphins trained by Garcia to pick up the buoys containing the ransom from Seff's victims. [IL]

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