The Adventures of

CS33 Borean

Instalment 2 - November 2, 2000 - Ft Lauderdale 

Arrival, the boat's south!
"Nothing ever goes as planned"

Crew list:

Miles travelled:

Money spent:

F- Food / beer / ice / snacks on board / provisioning-

C- UPS / medicine / communication / propane -

D- Charts / guides / boat parts / -

T- Eating out / drinking out / touring -

Aprox. total this leg -

Favorite price samples: (all at Montreal):

None to report as yet

Straight line distance from PCYC Montreal:

• 1194 (nautical miles)

Ports visited:

• Pointe Claire Yacht Club, Montreal • Ile Perot Marina, West of Montreal •

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(Occasionally, editorial comments from Don of S/V Destiny Calls, host of this web site and southern waters frequenter, will appear in green italic)

Well we got here in one piece. We arrived on time,got our car and drove straight to Jackson Marine Center. Al (SD#7, on SeaHawk III in Ft Pierce) was right it is a working don't want to stay here any longer than you want to.

The boat was put into the water on Monday afternoon (hence we missed the last day of the FT.Lauderdale boat show) and Janette and I proceeded to put things in order. The first thing was the wind generator, easier than i would have thought, next we did some odd jobs, nothing exciting. Janette was really tired and forced me to bed at 20:30.....I think I was 8 or 9 years old the last time I hit the hay at that hour.

The next day is when the fun began. I had wanted to change the four bolts connecting the shaft flange to the transmission, but could not get them off(read rust),so I decided to let the yard here do that job.Well that opened up a Pandora's box (excuse me while I go rob a bank so I can pay for all of this).While he was trying to get the bolts off he turned the shaft by hand and it was binding.....yes bent shaft. Then he tried to get the shaft out of the go, he had to cut the shaft so now we are waiting for a brand new shaft.Now how do you get the shaft out you ask....well you cut a plug in your rudder,this is easier than taking your rudder off. (See pics) and a few more things popped up along the way....funny how all I wanted to do was replace some's like going to Price Club just to buy coffee....yeah.

So now Janette and I are staying at the Budget Inn because the boat is in dry dock for the next few days. We have been whiling our time doing odd jobs on the boat, and getting other things that we need...we went to see the people at WindBugger, so that I could get a couple of bolts and to check out his new blades...he GAVE me a set of blades(read free) and all of the nuts and bolts that go with it. They weren't his new fancy aluminium blades, but his old fiberglass blades...that work just fine.

Will write more once we are in the water,and on our way.

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