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Instalment 5 - November 20, 2000 - Miami 

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(Occasionally, editorial comments from Don of S/V Destiny Calls, host of this web site and southern waters frequenter, will appear in green italic)

The last time I wrote you we were still at Cooley's Landing in beautiful downtown Ft. Lauderdale.Al McMurtry was visiting and I was trying to prevent our boat from sinking to the bottom because of a loose packing nut. After a few beers, some swearing and cursing I managed to empty the bilge(that is where all the devils on a boat hide)tighten my brand new stuffing box, and making sure that all was well, cranked over the engine to check that all was well.

Cramped in the port locker in stifling heat, flashlight in hand, I check and there is no drip. That is thanks to a new product (why am I the guinea pig)that turns a 1 minute a drip stuffing box to a never ever drip stuffing box. I was told that the gland would get a little hotter than normal....well after checking that I could hold it without burning my hand, it did prove to be a little hotter but I could hold on to it.

That done it was on to the front of the engine to check if any water was coming from any other source. Lo and behold another link. This one was coming from the raw water hose that connects to the water pump...very important when you are trying to keep your engine cool and trouble free. I noticed that the hose was a little plump, (this happens after it gets a little old (something akin to most of us as we age). After looking around the backside of the engine ....another link...this one come from the mixing elbow( you people are getting a real education here in diesel maintenance) that is where the cooling water after having gone through the heat exchanger, (which gives us are hot water for our showers and stuff) mixes with the hot gases so as to cool them down before going through the exhaust. Well I tighten down the hose clamp and she still links....ain't boating fun! I run my fingers over every conceivable source and find the water coming from where the elbow attaches to the heat exchanger....argh!!!.

This is supposed to be an adventure not spending my time twisted and turned in positions not possible to someone my size trying to get a bolt loose. So I turn to the Diesel Doctor. She (yes she) arrived shortly after my departure to get those hoses I talked about. With doctor bag in hand she diagnosed the situation and immediately started surgery. She knew where the cancer was and was determined to cut it out.

With the mixing elbow in hand,she noticed some rust,hence that tell tale drip was located,upon further inspection it was decided that the heat exchanger should be removed ...swankily cleaned ,painted and put back in.

Sherry Ouelette, a Franco American did a wonderful job. She was pleasant, professional and cute to boot. Other advantages that she she is tiny,she doesn't have to twist and turn like the rest of us to get at that screw,or bolt or nut.She can actually fit inside the engine compartment. Sherry also give seminars and one on one instruction to many boaters in the south Florida area. You can contact Diesel Doctor at 954-564-6453.

Now that everything is in order, Janette and I are waiting for our weather window at the Miami Yacht Club. This tiny outpost of sailing in the shadows of downtown Miami offers transient boaters the use of their facilities (on the hook) for 5 dollars a day.

Today Saturday Nov 18th is the day that we will be crossing, we have an excellent weather window of winds from the south to south east, 10 to 15 knots, and seas of only 3 feet (maybe Mr Murphy WILL stay here)....wish us luck

Items on board

and too many other items to list .

Don , refer the folks to your story about when we met Gloria on the beach, and her "linking "story.

ps I did a little voodoo and managed to access aol using a local number on the cell phone...all of this is being sent fro the boat at anchor.

Don adds:

Ahh.. the story of Gloria. A fine person and a friend. But every now and then we all will find ourselves in a situation like Gloria did that month in Provo, Turks and Caicos. Follow this link for a reminder of what happens when all hell cuts loose, even for those with golden thumbs.

The cell phone is a great aid to sanity on a cruising boat. Expensive but sane.

Face it, most of you need to keep in touch or you ain't going. I think it's great for those who are "close" to going, and can make the dif between wimping or leaving.

One less problem / excuse.

I tried one this past summer and I hate to say it, I loved it! "Mom I'm fine. Send money."

There will be a web page that Jim and I started putting together before they left about connecting to the web via a cell and a laptop.


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