Captain Axel Valerius – Zweif

Valerius, Captain Axel: the captain of the Marimba. He had previously worked two maritime insurance scams for Modesty during the days of The Network. Warned by Modesty of Thaddeus Pilgrim's real plans for the crew of the ship, Valerius sells the Marimba in a west African port for $12,5000,000 and deposits 10% of the proceeds in a Swiss bank account in Modesty's name. [DMH]

Vallmanya: a soldier in Karz's mercenary army. Vallmanya is declared Unsound by Karz and killed by The Twins for his use of drugs. [ST]

van Doorn: a victim of the organization consisting of Harriet Welling, Brigadier George Sumner, Timmins and John Beckworth. He was killed by The Dark Angels after other contractors failed on two occasions. [DA]

van Pienaar: one of Brunel's five overseers at Bonaccord. Modesty considers him to be a thug. A South African, van Pienaar is the only one to survive when Willie helps Modesty, Dr. Giles Pennyfeather and Lisa Brunel escape from the estate. [IV]

Van Rutte: a mercenary for seven years in black Africa. Van Rutte is one of the men hired by Bellman to kill Modesty and Willie. His is disabled when Willie hits him in the chest with a thrown stone the size of a tomato on the island off the coast of Scotland. [BM]

Vargel: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. [MB]

Varilla: the wealthy family that owned the land where Limbo was eventually built. [LDL]

Varron: an informant that Willie approaches for any information he might have about the theft of Sheik Abu-Tahir's diamonds. [MB]

Vaubois, René: the head of the French Deuxième Bureau, a friend and colleague of Sir Gerald Tarrant. [MB] Vaubois arranges for the French media to learn about the recovery of the stolen Watteau painting. [ST] Vaubois is the target of two assassination attempts initiated by Jack Wish, both defeated by Modesty and Willie, after he fails to pay Seff's protection money. [IL] Vaubois alerts Modesty to the fact that Gabriel and McWhirter have been spotted in Beauvais. [TFD] Vaubois provides Tarrant with information regarding the location of Ilona Novikov following the death of her husband. [IV] Modesty visits Vaubois, now the head of Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire, so that she can identify the three men who attempted to kill Quinn before he could reveal whatever he might know about the abduction of Sir Gerald Tarrant. When Modesty and Willie fail to report in after going to the Chateau Lancieux to rescue Tarrant, Vaubois goes to the site in a helicopter, after being notified by Fraser. [SM] Vaubois informs Jack Fraser that John Ryan has killed himself inside Lubyanka Prison. [DC] Vaubois provides Modesty and Willie with information about Bernard Martel and his brother Georges. [XT] One of Vaubois's best SDECE operatives is sent to infiltrate The Watchmen. After ten days without contact, he is presumed dead. [NM] [Note: when Vaubois is mentioned (in passing) in Modesty Blaise and in Chapter 3 of Sabre-Tooth, his first name is given as Léon. By Chapter 9 of Sabre-Tooth, the name has changed to René.]

Vaughan: one of Sir Gerald Tarrant's operatives. [ST]

Vecchi: an old friend of Modesty. Forli used to work for Vecchi. [ST]

Veronica: one of Willie's girls. Veronica was a student at Cambridge doing a thesis on Oscar Wilde. Most nights, he had to spend hours listening while she held forth on the subject. [XT]

Viney, Jacques: a chef at The Ritz. His goat's-meat ragoût was a tremendous success with Sheik Abu-Tahir. However, Sir Gerald Tarrant is relieved to learn that M. Viney has declined an offer to relocate to Malaurk as the Sheik's personal chef. [MB]

Vinezzi: an Interpol agent who was tipped off to pick up the men on the Isparta following the destruction of Bora's operation. [NM]

Viret: a former member of The Network. Viret used to carry out operations in the Pyrenean border region. He provides Modesty with information about Chateau Lancieux. [SM]

von Krankin, Siegfried: one of the leaders of The Watchmen. He is shot and killed by Modesty with one of Major the Earl St. Maur's arrows as she and Willie escape from and destroy the Drioga Corporation's drillship. [NM]

Walburn: a senior official of Salamander Four. [SF]

Waldo: the top industrial spy in the business, and a sometime rival of Modesty in the days of The Network. Waldo is pursued by three unnamed killers hired by Salamander Four when he beats the organization in obtaining a new process for colour film developed by Kellgren Laboratories in Sweden. After being shot in the arm, Waldo finds his way to the cabin of Alex Hemmer, where he encounters Modesty. She is able to throw his pursuers off his trail long enough to drive him to Ivalo, where a plane is waiting to fly him to Leningrad. [SF]

Wan, Charlie: a graduate of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and the president of the Drama Society at Hong Kong University. Wan poses as Chinese General Wang Shi-Chen and interrogates Wu Smith, learning the names of Ramon da Cruz and Colonel Jim Straik in the process. [SM]

Wan, Sammy: a half-Chinese member of The Network, and Krolli's second-in-command. Wan found the unconscious body of Ben Christie in a paint locker on the Isparta. [NM, BM]

Wasp, The: a 34 foot sloop built by Ben Hollinson. Modesty is sailing the boat across the Tasman Sea from Brisbane to Wellington when she rescues Luke Fletcher following his escape from Dragon's Claw. [DC]

wasps: the valley in Bonaccord containing Novikov's gold deposit is full of Polybioide wasps. [IV]

Watchmen, The: a terrorist organization lead by Major the Earl St. Maur, Siegfried von Krankin and Colonel Mikhail Golitsyn. The group is actually financed by the Soviet Union, which plans to increase its sphere of influence in the confusion following the completion of Operation Morningstar. [NM]

waterbottle: Willie disables Paul Crichton when he hits him on the side of the head with a thrown waterbottle. [BM]

Watteau, Antoine: a French painter who typified the lyrically charming and graceful style of the Rococo. Much of his work reflects the influence of the commedia dell'arte and the opéra ballet (e.g., The French Comedy, 1716). Jean-Antoine Watteau was born in 1684, in Valenciennes, France, and died in 1721 in Nogent-sur-Marne. His painting Fête Dans Les Bois is stolen from the Musée Mattioret by Modesty and Willie. [ST]

Waverly: the British Minister of Defence. Waverly wants Sir Gerald Tarrant to activate his sleeper network of agents in East Berlin to bring Soviet defector Okubo safely to the West. [GW]

weapons: during the course of their adventures, Modesty and Willie make use of a variety of unconventional weapons, in addition to Modesty's handguns. See the individual entries for details on the following: blackjack, blowpipe, bow and arrow, grenade, javelin, knives, kongo, machete, quarter-staff, shield, skittle, sling, sword, and waterbottle.

Weber: the Dutch criminal who hired the local group of lads that assisted Reverend Uriah Crisp, Beauregard Brown and Clarissa de Courtney-Scott in the theft of the Hsuan-Te chair from the Bor Museum. Following the theft, Beauregard and Clarissa visit Weber and kill him. [DC]

Welling, Harriet: a director of three large companies, and a member of the organization that also includes Brigadier George Sumner, Timmins and John Beckworth. The group uses The Dark Angels to kill selected foreign investors as a means of obtaining their goal of keeping British industry British-owned. [DA]

Wenczel, Major: a Hungarian working for Gabriel and Simon Delicata in Mus. Wenczel, an avid fencer, meets his end when he is killed by Modesty in a duel as part of her plan to escape from Mus. [TFD]

Weng: Modesty's Indo-Chinese houseboy. Although he has gone to school in Hong Kong, and spent three years at university there, Weng is content to spend the rest of his life in his current job. [MB, ST, IL, TFD, IV, SGC, LDL, XT, BM, DA, GBB] Weng is an accomplished bridge player. He usually plays three afternoons a week at one of the top London clubs, and makes a good £7,000 per year free of tax. [NM, DMH] Weng travels to The Treadmill to watch Fitch while Willie flies to Scotland to rescue Modesty from Rodelle. [IHD] Weng flies to Hong Kong with Modesty and Willie to help set up the interrogation of Wu Smith that eventually reveals the name of Colonel Jim Straik. [SM] Weng relays messages between Modesty and Willie as they search for Luke Fletcher following their theft of the Jade Queen. [DC] Weng, along with Steve Collier, pretends to rough up Willie in order to frighten Bernie Chan into revealing who hired the Polish Twins to kill Sir Gerald Tarrant. [NM] When Roger Lafarge reneges on his agreement, Weng persuades him to tell all he knows about the three passengers he flew to Athens. [DMH] Weng accompanies the Reverend James McNally and his wife Jeannie to The Black Horse and videotapes Pike's subsequent humiliation. [OA] Weng delivers the equipment that Modesty will need in Montelero to Heathrow airport. [CT]

Werner: a German on Seff's death list, killed in Hamburg by the Büchner boys. [IL]

Westwood, Gwen: the top art expert at Sotheby's. She disappeared while on a day trip to Sounion during a Greek vacation. She was kidnapped and taken to Dragon's Claw to view Sam Solon's collection of stolen art treasures. [DC]

wheel: while fighting Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk following the escape from Xanadu, Modesty uses the stolen wheel she had sold to Alâeddin years before to roll two one-pint paint cans full of explosives from the cave towards the two brothers. [XT]

whistle: Modesty is able to alert potential rescuers to her location when she is trapped in a cave in a Salamander Four assassination attempt with a whistle she fashions from a stick of cane, using a sharp stone and the quill of a feather as tools. [OA]

White Jade: the emergency code name Modesty uses for herself when she contacts Weng by radio from Kalivari. [DMH]

Whitstone, David: Modesty's escort to a performance of Swan Lake at Covent Garden. Modesty abandons Whitstone at the theater (because "he took me for granted") so that she and Sir Gerald Tarrant can attend a meeting with the Right Honourable Percival Thornton. [MB]

wildflowers: Modesty and Willie are attempting to locate and photograph specimens of the hundreds of different varieties of wildflowers that grow in Malta, using their villa there as a base. [IV]

Wilhelm: one of two friendly Dutch journalists that Clarissa de Courtney-Scott spent time with to determine how much was known about the theft of the Hsuan-Te chair from the Bor Museum. [DC]

Wish, Jack: a former fixer for the Mafia, Wish is Seff's executioner, in charge of taking care of any mistakes made by Lucifer in predicting natural deaths, as well as killing any victims who do not pay up. According to Modesty's files from The Network, Wish is a kind of landbound sailor, with a girl in every capital city. Wish is killed by Modesty when she and Willie return to the house in the Philippines to rescue Steve Collier and Lucifer. [IL]

wizard prang: a wartime RAF expression for "something good." It is one of the uniquely English expressions frequently used by Old Alex Mirot. [OA]

Women's Section: Karz's name for the seraglio, or brothel, that is for the use of the men in his training camp. [ST]

wrecking ball: Modesty and Willie, with help from Jack Fraser, steal the safe containing the Singapore papers from Brunel's house in London by smashing a hole in the side of the building with a wrecking ball operated by Wee Jock Miller, and taking the safe away in a van. Modesty got the idea from Willie's description of a rigged game of conkers. [IV]

Xanadu: an opulent palace constructed by Prince Rahim Mohajeri Azhari in the High Atlas mountains in Morocco. Modesty and Willie are held prisoner there after being captured by Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk following their recovery of The Object from Alâeddin. [XT]

The Xanadu Talisman: The tenth Modesty Blaise book, published in 1981 and abbreviated XT. Modesty tries to carry out the last wish of Bernard Martel by rescuing Tracy June Martel from the harem at Xanadu.

yawara stick: another name for a kongo.

Yina: one of Dr. Giles Pennyfeather's patients in Kalimba. [IV]

Yoshida: the Japanese agent working for Major-General Starov who impersonates Okubo. By pretending to defect, Yoshida hopes to activate, and subsequently reveal, Sir Gerald Tarrant's sleeper network of agents in East Berlin. [GW]

Ypsilanti: the wealthiest fence in the Balkans. Modesty and Willie contact Ypsilanti in Athens after striking out on their own to pull the "live-bait" caper on Gabriel. [MB]

Yusif: one of the duty guards at Xanadu. [XT]

Zanelli: a member of one of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Answer To Prayer teams. [DMH]

Zappi, Carl: a former operative of The Network who used to run the Rome section. Zappi will supply Modesty with the actors necessary to interrogate the lawyer who hired Alfredo Frezzi to bug Modesty's villa on Malta. [DC]

Zarov: see Starov. [GW]

Zdrzalkywicz, Mikolaj: one of the Polish twins. [NM]

Zdrzalkywicz, Zygmunt: one of the Polish twins. [NM]

Zechi: a Polish soldier in Karz's mercenary army, serving in the section commanded by Willie. Zechi was the second to spend a night with Modesty in Karz's seraglio following her defeat of The Twins. Willie breaks Zechi's neck as he and Modesty begin their escape from Karz's valley in the Hindu Kush. [ST]

Zweif: the leader of an organization in Haifa hired by Gabriel. [MB]

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