The Adventures of CS33 Borean
2003 - 2004

Instalment 1 - October 26, 2003 - Ft Liquordale 

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First Installment

Waiting, waiting and more waiting….
Greetings to our family and friends from Florida
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We rushed off on October 16th only to arrive and wait for four and one half days for the boat to arrive by truck. Due to the width of the boat, which is 6 inches greater than a wide load the trucker had to abide by specific wide load rules. This meant that the truck driver from Canam Marine Transport could only travel in daylight and only until 12 noon on Saturdays and Sundays in Florida. The boat had been loaded on October 15th, and left for Florida on the 16th. Given these driving restrictions the boat could only arrive on Monday at the earliest. So we had to wait. But we had a lot to do. First we had to find a marine center where they had time to put the boat in the water. The one suggested by Canam, Playboy Marina, had no launch schedule until Wednesday. Canam had not reserved a launch day in advance! A reservation was made for Wednesday. The boat would arrive on Monday! So Jim called another boat yard, Lauderdale Marine Center, they could schedule a launch for Tuesday. Jim reserved a time, but still kept looking for a Monday launch. He called another one and he was in luck. The Summerfield Boat Works had time for a launch on Monday. He was very relieved. Jim then called Robert, the truck driver, to let him know where to deliver the boat on Monday. Next he had to cancel the two other launch reservations. So it was a good thing that we arrived early otherwise the boat would have had to stay on the truck for a few days until it could be launched.
Now we had time to familiarize ourselves with the local boat stores and even had time to shop at the local Salvation Army store. The deals were just great. They were having a 50% off sale on red tag items. As well as a large indoor tent sale of furniture, cars, bikes, large screen TV’s and all kind of household items. I found two small black stone carvings for a college colleague who collects this kind of artifacts. I will really miss the garage sales, bargain hunting and consignment shops. Where is the replacement for my VON store in Ste-Anne?

Looking for reasonably priced motel rooms in Fort Lauderdale is quite a feat. We consulted the Tourist Savers Guide, which has coupons. After staying at a flea bitten motel on US 1 for two days, we found a clean one, with no blocked drains, frequented by truckers on State Road 84. We were comfortable for the next two days. Actually we were in the lap of luxury! The air conditioning worked really well! (There is no A/C on the boat). Rick’s Bar was right beside the motel. There they advertised lingerie shows. We wondered what that meant. Somehow the winner wins the lingerie worn by the model after putting money in a glass after each different showing. One Ontarian trucker had won many outfits! What was the point? Did one size fit all?

Back to reality, we had a boat to launch and a mast to rig. Summerfield was a DIY (do-it-yourself) yard and it was home to many sailboats. We were in a sail friendly environment. How comforting! What pleasure Jim had making arrangements with the staff. All went smoothly with the launch and Robert Therien the driver was most cordial. He was very patient and very thorough. The boat arrived unscathed without damage inside or outside. The shaft was not bent, unlike three years ago in 2000. We were able to sleep on board that night.

On Tuesday the 21st the mast was raised, Jim fine-tuned it and we left Summerfield by noonish and headed for Cooley’s Landing. We had reserved a dock there for a few days. This is a municipal dock for Fort Lauderdale. The same as last time, it is just as clean and well kept as ever even though it is 10 years old The laundry and washrooms are bright and clean. The grass and vegetation is as well kept as the facilities. The marina now has one free phone line for Internet use and email. Time limit is 15 minutes.
We met up again with Pelican a boat from Germany. Peter and Liese have been sailing now for 4 years with visits to Germany from time to time. They had gone to Cuba in May for 2 months. They were able to tell us of a source for propane
Once we were on the boat we found out that the refrigeration was not working. Jim had a new one installed in September in Pointe-Claire. It was working when the boat left Montreal. Jim checked to see if there was power and there was. So he got a reference from Peter. Jim called the first marine refrigeration expert. Maybe a visit could be scheduled for next week. Note: some want your credit card number before going to see you!! So the next was called. He’ll call by the weekend. And Jim called the next one. No way he was too busy. So he called another one- Hawthorne (the one referred by Peter) and he said he would come by on Thursday or Friday. He did not come by 5:30 on Thursday and so he showed up on Friday morning. Mr. Hawthorne was a friendly youngish man who was very informed about Canada. Jim asked why he was able to come so quickly. He replied that he gets many referrals because he does the job right the first time. No need for second visits! After a short time he said that the fan was not working. If Jim followed him by car to the shop he would sell him one. Jim could install it himself. If not he would install it on Monday. He had a workshop conference to attend and had to leave. Jim did, $116 and much sweat later the refrigeration is working. The service call for 1 hour was $65. Jim thinks that the job to have here is refrigeration and A/C for boats. Another career move? (Note: keep the old –new not working fan for a refund from the vendor in Ontario. Do you think he will give us a refund?)

So we are not waiting for the refrigeration man anymore. But we are still waiting for the wind generator man. The wind generator needed new blades. So Jim called Ken from Wind Bugger on Monday the 20th and he came over that night at 6 p.m. He was very quick but when asked the new hub and blades would be installed he said at least one week. One whole week! So again we wait. Jim will call on Friday to see when the aluminum blades will be installed. Still waiting…

Why are we having to wait? Well the boat show was coming at the end of October and everyone is gearing up for the show. There are no spare docks because of all of the boat visitors. And the people who work on the boats are so busy that if you have a problem you have to wait. The worse time to come here is when a boat show is about to happen.

Yes we are in Fort Lauderdale and the weather is warm, rather hot and humid (85 during the day and 75 at night). But we will be elsewhere soon enough. The Florida Keys are calling.

This is Janette, crew aboard the S/V (sailing vessel) Borean signing off on behalf of Captain Jim, Seadog and myself. Yes we have a guard dog onboard thanks to Luce. His name is Seadog. See the photo. LOL. He comes with a poem. Here it is:
I love to feel the ocean breeze
When I sail on the open seas
A sailor’s life is right for me
There’s no place that I’d rather be!

Have a good day and many more good days. (Common terms used by Floridians everywhere and all the time).


I have a few things to add, but frankly it took me awhile to post this so rather than delay the posting of this first instalment, I'll save my comments until the next update.

I will say that leaving the dock is the hardest part of any trip, and Jim and Janette have left the dock! Congrats and we all should leave our docks more often.