Tabby – Valdez

Tabby: a criminal working for Mountjoy's organization who is supposed to pick up Modesty and Willie and deliver them to Poldeacon after they are captured at the hotel to which they have followed Mountjoy and Simon Bird. When he discovers that one of the victims is Willie - whom he had met previously - Tabby tells all he knows about their intended destination. [GBB]

Taff: a Welsh soldier in Karz's mercenary army. Taff serves in the section commanded by Willie, and had known him previously. [ST]

talisman: when Georges and Bernard Martel were children, they found two Napoleonic silver francs. The boys took an oath that each could use their coin once in their life to call on their brother for any service. When he thinks he is dying in the aftermath of the El Jadida earthquake, Bernard Martel gives his talisman to Modesty and asks her to take it to Georges, hoping that his brother will rescue Tracy June Martel from Xanadu. [XT]

Tall Owl In The Tree: John Dall's grandmother. [LDL]

Tall-Leg Lady: what Charlie Long Arrow calls Modesty. [LDL]

Talo: a Greek soldier in Karz's mercenary army. Talo serves as a technician in the transmitter hut. After Modesty knocks Talo unconscious with her kongo, Willie sends details of Karz's plan to Sir Gerald Tarrant in a coded message addressed to Mercycorps. [ST]

Tan Sin: a Malayan guard at Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Tangye, Mrs.: the wife of Professor Malcolm Tangye. She accompanied her husband to Mus, and was taken prisoner by Gabriel and Simon Delicata. [TFD]

Tangye, Professor Malcolm: the archeologist in charge of the dig at Mus. He was taken prisoner by Gabriel and Simon Delicata, along with his wife and the rest of the workers at the site. [TFD]

Tarquin: one of the men that Modesty stops to help while driving to her cottage near Benildon with Danny Chavasse. When he and his partner Adrian begin to harass Modesty, Howard A. Keyes comes to her rescue. Tarquin is actually one of Sir Gerald Tarrant's operatives; the encounter was intended to make Modesty volunteer her services as a bodyguard to Keyes. [DA]

Tarrant, Sir Gerald S.: a civil servant, the senior official of the Special Intelligence Section of the British Foreign Office, specializing in international espionage. Tarrant sang in amateur opera at a young age and fenced for England before 1939. He is a widower whose two sons were killed in World War II. Tarrant enlists Modesty's assistance in preventing the theft of Sheik Abu-Tahir's diamonds, in return for information about Willie's imprisonment. [MB] Tarrant sees Modesty and Willie in the presence of Paul Crichton and Sandra Thorne, respectively, but doesn't warn them, in the hope that he'll be led to Bellman. [BM] Tarrant's suspicions about a meeting of the Friends of the Kuwait Freedom Society lead eventually to Modesty and Willie's involvement in destroying Karz's Operation Sabre-Tooth. [ST] Tarrant learns that René Vaubois has been targeted by Seff's protection racket from Modesty. [IL] He asks Modesty to go to the Sahara to check on the archeological dig at Mus to allay the concerns of his friend Dr. Aaronson, unaware that Gabriel and Simon Delicata have taken over the dig and are searching for a lost treasure buried there. [TFD] The fear that Tarrant will lose his job prompts Modesty, Willie and Jack Fraser to steal the Singapore papers from Brunel. [IV] Tarrant reluctantly agrees to let Modesty and Willie try to bring Soviet defector Okubo through the Berlin Wall, as an alternative to activating his sleeper network of agents in East Berlin. [GW] Tarrant is amused by Modesty's plan to steal £5,000 from Charles Leybourn after the businessman pinches her bottom while she's working as a flag-seller for Mental Health. [SGC] Tarrant is abducted and tortured by Colonel Jim Straik, who plans to use the information he extracts in an elaborate blackmail scheme. [SM] Tarrant tricks Modesty and Willie into serving as bodyguards for Howard A. Keyes. [DA] Tarrant is the victim of a practical joke pulled by Willie with the aid of Blakeson, the intent being to give Maude Tiller something that will lighten her mood. [LDL] Tarrant is looking forward to his retirement when his successor-elect has a heart attack, causing his term to be extended for six months. He and Lady Janet Gillam conspire to find out what happened to Modesty and Willie while on Dragon's Claw. [DC] Tarrant is the target of an assassination attempt by the Polish twins designed to hide the fact that Hugo Gezelle's failed crossbow attack was actually an attempt on Modesty's life. [NM] Tarrant provides the services of Maude Tiller when he is approached by Steve Collier and Danny Chavasse asking for assistance in locating Modesty and Willie. [DMH] Following her rescue by Old Alex Mirot from a Salamander Four assassination attempt, Modesty calls upon Tarrant for help in finding out about Alex's background and reuniting him with his family in England. [OA] Tarrant is reluctant to involve Modesty and Willie in the death of Johnny Nash. [GBB] Tarrant suffered a heart attack while visiting Modesty at her cottage near Benildon five years after his retirement. He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, holding Modesty's hand. [CT]

Tasso[1]: an associate of Calvanti from Athens who will be present when Willie sells Modesty's sculptured rubies. [ST]

Tasso[2]: one of the men sent by Alfredo Frezzi to bug Modesty's villa on Malta and determine if Luke Fletcher remembers anything of his time on Dragon's Claw. [DC]

A Taste For Death: the fourth Modesty Blaise book, published in 1969 and abbreviated TFD. Gabriel and Simon Delicata team up to recover the Garamantes treasure buried at Mus.

Tenazabal Temple: the temple where Steve Collier is studying the Mayan calendar for the Cultural Institute of Guatemala at Paxero's request. Dinah Collier is taken there when she is kidnapped by Martinez and Gregg. They plan to kill her in a ritual sacrifice that will be filmed for the benefit of Miss Benita. [LDL]

Teresa: Modesty poses as Teresa, a red-haired dancer at a dance studio owned by Bernie Chan. She allows herself to be picked up by Chan so that she, Willie and Steve Collier can abduct Chan and find out on whose behalf he set up the contract on Sir Gerald Tarrant with the Polish twins. [NM]

Terry[1]: one of Dave Goss's bodyguards. [DMH]

Terry[2]: a member of Mountjoy's organization. [GBB]

Thamer: a Georgian commander in Karz's mercenary army. Thamar kills Karz after Modesty and Willie destroy Karz's operation. [ST]

Thorne, Sandra: Bellman's adopted daughter. She was drugged and rendered unconscious by Willie when he and Modesty broke into Bellman's house in Lima. Five years later, she helps lure Willie into Bellman's trap. It is only when her adopted father is near death that she finally realizes his true nature, and the reason why Modesty and Willie had framed him. [BM]

Thornton, Right Honourable Percival ('Pompous Percy'): a British cabinet minister, and Sir Gerald Tarrant's superior. An operative working for The Network stole a Cezanne painting from Thornton while he was ambassador to France. Thornton tells Modesty about the shipment of diamonds being made to Sheik Abu-Tahir in payment for the oil concession to Malaurak. [MB]

Three Meadows: a training facility used by British Intelligence. Willie teaches there on occasion at the request of Sir Gerald Tarrant. One of his students at Three Meadows is Maude Tiller. [LDL]

Thurston: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. An Englishman, he was universally disliked for his aloof manner and his unreadiness to cooperate. [LDL]

Thuwaini, Ridha: the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Es-Sabah Solon's Free Kuwait Government. [ST]

thymoleptic drugs: Brunel attempts to brainwash Modesty by feeding her thymoleptic drugs in her drinking water during her captivity at Bonaccord. Dr. Giles Pennyfeather recognizes the effects of the drugs when he sees Modesty, who has become confused and unable to concentrate. [IV]

Tiller, Maude: one of Sir Gerald Tarrant's operatives. Maude had handled the communications for a request job that Modesty and Willie had done for Tarrant two years ago. She received humiliating treatment at the hands of Paxero and Damion while on an undercover assignment. Tarrant, who considers her to be a patriot, had sent Maude on the mission at the request of the CIA, who suspected Paxero in connection with the disappearance of a number of above-average, well-to-do people. Maude is one of Willie's students at Three Meadows, and accompanies him on his trek through the jungle to rescue Modesty and the other slaves from Limbo. Following the successful completion of the mission, Maude goes on vacation to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands with Danny Chavasse. [LDL] Tarrant provides Maude's services unofficially when he is approached by Steve Collier and Danny Chavasse for assistance following the disappearance of Modesty and Willie. Maude accompanies Danny to Athens to meet Krolli. She parachutes onto Kalivari just as Modesty and Willie begin their escape, and is saved from serious injury in the battle to destroy Thaddeus Pilgrim's operation by her bullet-proof vest. [DMH]

Timmins: a member of the organization that also includes Brigadier George Sumner, Harriet Welling and John Beckworth. The group uses The Dark Angels to kill selected foreign investors as a means of obtaining their goal of keeping British industry British-owned. [DA]

Timpson, Mr.: Albert Ross's partner who spends half of his time on duty dozing on a bench. [DC]

Toksvig: a mercenary in Sarrat's section, mentioned as a possible candidate for promotion to commander. [ST]

Tokuda: one of three Japanese guards employed by Colonel Jim Straik. [SM]

Toller: Sir Gerald Tarrant's liaison man in East Berlin. Toller runs a safe house. He helps Modesty and Willie as they attempt to get Soviet defector Okubo across the Berlin Wall into West Berlin. [GW]

Tom: Albert Ross's cousin, a railway policeman. [DC]

Tonto: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. Tonto is a Dutchman, although Dr. Kim Crozier is uncertain of the source of his nickname. [LDL]

transmitters: Modesty and Willie alert Sir Gerald Tarrant and Paul Hagan to the location of Gabriel's headquarters with a small radio transmitter made by Willie. Disassembled, the transmitter is carried in pieces inside a piece of foam rubber attached to Willie's back. The fine coil of wire that is the transmitter's aerial, and the balloon which carries it aloft, are hidden in the lining of Modesty's bra. [MB] Willie uses a transmitter to trip a radio-activated relay that cuts off the alarm system in Charles Leybourn's house. Willie installed the relay when he reconnoitered the house under the guise of an inspector from the Electricity Board. [SGC] During their burglary of Paxero's Swiss villa, Modesty monitors Willie's progress from a radio transmitter in the pencil torch he carries. The receiver is hidden under her beret. Modesty later uses a homing transmitter constructed by Willie to alert him to the location of Limbo. It is able to transmit a signal for a couple of minutes a day for a period of three or four weeks. [LDL]

Treadmill, The: a two hundred year-old public house located a few miles from Maidenhead on three acres of ground on the Thames. It was purchased by Willie following the breakup of The Network. Behind The Treadmill is a long brick building where Modesty and Willie work out. The building has no windows and a special double door. Inside are a pistol range, a short archery range, a combat dojo, gym equipment, a sauna and showers. The far end of the building houses the workshop where Willie works on electronic devices and micro-engineering. Willie lives at The Treadmill, on an upper floor that he has had thoroughly modernized. The upper floor also contains a second bedroom suite for Modesty's use whenever she visits. The Treadmill is managed by Mr. Spurling.

Tregarth, Inspector: the false name Willie gives over the phone to Charles Leybourn, who thinks he is speaking to the police about the burglary attempt at his house. [SGC]

Turina, Colonel: the area military commander in Peru who arrested Bellman on charges of subversion. [BM]

Twins, The: Siamese twins Lok and Chu are commanders in Karz's mercenary army. Joined at the shoulder at birth, they were eventually separated, but found the separation to be psychologically unbearable. Although they hate each other, they cannot function unless they are connected by a shoulder harness, which links them with a six inch, leather-covered bar. Karz disposes of members of his army he deems Unsound by having them face The Twins in armed combat. Modesty faces The Twins and defeats them as part of her plan for her and Willie to escape from Karz's camp. [ST]

Tyboria, The: the passenger ship used to transport £10,000,000 worth of diamonds to Sheik Abu-Tahir. Gabriel steals the diamonds by having Willie cut a hole in the hull of The Tyboria after it passes through the Suez Canal, after first attaching a diving bell to the ship. The diamonds are then taken away in the Giolitti, leaving the diving bell behind. [MB]

Tyl, Dr. Janos: a Czech doctor employed by Thaddeus Pilgrim's Hostel Of Righteousness. His job is to assess requests for prayer, consider background information and suggest appropriate action in order that certain prayers be answered. His unethical and unacceptable experiments in mind control, which caused him to be outlawed by his chosen profession, brought him to the attention of Thaddeus Pilgrim. Dr. Tyl is the man responsible for brainwashing Willie into believing that Modesty has been killed by Delilah, that The Network is still active, and that Tyl himself is actually Garcia. Tyl is killed by Willie when he hits the doctor with his shield - thrown Frisbee-style - after he and Modesty defeat Sybil Pray and Kazim in gladiatorial combat on Kalivari. [DMH]

Ugo: one of the men who abducts Modesty and Willie in Lisbon as part of Mike Delgado's plan to show their aptitude for roles as leaders in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Unsound: anyone who defies Karz's orders is declared Unsound and must face The Twins in armed combat. [ST]

Valdez: one of the slaves being held at Limbo, a Paraguayan. Valdez is one of the group of slaves that Modesty organizes to fight against Paxero's men when the time comes. [LDL] Following the rescue, Valdez chipped in with Stavros and Marker to buy Dr. Kim Crozier a practice in San Francisco. He also bought Crozier an Aston Martin for Christmas. [NM]

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