The Adventures of

CS33 Borean

Instalment 1 - October 22, 2000 - Montreal 

Montreal, shipping the boat south
"Load'er up!"

Crew list:

Miles travelled:

Straight line distance from PCYC Montreal:

• 4 (nautical miles)

Ports visited:

• Pointe Claire Yacht Club, Montreal • Ile Perot Marina, West of Montreal •

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(Occationally, editorial comments from Don of S/V Destiny Calls, host of this web site and southern waters frequenter, will appear in green italic)

Having been through it myself, watching friends prepare for a trip down south was a bit like watching a car accident in slow motion. I was fascinated by all the screeching and stuff flying around and glad I wasn't in the middle of it.

Not glad that I wasn't going, just glad that I didn't have to go through all the crap associated with packing up a life time worth of stuff and moving aboard a boat with the interior space of a walk in closet.

A pretty nice walk in closest too. The CS33 is a Canadian build racer cruiser built from the late 1970's through the 1980's. It's a well thought out medium displacement boat and Borean has been to the Bahamas and Florida before when she was named "Sanderling" with original owner.

Jim decided to change the name when he elected to have the boat Federally Documented in case he wished to go further into the Caribbean. I'd warned him that most Harbours expected to see the documents associated with federal registration not Provincial or State numbers. The French in particular will refuse entry to boats without the federal papers.

Anyhow, changing the name was the easy part. Finding someone to rent their house, take care of their mail and banking, storing the furniture, adding equipment to the boat, arranging time off work are the hard parts.

They did pretty well coping with the crap that precedes a trip like this, and by the end of October had loaded Borean (which means Northern winds) onto a flatbed for shipping to Lauderdale.

There was the big going away bash at the Pointe Claire Yacht Club near Montreal, and the ceremonial presents (Cruising guides and charts) drinks (too many) and excellent chow (too much). For those of you who keep track, there were a pile of Scurvy dogs at the party (one is too many!).

I hope they had a good time, nobody I spoke with can remember.

On October 30th, Jim and Janette boarded an Air Canada flight and left the cold grey autumn of Montreal behind, and joined the boat in Florida.

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