General Ching Po – Rossiter Agency

Po, General Ching: the authority in the Kwangtung area of China, beyond the Barrier Gate. Wu Smith had an excellent relationship with General Po as a result of his cross-border commerce with the Communists. [SM]

Poldeacon: a century-old house on the Atlantic coast. Poldeacon was used briefly by the Ministry of Defence as a research laboratory. The house has been rented by Mountjoy's organization, and is the location where Tor Hallenberg is being held for ransom. [GBB]

Polish twins: twin brothers Zygmunt Zdrzalkywicz and Mikolaj Zdrzalkywicz. They are hired by Hugh Oberon (using Bernie Chan as a middleman) to kill Sir Gerald Tarrant so that Modesty will assume that Hugo Gezelle's failed crossbow attack was aimed at Tarrant instead of at her. With Tarrant's help, Willie lures the twins into a trap where he splits them up and is able to kill them both. [NM]

Porto Santo: one of the inhabited islands that is part of the Madeira Islands, belonging to Portugal. The island is the location of a summit between the United States, the United Kingdom, West Germany and France where The Watchmen plan to carry out Operation Morningstar. [NM]

Potocki: a Polish soldier in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Pray, Sybil: a member of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Hostel Of Righteousness of Anglo-Hungarian parentage. She and Kazim kill Molly Chen, and later face Modesty and Willie in gladiatorial combat on Kalivari. Sybil is killed by Modesty. [DMH]

Presteign, Sir Howard: the controller of a massive group of companies, and the patron of a score of charities. Presteign is financing the archeological dig at Mus. He arranges for Modesty, Willie and Steve Collier to fly there to discover what is happening, and to attempt to rescue Dinah Pilgrim. Once there, they realize that Gabriel and Simon Delicata are working for Presteign. After their escape from Mus, Modesty kills Presteign by drowning him when he goes swimming in the bay outside his villa between Cannes and St. Raphael. [TFD]

Princess: what Willie calls Modesty. He began calling her "Princess" on the day she bought him out of jail in the Far East. [DMH, BM]

Prison Abolition Society: Willie meets Lucy Fuller-Jones, and 'Orace identifies Simon Bird, at a meeting of the Prison Abolition Society. Modesty and Willie attend the meeting because one of the few pieces of information provided by Johnny Nash before his death indicated that the leaders of the kidnapping group would also be there. [GBB]

Prisoner's Friend: the magazine that Willie claims to represent while talking to Lucy Fuller-Jones at the meeting of the Prison Abolition Society. [GBB]

psychological domination ('p.d.'): a vital element in any form of close combat. Willie has to overcome p.d. to defeat Simon Delicata because of the severe beating he received from Delicata years before. [TFD]

quarter-staff: Willie considered the quarter-staff the most effective pre-firearm weapon ever devised, and longed for the chance to use one in actual combat. His wish comes true when he and Modesty confront some of Brunel's Kikuyu guards, armed with quarter-staffs that had previously served as poles in the stretcher used to carry Lisa Brunel following her appendectomy. [IV]

Quinn, Henry: a former airline pilot who feels a great deal of guilt over the deaths of three passengers that resulted when he intervened in a hijacking. After falling to a ledge across the River Tarn from where Sir Gerald Tarrant is abducted by Sexton, he is rescued by Modesty shortly before the arrival of Gaston Bourget, Jacques Garat and Servalle. His vague recollections of the kidnapping convince Modesty that Tarrant is still alive, and eventually lead her and Willie to the Chateau Lancieux. Following Tarrant's rescue, Quinn leaves for a new flying job in the United States. [SM]

radar: Willie makes a small radar device that sends out ultra-sonic waves and allows its wearer to detect objects at a range of up to 100 feet. It is enclosed in a small flat oval of plastic, connected to an earplug. Willie uses the device to locate Gamarra and Zechi as he and Modesty prepare to blow up Karz's ammunition dump as a part of their escape. [ST]

Ram, Mrs.: the Punjabi administrator of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Hostel Of Righteousness. Mrs. Ram is shot and killed by Ms. Johnson after Modesty, Willie and Maude Tiller succeed in destroying the operation on Kalivari. [DMH]

Ramon: one of the detectives from an agency in Madrid hired by Modesty to keep tabs on Major the Earl St. Maur. She had made use of the same agency during the days of The Network. [NM]

Ramsey, Dr.: the doctor at Kempton Road Hospital who treats Steve Collier following his beating at The Black Horse. Two weeks later, Ramsey is delighted to tell Modesty and Willie that Pike has received a taste of his own medicine. [OA]

Rand's Club: Sir Gerald Tarrant is a member of Rand's Club in Pall Mall. It was one of his small pleasures to have Willie as a guest in the hallowed territory of Rand's. [IL]

Ransome, Monsieur: the false identity adopted by Willie when he and Modesty steal the painting by Watteau from the Musée Mattioret. Posing as a representative for Monsieur Leighton, the American owner of the paining, Willie questions the museum's director about security measures. While answering these questions, The Director is unaware that Modesty and Willie are stealing the painting from under his nose through the use of a device constructed by Willie. [ST]

Raoul: the head waiter at The Legend. [IV]

Rashid: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. [MB]

Razak, Nico: the man who received The Object from a group of Kurds in exchange for 1,000 rifles, then flew to Turkey to deliver it to Captain Edmund St. Clair Baillie-Smythe. [XT]

Regan: an Irish guard at Dragon's Claw. He is killed by Modesty as she and Willie begin to execute their planned escape from the island. [DC]

Regina: Seff's wife. Regina is killed, after she shoots Garcia, when her foot becomes entangled in the rope connected to the harness joining Pluto and Belial. The two dolphins drag her into the sea, drowning her. [IL]

Reilly[1]: one of Gabriel's men. Reilly is an old-style killer who prefers to use a submachine gun. He is waiting for Modesty in the lobby of the Hotel Cadiz in Panama when she comes to rescue Willie, and is killed by her. [TFD]

Reilly[2]: Sir Gerald Tarrant's  driver. [BM] After two years, Reilly sold out and agreed to deliver his boss to Colonel Jim Straik. Following the successful completion of the abduction, Reilly is killed by Sexton. Suspicions about Reilly's actions prior to the disappearance of Tarrant lead Jack Fraser to the conclusion that his superior may have been kidnapped, rather than killed in an automobile accident. [SM]

retiarius: Sybil Pray and Kazim face Modesty and Willie in gladiatorial combat on Kalivari in retiarius garb, armed with tridents and nets. [DMH]

Ricco: one of Sergeant Alvarez's men. [MB]

Ricketts, Mr.: Modesty is told to call The Ritz and page Mr. Ricketts for further information about Luke Fletcher after she hears "about Dick Kingston." [DC]

Rigby, George: Judith Rigby's husband. He runs a stall selling old books and magazines at the Benildon fête. [DC]

Rigby, Judith: a resident of Benildon who attends the fête where Willie gives a hang-gliding demonstration. She has an intense curiosity about the residents of Ashlea. [DC]

Ringmer Contractors: the company owned by Dan Ringmer. [OA]

Ringmer, Dan: the passer-by who used his mobile phone to call for an ambulance following Steve Collier's beating at The Black Horse. [OA]

Ringo: the driver of the car which takes Modesty and Dr. Giles Pennyfeather to the contruction site where Willie will be killed unless Modesty reveals the whereabouts of Georges Martel. [XT]

Riorca: the yacht used by Seff when leaving Sylt with Modesty and Steve Collier as his prisoners. [IL]

Rita: a girlfriend of Jack Wish, with an apartment in Devonshire Street. Rita works in a strip club. Willie moves in with Rita, and eventually finds an envelope used to deliver Seff's ransom notes for re-mailing by her. The postmark on the envelope leads Modesty and Willie to Sylt. [IL]

Ritchie, Alan: the cover name used by John Ryan while buying some industrial espionage information from Modesty for Sir Gerald Tarrant during the days of The Network. [DC]

Ritter: a member of one of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Answer To Prayer teams, a Belgian knife specialist. Ritter is killed by Willie in the battle on Kalivari which destroys Pilgrim's operation. [DMH]

Riverside Club: a country club near The Treadmill where Modesty and Willie sometimes play golf. [ST]

Riza[1]: a guard at Dragon's Claw, shot by Willie from the chair-lift leading to Paradise Peak. [DC]

Riza[2]: the captain of the Isparta. [NM]

Robson: a man at the CIA office in London. Sir Gerald Tarrant calls Robson to relay the news that Modesty may have blown Ben Christie's cover and undermined his operation. [NM]

Rocco: one of the guards at Dragon's Claw, and also the armourer. Rocco is killed by Willie when he escapes from his cell on the island. [DC]

Rocha: the false name on the Portuguese passport carried by Colonel Mikhail Golitsyn [NM]

Rodelle: a Levantine criminal involved in the slave trade, Modesty and Willie clashed with Rodelle in the days of The Network when his mob snatched Consuela Aranda, a girl they had used for diamond smuggling. Willie put a knife in his ribs at 30 paces, and watched him fall 50 feet from a catwalk to the concrete below. Rodelle survived the fall, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. He plans to get revenge many years later by kidnapping Modesty, taking her to Glencroft Castle in Scotland, and forcing Willie to watch as his men slowly kill her. Modesty and Willie rescue Rodelle from the explosion that destroys the castle, but Willie later kills him with a pair of knives when he draws a gun on Modesty. [IHD]

Rodney: one of Bernie Chan's bodyguards. [NM]

Rodolfo: one of the group of El Mico's men who hijack the bus carrying Modesty, Reverend Leonard Jimson and a group of orphans to San Tremino. Although he is not in charge, Modesty recognizes Rodolfo as the smartest man of the group. Willie shoots Rodolfo through the head at the beginning of his rescue of Modesty, Jimson and the orphans. [BDD]

Roger[1]: a resident of Benildon and a retired Whitehall Warrior. [DC]

Roger[2]: a member of Mountjoy's organization. Roger is disabled by Willie using a sling and a ball of lead shot molded in wax. [GBB]

Rogers: the features editor at Dick Kingston's newspaper. [DC]

Rokesby ('Grock'): a clerk at Three Meadows. [LDL]

Romiane: a member of The Watchmen who challenged Major the Earl St. Maur to an Individual Duel and lost. [NM]

Roper, C.J.: the name of a non-existent man that Sam Solon claims is the person that Mocca is going to visit in Australia. [DC]

Rosa: one of the orphans travelling to San Tremino on the bus with Reverend Leonard Jimson and Modesty when it is hijacked by El Mico's men. Rosa is raped by the bandits before Willie arrives to begin his rescue attempt. [BDD]

Rosebud: the code name used by Modesty when dealing with Captain Axel Valerius in the days of The Network. [DMH]

Rosita[1]: one of Willie's girls in Rio. The daughter of an undertaker, Rosita used to shave the corpses after they had been kept in a cool cellar for twelve hours, with help from Willie. [IL]

Rosita[2]: a tall, lumpy woman with a blotchy yellow face. Rosita works for Gabriel. She fashions the booby-trap that is intended to kill both Willie, who is being held captive at the Hotel Cadiz, and Modesty, if she succeeds in getting past Reilly on her way to rescue him. It consists of a bomb which Willie must hold in one outstretched arm while his other arm is handcuffed to the radiator. The device is wired to the door, and will explode if Willie drops it, or if the door is opened. Willie is able to break free and disarm the bomb just before Modesty arrives through the window. [TFD]

Rosita[3]: one of Willie's girls. A Spanish girl from Seville, she used to wear big ornamental combs in her hair. Willie claims that he was almost stabbed in the throat once when one of the combs came loose while they were in "the throes." [LDL]

Ross, Albert: a guard at Burlington House. He is forced to agree to help Modesty and Willie steal the Jade Queen by leaving a door unlocked when he learns that his daughter Caroline has been kidnapped. [DC]

Ross, Alice: Albert Ross's wife, and Caroline Ross's mother. [DC]

Ross, Caroline: Albert Ross's daughter. She is kidnapped to force her father, a guard at Burlington House, to assist Modesty and Willie in the theft of the Jade Queen. [DC]

Rossiter Agency: the agency hired by Modesty to place Sir Gerald Tarrant under surveillance following Hugo Gezelle's failed crossbow attack, to make sure his life wasn't in danger. [NM]

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