Rossland – shield

Rossland: the false name that will be painted on the Marimba when its cargo of oil is sold covertly prior to the destruction of the ship for insurance purposes. [DMH]

Royal Lithuania Movement: the name of a fringe political organization used by Mountjoy when claiming responsibility for kidnapping Tor Hallenberg. In actual fact, the group has a membership of twenty men who are all in their seventies or older. [GBB]

Royle, Dr.: a curator of the British Museum of Natural History, and one of the world's foremost experts on dolphins. The information that he provides convinces Willie that Seff is using trained dolphins to recover the buoys containing the ransom money. [IL]

Royston Clinic: the clinic in New York where Modesty learns that she has an inoperable growth in her brain. [CT]

Rudson: an English member of Gabriel's criminal organization. Gabriel shoots Rudson after learning that the man's knee has been broken while attempting to stop Modesty and Willie's escape from the monastery on Kalithos. [MB]

Rutledge: a civil servant on Seff's death list. Rutledge died of thrombosis. [IL]

Ryan, John: one of Sir Gerald Tarrant's operatives. He is taken to Lubyanka Prison after his cover is blown in Sofia. Tarrant later learns through René Vaubois that Ryan committed suicide in the prison. Modesty had known him as Alan Ritchie when she encountered him during the days of The Network. [DC]

Rykov: Colonel Mikhail Golitsyn's former rival in the GRU. Golitsyn is startled to learn that Willie is aware of Rykov's ultimate fate. [NM]

Saad: a friend of The Network. Willie sends the two heavies who were bothering Claudine to Saad, who leases them out to Fuad. [BM]

Saafi: the leader of a rival mob that had battled The Network. [BM]

Sabre-Tooth, Operation: the code name for Karz's operation to invade Kuwait, under the guise of the Kuwait Liberation Army, and take control of the country's oil reserves. [ST]

Sabre-Tooth: the second Modesty Blaise book, published in 1966 and abbreviated ST. Karz is training a mercenary army with which he plans to invade Kuwait and take control of its oil reserves.

Sacchi: a suspected high Mafia man in Rome. Modesty and Willie contact Sacchi after striking out on their own to pull the "live-bait" caper on Gabriel. [MB]

Sadeen: a member of El Mico's organization sent to kill Bernard Martel, before they realized that he had stolen The Object (without knowing what it was), along with the month's takings. Sadeen is killed in the earthquake that destroys the Hotel Ayachi. [XT]

Sagasta, Captain Miguel: a police officer in Panama whom Modesty had dealings with in the days of The Network. He was rapidly promoted following her involvement in the Marroc affair. When Modesty goes to Panama to help bring Dinah Pilgrim out of the county, she has herself brought in by Sagasta "for questioning," to throw Gabriel's men off her trail. [TFD] Sagasta meets Soo Leybourn at the airport in Panama and arranges the rest of her journey back to her family in Java. [SGC] Now serving as Panama's Minister of Defence, Sagasta offers his unofficial assistance to Modesty's efforts to reach the train carrying members of the government of Montelero, along with Steve Collier and his wife Dinah, to safety in his country. [CT]

"Salamander Four": a short story published in Pieces Of Modesty, abbreviated SF. Modesty rescues Waldo from the clutches of the three killers hired by Salamander Four who have followed the industrial spy to the cabin of sculptor Alex Hemmer.

Salamander Four: an international group of industrial spies based in Amsterdam. When Waldo obtains the details for a new process for colour film first, three killers hired by Salamander Four pursue him for two weeks, until he arrives at the cabin of Alex Hemmer in Finland. Modesty and Willie have a thick dossier containing a blue-print of Salamander Four compiled during the days of The Network. [SF] Salamander Four provides Thaddeus Pilgrim's organization with a detailed dossier on Modesty, at a price of $50,000. Pilgrim takes out a Dead Man's Handle contract with the group, who have diversified to any crime up to and including murder, on the lives of Steve Collier and his wife Dinah. The contract will take effect if Modesty and Willie do not agree to participate in the Hallelujah Scenario. [DMH] Over the protests of Sir Angus McBeal, the group take out a contract on Modesty's life with Las Sombras to make up for their loss of face over the cancellation of the Collier contract. McBeal arranges for the deaths of de Chardin, Gesner and Pereda in an explosion, effectively destroying the group in an attempt to convince Modesty and Willie not to kill him because of the failed Las Sombras contract. [OA]

Salamut mob: a rival criminal organization destroyed by Modesty in the days of The Network. Danny Chavasse got some idea of Modesty's abilities when Garcia told him how she destroyed the Salamut mob. [LDL]

Salzedo: one of Bellman's employees during his time as a drug dealer. In his confused state following the gunshots which he believes signal the deaths of Modesty and Willie, Bellman thinks that Captain Ricco Burrera is actually Salzedo. [BM]

Sam, Mr.: an overseer at Limbo. Modesty is assigned to his section when she is first brought to the plantation. He is killed by Marker with a spear fashioned from the handle of a hoe when Dr. Kim Crozier gives the signal that Miss Benita is dead. [LDL]

Samarkand: a ten-thousand ton ship of the Cresset Line, a part of John Dall's empire. Modesty and Willie are picked up by the Samarkand after they escape from Seff's base in the Philippines. They return to rescue Steve Collier and Lucifer in a sea plane carried on the ship. [IL]

San Tremino: the Uruguayan home town of Rafael Garcia. Modesty is on a bus bound for San Tremino when it is hijacked by some of El Mico's men. [BDD]

sand yacht: Modesty and Willie escape from Mus on a sand yacht fashioned by Willie from the trolley used to unload Skeet Lowry's plane, with a sail made from a large sheet of polythene. In two days, they are able to travel nearly 200 miles across the desert. [TFD]

Sandpiper, The: a fifty-five foot motor sailer used by Modesty and Willie while following Major the Earl St. Maur. [NM]

Sandy: a Scottsh member of The Watchmen, participating in Operation Baystrike. [NM]

Sanford: Skendi is wanted for murder in New York in the shooting death of a Sanford heiress. Her husband made a death-bed confession, admitting that he'd paid to have his wife killed. [OA]

Sangro: the leader of Seff's Moro guards. [IL]

Santana: the Minister of Culture in Montelero. He's one of the men who helps repair the bombed-out train tracks so the train carrying the members of the Montelero government to safety in Panama can continue on its journey. [CT]

Santos[1]: a former operative of The Network, stationed in Buenos Aires. Santos provides Modesty with information that allows her to rescue Willie from prison. [MB]

Santos[2]: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. [MB]

Saragam: a martial arts expert in Asia. Sexton spent a year training under him in Bangkok. [SM] Modesty trained under Saragam in Cambodia. [NM] It was while training under Saragam that Modesty first saw Willie. Willie himself had worked for Saragam a couple of years earlier until he "mucked things up and got chucked out." [DMH]

Sarmiento: the top man of Salamander Four. [SF, LDL]

Sarrat: a French commander in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon: the marathon in which both Modesty and Willie are participating when they are visited by Steve Collier and his wife Dinah. They are accompanied by Weng, who brings news of the sale of the Marimba by Captain Valerius, and Modesty's receipt of a share of the proceeds. [DMH]

Sayle, Honourable Alexander: a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force, he was reported missing and believed dead when his plane was shot down over France in May 1943. Suffering from amnesia, he was discovered by Maurice Mirot and came to live on the Mirot farm, where he adopted the name Alex Mirot. Following Maurice's death, only Matilde Mirot was aware of Alexander's true identity. Fifty years later, after Alexander saves Modesty from a Salamander Four assassination attempt, Matilde shows Modesty the identity discs that Alexander was wearing; an action that leads to his eventual reunion with his family in England. Alexander is the father of Sir Angus McBeal, who was born six months after Alexander's disappearance. [OA]

Sayle, Lord Mark: Alexander Sayle's younger brother. He inherited the family title when Alexander was reported missing and believed dead after his plane was shot down over France in May 1943. [OA]

Sayle, Viscount: the late father of Alexander Sayle and Mark Sayle. His full title was Viscount Sayle Of Casterlaw. [OA]

Schultz, Mr. and Mrs.: two of the slaves being held at Limbo, a New York couple past middle age who were part of the first intake. They were the only couple who had not split up. Dr. Kim Crozier considers Mrs. Schultz to be the doyenne of Limbo. She and her husband head the informal committee of slaves that run things at the plantation. They are part of the group of slaves that Modesty organizes to fight against Paxero's men when the time comes. [LDL] Schultz was a supermarket king. [NM]

Schütz, Klaus: the Mayor of West Berlin. [GW]

scuba: Modesty and Willie use scuba gear to hide underwater, making it appear that the boat they have used to escape from Dragon's Claw is empty. When Sam Solon and Beauregard Browne land nearby in their amphibious plane, Modesty and Willie surface and kill the pair. [DC]

Seamus: the shark that has been following Modesty in The Wasp. Seamus is normally chased away by Bubble and Squeak. [DC]

secutor: Modesty and Willie face Sybil Pray and Kazim in gladiatorial combat on Kalivari in secutor garb, armed with swords and shields. [DMH]

Seff: the leader of a small group that makes use of Lucifer's psychic ability to predict natural deaths. Warnings are sent to people on the death list telling them to pay a ransom if they want to stay alive. Seff also chooses rich victims who are not on the list and sends warnings to them as well, in the hope that they will pay up when others on the list who have not paid begin to die seemingly "natural" deaths. Jack Wish, Seff's executioner, takes care of any "mistakes" made by Lucifer, as well as any victims who do not pay. Seff is a puppeteer, and stages obscene puppet shows for Lucifer's amusement, with the assistance of his wife Regina. Seff is killed by Lucifer when Modesty and Willie return to Seff's base in the Philippines to rescue both Steve Collier and Lucifer. [IL]

Selby, Dave: a friend of Willie, and the owner of a pub called The Stag. Willie uses the derelict area where Selby is building a carpark and a landing stage to ambush and kill the Polish twins. [NM]

Selby, Liz: Dave Selby's wife. Willie once saved Liz from an attack from some people armed with a razor. [NM]

Selby, Right Honourable Roger: a British cabinet minister. He was appointed as Sir Gerald Tarrant's superior in a recent cabinet shuffle. Selby dismisses the coded message from Willie regarding Karz's planned invasion of Kuwait, to his ultimate regret. [ST] Selby's error in judgment eventually costs him his job. [TFD]

Selby: one of Brunel's five overseers at Bonaccord. Modesty considers him to be a psychopath. An Englishman, Selby is shot by Modesty with a rifle at the beginning of the battle to escape from the estate. [IV]

Selim: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. [LDL]

seraglio: the brothel that is for the use of the men in Karz's training camp. Karz refers to it as the Women's Section. Modesty is sent to the seraglio after she kills The Twins. [ST]

Servalle: one of three men who tries - and fails - to eliminate Quinn as a potential witness to the abduction of Sir Gerald Tarrant. Following his humiliation by Modesty, Servalle, along with Jacques Garat and Gaston Bourget, is killed by Sexton. [SM]

Sexton, Mr.: Colonel Jim Straik's strongman. Sexton is possessed with exceptional strength and agility and is a master of several forms of martial arts. He manages to capture both Modesty and Willie as they try to break into the Chateau Lancieux by way of the cave beneath the property. He is eventually killed by Modesty when she drowns him in the lake in the Lancieux Cave. [SM]

Shi-Chen, General Wang: the false identity adopted by Charlie Wan when he interrogates Wu Smith. [SM]

shield: Willie kills Dr. Tyl with a shield - thrown Frisbee-style - after he and Modesty defeat Sybil Pray and Kazim in gladiatorial combat on Kalivari. [DMH]

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