Dominic Silk – Szabo

Silk, Dominic: Jeremy Silk's younger brother, and one half of "El Mico." With Nannie Pendergast, the brothers have the biggest criminal operation in northern Africa since The Network. Dominic faces Modesty in The Pit at Xanadu using only his hands and is defeated by her. He is shot by Little Krell outside Al‚eddin's cave during the fight following the escape from Xanadu. [XT]

Silk, Jeremy: Dominic Silk's elder brother, and one half of "El Mico." With Nannie Pendergast, the brothers have the biggest criminal operation in northern Africa since The Network. Jeremy faces Modesty in The Pit at Xanadu with a knife and is defeated by her. He is killed outside Al‚eddin's cave during the fight following the escape from Xanadu. [XT]

Silver: a member of Mountjoy's organization. [GBB]

Silver Dragon: Wu Smith's fighting cricket. [SM]

The Silver Mistress: the seventh Modesty Blaise book, published in 1973 and abbreviated SM. Sir Gerald Tarrant is abducted and tortured by Colonel Jim Straik, who plans to use the information he extracts in his elaborate blackmail scheme.

Sinclair, Mr.: Miss Benita's English secretary in charge of all administration at Limbo. Sinclair is killed by a grenade thrown by Willie during the rescue of the slaves. [LDL]

Singapore papers: following an anti-Communist operation by British Intelligence in Singapore, a local bureaucrat wrote an appreciation that gave details of the complete operation. The papers were stolen by Brunel, who planned to sell them to the Soviets. Jack Fraser feared that Sir Gerald Tarrant would become a scape-goat when the anti-establishment mob began complaining about the Secret Service interfering in the affair of other countries. Modesty, Willie and Fraser steal the safe containing the papers from Brunel's house in London with the use of a wrecking ball. Modesty and Willie later present the papers to Tarrant as a birthday gift. [IV]

Singerman: the leader of an organization in Amsterdam hired by Gabriel. [MB]

Sirius: the code name for an Answer To Prayer team action. Ritter and Bonsu arrange an assassination to secure the release of the daughter of an American millionaire from a West African prison. [DMH]

Sister: the unnamed Sister at Kempton Road Hospital who, along with Dr. Ramsey, accepts Modesty's donation for their treatment of Steve Collier. Sister happily reports that someone "beat the shit" out of Pike. [OA]

Siv: one of Willie's girls. Siv was a Swedish girl who wrestled alligators. Willie met her in Florida. [LDL]

Sivaji: Modesty's instructor in yoga. He lived in the Thar desert, north of Jodhpur. Willie was also one of Sivaji's students, having spent two months with him, at Modesty's request. [IV]

Skendi: an Albanian assassin hired by Salamander Four to kill Modesty following her humiliation of Pike at The Black Horse. Skendi is the world's best killer with a sniper rifle. Warned of the contract by Sir Angus McBeal, Modesty is able to set a trap for Skendi at her cottage. She and Willie disarm the man, who is then arrested by Inspector Harry Lomax. [OA]

skittle: a short wooden club with a large hollow end weighted with lead. Willie used thrown skittles to disarm the guards while rescuing Wei Lu from Kui-tan. [DMH]

sling: Willie uses a sling to disable a guard at the Yugoslav labour battalion with a two-inch ball of sand molded with wax when he and Modesty rescue Krolli. [IL] Willie kills three of the guards on Dragon's Claw using a sling fashioned from the underside of a leather armchair cushion, with steel bearings from the boat store for shot. [DC] Willie kills one of the men sent by Thaddeus Pilgrim to kill Molly Chen by using the bottom of her leather bikini as a sling. [DMH] Willie uses a sling to disable one of the guards outside Bellman's house in Peru with a ball of lead shot molded with wax. [BM] Willie uses a sling to disable a guard and Roger at Poldeacon with balls of lead shot molded with wax. [GBB]

Smith, Mr. and Miss: the false names given by Beauregard Brown and Clarissa de Courtney-Scott when they contact Weber to hire some local criminals to assist in the theft of the Hsuan-Te chair from the Bor Museum. Following the theft, they visit Weber for the purpose of killing him. [DC]

Smith, Wu: known to Modesty from her days with The Network, Wu Smith of Macao is the owner of the New Provident and Commercial Bank, which he uses to finance any criminal project he deems sound. Smith handles the ransom collected by Seff, and is also the man who provided Seff with his Moro guards. [IL]. The victims of Colonel Jim Straik's blackmail scheme make their monthly payments to the account of the Orient Society for the Disabled in Smith's bank. Modesty and Willie travel to Macao with Weng to abduct and interrogate Smith when they learn that Fiona Langford is making payments to the account, and acquire Straik's name in the process. [SM]

Smithson: the name given by a member of The Dark Angels when he talks to Howard A. Keyes on the phone in an attempt to lure him, along with Modesty and Willie, to a confrontation at the parking garage that is being built on the site of Keyes's new supermarket. [DA]

snooker: Willie and Sir Gerald Tarrant defeat Fuller and Cartwright, two disliked members of Rand's Club, in a game of snooker. [IL]

Snowman: the code name used by Captain Axel Valerius when dealing with Modesty in the days of The Network. [DMH]

Soames, Robert: an American art critic and a world authority on the Neapolitan School. Presumed lost on a hunting trip to Canada, Soames was one of the art experts taken to Dragon's Claw to view Sam Solon's collection of stolen art treasures. [DC]

Soapy: an arms dealer who supplies Willie with compound explosive. [IL]

Solino: one of the acts in Gogol's Circus. Ethel is a part of the Solino act. [NM]

Solon, Es-Sabah: the self-proclaimed head of the Free Kuwait Government, Solon is actually in Karz's employ, and is attempting to gain credibility for Karz's Kuwait Liberation Army. Following the invasion, Solon will announce that the country has been taken over by his government, in order to prevent major western powers from making a counter-move. Modesty and Willie, heavily disguised, attend one of Solon's lectures in London, at the request of Sir Gerald Tarrant. [ST]

Solon, Sam: an Australian newspaper tycoon whom Modesty had considered as a potential target for The Network. Solon has feelings of inferiority over his lack of understanding of art. As a result, he has been amassing a collection of stolen art treasures on Dragon's Claw, and kidnapping a variety of art experts to show off his collection. Solon is on the plane that picks up Luke Fletcher from The Wasp and flies him back to Australia. Solon's intent is to see if Fletcher remembers anything of his ordeal on the island. He later joins forces with Modesty and Willie in their quest to discover what happened to Fletcher, as a way of keeping tabs on how much they know. Solon is killed by Willie when he and Beauregard Browne fly out to investigate the apparently deserted boat that Modesty and Willie used to escape from Dragon's Claw. [DC]

"The Soo Girl Charity": a short story published in Pieces Of Modesty, abbreviated SGC. When Modesty has her bottom pinched by Charles Leybourn while she's working as a flag-seller for Mental Health, she and Willie decide to extract a "donation" of £5,000 from the businessman's safe.

Sorgu: an Arab tribe. [XT]

Soulter: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. [MB]

Soultier: a plastic surgeon. Modesty arranged for Soultier to fly from Paris and operate on Lucille Brouet following the accident that killed her family. [ST]

Specials: a group of twenty mercenaries hired by Paxero to guard the slaves at Limbo, and to periodically bring new slaves to the plantation. [LDL]

Spellman, Dicky: a recent appointment on the naval side of the Foreign Office. [MB]

Sperry, General: a military expert consulted by Sir Gerald Tarrant about the feasibility of Karz's rumored invasion of Kuwait. [ST]

Spurling, Mr.: the manager of The Treadmill. [MB, IV, DMH]

Squeak: one of the dolphins that follow Modesty in The Wasp. [DC]

St. John Air Wing: an association of volunteer pilots who make emergency medical flights. Modesty is a member, and flies a transplant kidney from Stansted to North Thursby. [DMH]

St. Maur, Major the Earl ('Ronnie'): one of the leaders of The Watchmen. An accomplished archer, St. Maur had resigned his commission in a Marine Commando battalion after his rigorous and realistic training methods had resulted in the deaths of three of his men in one year. St. Maur is killed by Willie with a knife on the deck of The Sandpiper following the destruction of Operation Morningstar. [NM]

St. Maur, Veronica the Countess: Major the Earl St. Maur's wife, a tall, buxom young woman of narrow intelligence and lusty appetites. One of her pastimes is riding horses. [NM]

stab-fright: the natural fear that holds you back in the moment of committing yourself to action. Dr. Kim Crozier experiences "stab-fright" at the beginning of the slaves' fight against Paxero at Limbo. [LDL]

Stag, The: Dave Selby's pub, near the site of the derelict area where Willie ambushes and kills the Polish twins. [NM]

Starov: a Soviet colonel, Starov was Novikov's commander in the KGB when he served in Berlin after the war. [IV] Later, having attained the rank Major-General, Starov served as the head of Russian security in East Berlin. Japanese agent Yoshida impersonates the scientist Okubo as part of Starov's plan to reveal Sir Gerald Tarrant's sleeper network of agents in East Berlin. [GW] [Note: on page 40 of the Pan and Mysterious Press editions of Pieces Of Modesty, Starov's name is misspelled as Zarov. In all other appearances, it's Starov].

Stavros: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. A Greek shipping magnate, he handles a gun during the fight against Paxero. [LDL] Following the rescue, Stavros chipped in with Valdez and Marker to buy Dr. Kim Crozier a practice in San Francisco. [NM] He tried to give Modesty an ocean-going yacht, and sent Maude Tiller a Rolls-Royce which sits in her parents garage. Stavros provides the airplane from which Maude parachutes onto Kalivari, and the yacht which is used to transport Krolli and his men to the island to rescue Modesty and Willie from Thaddeus Pilgrim. [DMH]

Stein: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. [LDL]

Stenmore: Colonel Jim Straik's man in London. He spotted Quinn when the former airline pilot showed up at Modesty's apartment building. [SM]

stethostrobic pulse detector: a gadget dreamed up by Modesty to make Charles Leybourn think his safe had been burgled. It consists of a square black box about one foot in height, with three dials and two vernier controls. Earphones are plugged into one side; from the other side, wires run up to three small suction cups attached to the safe. In reality, the device is only a mock-up, with no components inside. However, its appearance is sufficient to cause Leybourn to open the safe himself to check the contents. [SGC]

Straik, Colonel Jim: the American head of an organization that runs an elaborate blackmail scheme using the Chateau Lancieux as his headquarters. Straik abducts and tortures Sir Gerald Tarrant, planning to use whatever classified information he extracts to blackmail a large number of people for whatever amount he feels each victim will willingly pay. The payments will be made to the account of the Orient Society for the Disabled at Wu Smith's New Provident and Commercial Bank of Macao. One of Straik's current victims is Lady Janet Gillam's young sister Fiona Langford. Straik is killed when Willie throws a seven foot length of angle iron, javelin-style, through the windshield of his car as he pursues the escaping prisoners. [SM]

Straik, Lucy: Colonel Jim Straik's well-endowed, dim-witted wife. As he prepares to flee from Chateau Lancieux, the Colonel decides that his wife is expendable, and orders her death. Angel is happy to carry out the sentence. [SM]

Suleiman: the man responsible for the scar on the back of Willie's right hand shaped like an uncompleted 'S'. Modesty repaid Suleiman for his handiwork by breaking his neck. [MB]

Sumner, Brigadier George: a former military man, and a member of the organization that also includes Harriet Welling, Timmins and John Beckworth. The group uses The Dark Angels to kill selected foreign investors as a means of obtaining their goal of keeping British industry British-owned. Sumner selected the members of The Dark Angels. [DA]

Surridge, Miriam: one of the slaves being held at Limbo, a red-haired girl. [LDL] Surridge was a diamond heiress. [NM]

Swann: the alias used by Jack Fraser while trailing Modesty and Willie in Tangier. [ST]

sword: Modesty's fencing abilities are put to the test when she faces Wenczel with a sword and kills him as part of her plan to escape from Mus. [TFD] Willie kills Kazim with a short broad-bladed sword, thrown underhand, when he and Modesty face Sybil Pray and Kazim in gladiatorial combat on Kalivari. [DMH]

Sylt: a German island in the North Sea off the coast near the border between Denmark and Germany, the largest and northernmost of the North Frisian Islands. Seff and his group are preparing to leave the Haus Lobigo on Sylt when they capture Modesty. [IL]

Szabo: a member of The Watchmen from the Balkans, and the leader of the section carrying out Operation Baystrike. Szabo is killed by Modesty using a blowpipe when she and Willie escape from the ship's hospital on board the Drioga Corporation's drillship. [NM]

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