The Adventures of

CS33 Borean

Instalment 3 - November 7, 2000 - Ft Lauderdale 

Dee Boat eez FIXED!!!
"Mr Murphy"

Crew list:

Miles travelled:

Money spent:

F- Food / beer / ice / snacks on board / provisioning-

C- UPS / medicine / communication / propane -

D- Charts / guides / boat parts / -

T- Eating out / drinking out / touring -

Aprox. total this leg -

Favorite price samples: :

Alamo -9 days- $418 includes insurance and 2nd driver
cheaper one- local- Able’s - $16.98 plus $2.00 for air conditioning.
Gasoline-$1.49-.59 per us gallon; diesel $ 1.59+

Sperry Baja slide sandals- sale price $9.99 regular 39.99
2 blouses at T J MAxx (like Winners) one fusia Bill Blass-$5.00 and and Klein purple one for $7.00
2 Pierre Cardin shirts (Hawain style) $11.00 and $13.00
sunglasses at grocery store-$9.00 and $12.00 for spare ones (uva and uvb)
sunglass holders-croakies- $4.99 and $5.99
microfiber cargo long shorts and zip on pant leg- sale at army supply store- $14.99
long cargo shorts for Jim-sale $14.99 (same store)

new faucet- replace Delta model- only handle needed- $35.00, rolls of slide film for 36 $7.39 ;some on sale for $6/roll;Advantix film 24/36 on sale for $6.00 each9we bought18 rolls

diesel oil- $1.99/bottle; 2cycle-$2.79 each, corroision protector- like Corrosion Plus- called T-9 for Boeings-$9.98 for large spray can (at Sailorman) $1-2 more elsewhere.

small folding chair for beach-kMart- $12.98, super glue-small tube- $2.99, small 5lb propane tank (new) $55.00 plus propane(large ones-10 lbs are $35.00 ; propane 3 small tanks fllled for $8.00

Evert fresh bags to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer) 10 for $6.39-99, We are carrying approximately $2250.00 worth of food,beer,and snacks on board.

Straight line distance from PCYC Montreal:

• 1194 (nautical miles)

Ports visited:

• Jackson Marina, Ft Lauderdale • Cooleys Landing, Municipal Marina of Ft Lauderdale •

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(Occasionally, editorial comments from Don of S/V Destiny Calls, host of this web site and southern waters frequenter, will appear in green italic)

The last time I wrote you I had told you about having to cut a hole in the rudder to accommodate the new shaft. Well...Murphy's Law is alive and well and living right here in South Florida. The yard had sent the old shaft along with the coupler to Lauderdale Prop. We received the new shaft and a new coupler because the old one was scarred from all the sawing through the bolts. Everything arrived Friday morning and they proceed to put the shaft back in and the prop back on.

It was then Ron Fairchild, a subcontractor who went to work repairing the hole in the rudder. Ron has been around for many years doing this kind of work, in the past he would commission all new boats for C&C here in Florida, and also in Texas. He was called in because this job was beyond the scope of the yard. There are mostly powerboats and they don't normally have to cut into rudders. Once this was done it was time to connect the shaft to the coupler, and that to the transmission.

HEY MR MURPHY, this being America and all things should be American, they sent along a coupling in an American size instead of metric (the old coupling was sent along to avoid this) is now 16:15...guess what time the shop closes at? After much discussion between the mechanic and the supervisor it was decided to return the new coupler and have it retooled...they were hoping that it would be back at the yard Monday morning, we were also told that they could complete the job with the boat in the water, hence saving us having to go back to a motel.

The next morning we arrived at the yard to see the other supervisor about launching the boat...he says he was told it couldn't be launched, I was starting to see red, and temper was flaring. Later that morning the mechanic who last worked on the boat came into the yard to repair the brakes on his vehicle...he once again reiterates that the job can be completed in the 11:45 I confront the about to leave supervisor with this information...he is none to happy, lets me know about it, but says he has to come back at 16:00, and will launch us then.

Janette and I go and do some errands and come back at15:15 in time to see our boat being picked up by the travel lift. Janette mentions that the zincs aren't on...supervisor is not a happy camper, I am not a happy camper and they say boating is fun; not to mention relaxing.

The boat is put in the water anyway so that we can at least save on motel charges.

Saturday we topped up one water tank and proceeded to do some chores such as cleaning all the combat boot marks on the deck. In the late afternoon the water faucet's stopped working in the galley and the head. First thought is that the pump is broken, but it would go on sporadically as water would dribble from the spout. So next step was to take off the water filter on the was completely clogged ...that was the easy job.

Sunday morning I decided to tackle the faucet in the head....first I decided to check to see if the lines were clogged as this was the easiest thing to do. The system was still under pressure and guess which line I disconnected first...yep the now very hot hot water, it sprayed all over the place...I will now make a long story short as there is a self describing picture....I spent 50 dollars to buy a new faucet handle, oh and it ended up being a 4 hour job...but it works till the next time it breaks down...boating is so relaxing.

Next morning is Monday and my new refurbished new coupler arrives at mid -morning a different mechanic come to attach everything and says he can't do it in the water...ARGH. The shaft gets tapped into place ...flange is put on and since this is all being done in the slings it is decided to finish up in the water....boat in water and only two bolt holes line up.... ARGH .....mechanic says the boat has to come out of the water again(this boat is a yo-yo not a fine sailing craft).

Finally late afternoon all is put back together after being here for 7 days.

Time to leave the yard and mail some letters and go and check out River Bend Marina and see a friend of mine who is there on his 48 foot Hughes. The Marina is completely full so we will try Cooley's Landing, we have to stick around here till we get our new Autohelm from JSI. Also Al (Scurvy Dog #7, Skipper of SeaHawk III) came to see us at River Bend, but we were on buddy's boat so we did not hook up.

till next time
Jim and Janette

ps will try and get prices and costs out to add to this web site but so far in one week we have spent $5000.00 US

Boating is cheap. (NOT!)

Don adds:

Al hooked up with Jim and Janette at Jackson Marina and the intrepid travelers called me at work on the cell, as they sipped a couple of cool ones at Cooleys Landing They got me on a break as I was helping the kids at John abbott College produce their Bi Weekly Radio show. I allowed myself time to talk because the whole production was on hold for a major teen-aged girl giggle fit.

Apparently Borean took on a pile of water on the trip from Jackson Marina to Cooleys. It's only about a one hour river putt but as we all learn at one point, tightening a new stuffing box isn't always as easy as it is on TV.

By the sounds of the crew, and by their slightly slurred voices, spirits are high. Perhaps as in "High Life". Trust me; there's nothing like celebrating getting out of a working marina and into the cruisers marina.

Welcome to the REAL begining of your trip guys!

I hope they don't scare the natives tonight.

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