Fight The Future

Fight The Future 06/19/1998

Mulder becomes a believer once more when he encounters Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil—another former Department of State associate of his father Bill Mulder—and finally learns the true nature of the Black Oil: it’s an alien virus which has been on earth for millions of years. The Syndicate is trying to develop genetically mutated corn infected with the virus, which will be spread by bees through the plant’s pollen. At the same time, they’re working on a vaccine to protect themselves against the virus. In a few lines of dialogue that were cut from the theatrical release but restored for home video, the Well-Manicured Man tells Mulder that his father allowed Samantha to be kidnapped in the hope that medical experiments would turn her into an alien/human hybrid immune to the effects of the virus. In bringing the series to the big screen, Chris Carter set himself a difficult task. He wanted to advance the plot for those who had been following the show week by week, but at the same time make something that would be entertaining and understandable to X-Files novices. It’s no surprise that he failed on both counts. Even dedicated fans needed multiple viewings to understand many of the plot twists, while newcomers were probably completely puzzled. There are many things to recommend this film: Mulder and Scully’s near kiss—following his impassioned plea for her to reconsider her decision to resign from the FBI—was exactly the scene that dedicated fans had been waiting five years to see. But there were many things wrong with it as well. Krycek is absent, for one thing, and the appearance by The Lone Gunmen amounts to little more than a cameo. The cliffhanger ending of Season Five is completely ignored: the fates of Gibson Praise and Diana Fowley aren’t even mentioned. Even more frustrating is the death of the Well-Manicured Man. Who set off the bomb, and why did they wait until after Mulder—who was supposed to be killed—had gotten out of the car? The ending—in which Mulder travels to Antarctica and rescues Scully from what turns out to be a gigantic alien spaceship buried in the polar icecap—is simply ridiculous: it’s a plot contrivance motivated more by the requirements of a summer blockbuster than the needs of the story.

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