I Want To Believe

I Want To Believe 07/25/2008

Six years after the events of Season Nine’s ‘The Truth’, Mulder is coaxed out of hiding to assist in the search for a missing FBI agent. (Actually, since he’s now living with Scully, and she’s openly working in a hospital, Mulder hasn’t really hidden himself all that well, has he?) Mulder’s help with the case is sought because the only clues the FBI have to go on in their search are provided by Father Joe, a psychic pedophile priest who has ‘visions’ of the missing agent. Scully naturally wants nothing to do with the case, refusing to believe Father Joe’s claims and reacting to him with open hostility. It’s like the last two years of the series never happened. The whole thing is curiously low-key, and while Duchovny and Anderson still have lots of on-screen chemistry together, the result doesn’t really feel like an installment of The X-Files at all. Chris Carter deserves credit for making a ‘small’ film, one that doesn't rely on big action scenes or elaborate special effects. The best moments of the show always revolved around the relationship between Mulder and Scully, and the same is true of this movie as well. Unfortunately, the whole thing is undone by some ludicrous plotting. (Scully learns all she needs to know how to perform stem cell surgery by doing a Google search? The bad guys are harvesting body parts to perform head transplants? Really?) As a stand-alone monster episode, this is just barely OK. As our first chance to see Mulder and Scully after a six year absence, it’s a major disappointment.

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