The Adventures of

CS33 Borean

Instalment 4 - November 14, 2000 - Ft Lauderdale 

Almost Ready to Go!"©

Crew list:

Miles travelled:

Money spent:

F- Food / beer / ice / snacks on board / provisioning-

C- UPS / medicine / communication / propane -

D- Charts / guides / boat parts / -

T- Eating out / drinking out / touring -

Aprox. total this leg -

Favourite price samples: :

Beer: Corona 12 bottles- $11.99 , Presidente-12 - $9.95, Miller Highlife 24 cans-$11.50

soft drinks- house brand-12 for $2.00 on sale; name brand 12 cans for $3.29 or less. Yogurt- high temperature treated- 4 for $1.29

all vegetables and most fruit - very expensive and from foreign countries because the south of Florida had floods in the month of October; a tomato from Holland-.98, one cantaloupe-$1.49, broccoli-$1.39 (2 spears)

Bread- cheap bread-$1.59, Italian wheat- $1.59,rye bread-$1.99
Limes varied from 3-5 for $1.00, oranges 3 for $1.00 to 5 for $1.00(store dependant)

Meat varied from expensive in Publix and Winn-Dixie to more expensive in organic stores to much less at stores like Penn Dutch Meats- 4lbs smoked sausage for $4.99, 2 large smoked turkey drumsticks for $1.84(.92 each), chicken whole fresh special $0.49 lb.

Except for turkey in regular food stores the meat was more than in Montreal.
Peanuts- 10oz can of Spanish peanuts $2.69; at KMart the housebrand 28oz can was $3.29 much cheaper but consider the peanuts grow here and the cost in Canada is $2.00 per 2.2 lbs. for housebrand.

ramen noodles- 6 packs for $0.98, mayonaise-real- 32oz. $1.39 (real deal) Pringles potato chips ( in cans travel) 4 for $5.00 Lettuce and greens -mixed bag- $1.99-2.99

Straight line distance from PCYC Montreal:

• 1194 (nautical miles)

Ports visited:

• Cooleys Landing, Municipal Marina of Ft Lauderdale •

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(Occasionally, editorial comments from Don of S/V Destiny Calls, host of this web site and southern waters frequenter, will appear in green italic)

Tuesday Nov 7th election day here in the states, tonight there will be a new president. (How quickly news gets old!!! A week later they still don't know who won!)

We finally left Jackson Marine at 11:30.Now they say the fun begins ,we had to manoeuvre, through a very tight passage to get access to the main canal. Nothing here is small. Most cruisers are bigger than what we have in the Canadian Navy, and probably better equipped. Coming from Jackson Marine to Cooley’s Landing was quite the experience for us. We left on an ebbing tide that is quite strong, at one point I put the engine in neutral and we were still doing 2 knots. Passing many ordinary and opulent homes fronting on the New River, most with a boat, we twisted and turned our way towards our destination a couple of miles down river.

Shortly after our arrival we received a visitor in the form of Al McMurtry, we had a couple of beers, I made a phone call to JSI marine to get a status report on my new autohelm, which I was informed was now on 6 weeks back order. The kind folks at JSI decided to give me an upgrade and even threw in a remote control for the unit. Now I can race with all of the other remote controllers at the east end of our harbour.

Al was kind enough to drop me off at Jackson Marine so that I could pick up our rental car. Upon my return Janette informed me that the bilge was full of water, and it just kept on filling. I emptied the contents of the port locker to get access to the shaft and stuffing box. The stuffing box is where the shaft passes through the hull of the boat and connects to the transmission on the engine (that is where I was having all my previous problems.)

When I got below I could not tell if the water was coming from the packing gland or the rubber tubing attached to it as it was completely submerged. After pumping the water out I could see that the packing gland was loose and pissing like a freshman on initiation night.

I managed to tighten it all up and gave it a test run tied up at the dock (mmmtied to the dock)

Everything was fine, but we will give it another try on the river under full load to see what happens, maybe the people at Jackson will have to make a house call.

It is now wednesday and we still don’t know who runs this place and it is all Florida’s fault. Somehow that does not surprise me ....this is the handout state..a lot of people have there hand out waiting for something. But we did manage to run across some pretty nice Floridians. Most of the yard staff at Jackson Marine were nice, and while I was having barnacles attached to my feet from being there so long, I meet Don Ferguson and his lovely wife Barbara.

Don used to work for the department of corrections, till one day he read a bumper sticker,” Work is for those people who don”t know how to fish.” He and Barbara own a tackle and bait store in Ft. Lauderdale as well as running a fishing charter company, and they have won numerous first places in billfishing competitions For those of you scratching your heads wondering what a bill fish is any fish that sports a bill like Marlin, or swordfish. When you see the two of them you figure he is the one holding the rod, but it is Barbara who must weigh 95 pounds soaking wet who is the real champion fisherperson.

She would routinely catch fish that would out weigh her. Don gave us some invaluable advice to guarantee that we would have some succulent tuna dinners. Janette and I purchased a fishing rod and a Japanese yo-yo, which is similar to a cuban reel. All that is is a big black ring with fishingline wound around it and you slip your hands through it and wind it in hand over hand. If you are ever in south Florida and you need some tackle or bait, or a charter boat give Don or Barbara a call at 954-581-4476

Another person we had the chance of forking our hard earned dollars to is Ron Fairchild.Ron has been working in the boating bussiness for close to 30 years (I think), he has done commissioning work for C&C here in Florida and Texas. Ron is a big burly biker type guy who is as gentle as a kitten who does excellent glass work. I had the opportunity to have Ron repair a hole in my rudder, and once the job done me chewed the fat, and I found him to be a very knowledgeable person in his field, keeping abreast of all the new methods and techniques.

Ron can be reached at 954-776-1792.

Don adds:

Fishing for free food is a big part of the cruisers dream. Hopefully the fishing will provide more than a thrill. The fact is that if Jim and Janet had to depend on a supply of fresh fish to live off during their trip, they'd starve to death before Christmas.

Them fish ain't as plentiful as they once were. It'll be interesting to hear how many fish they land. No cruiser can resist bragging about a free meal courtesy of the sea.



I spoke to Jim and Janette on the phone on November 15th and they were enjoying the hospitality of the Miami Yacht Club and expecting a weather window for the weekend of the 17-20th. All was well and by the looks of it the next instalment will be from the Bahamas!!!


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