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Instalment 6 - November 23, 2000 - Bimini 

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(Occasionally, editorial comments from Don of S/V Destiny Calls, host of this web site and southern waters frequenter, will appear in green italic)

Well we're finally in the Bahamas. We checked the weather over and over...even people (Don Boyd) was checking the weather also. Everything said go..go..go...

So we went. All day long we prepared the boat for our first crossing through salt water. The diesel tank was topped up, fresh food was put aboard, all loose gear was stowed away, to make sure that nothing would fly around. Janette had prepared food and snacks, made sure that beverages were close at hand....but what we needed the most was a net to catch the butterflies that were dancing in our stomachs. It is a bit like learning a new language, you can take all the courses that will teach you the proper grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary....but until you actually go out and practice it in it's native form all you really know is theory.

That was the case for Janette and I ,we had learnt in class how to get from A to B but had never really had an opportunity to practice it, other than going from buoy to buoy up the seaway.

We both made phone calls to family as if it were our last call...somehow you think the worst will happen. We had a quiet supper and went to bed 19:30 so as to have some rest before leaving at 23:00.

When the time came to go, there were the usual last minute preparations, get the autopilot on, make sure the waypoints are in the GPS(global positioning system), that the computer is up and running and getting the proper information from the GPS so that we can have a visual tracking of our crossing on an electronic chart.

Turn over the engine, make sure running lights are on,raise the anchor and head out to sea. We started off going through "Government Cut" that is where all the cruise ships are. It is lit up like a Christmas tree so we did not have any trouble navigating, we even exited with one of them the "Carnival Triumph", they are not small.

We finally got to our jump off point and head out in the direction of Bimini....boy was the FING weatherman wrong. We were supposed to have winds from the south to south west, but as anyone who has ever gone out in a boat always GOES to weather.

We both thought that it would change but it didn't, for 10 hours we had the wind directly on the bow. the seas were not to bad, generally in the 4 foot range with the occasional 8 foot wave which would bang into us with such force that it would cut our speed through the water by half for a minute or so. It was an irritating and constant crashing through the waves but as the sun rose and we could see the islands in the distance we knew that we had arrived.

We are happily now sitting in a beautiful harbor .....drinking rum punches and watching the sun set.

Don adds:

Every week or so the phone rings at work, an it's Jim and Janette calling from the boat. Kinda nice.

I work at a College and the last time they called, it was minus 10 degrees Celsius outside and a pack of nineteen year old kids were having a collective panick attack wishing that they'd started they're final projects with more than two weeks left in the semester.

This time (November 23) Borean's crew were calling from the boat on anchor off Alicetown, Bimini in the Bahamas

Very cool, and I don't mean the temperature outdoors.

Bimini has all of the charm of a frontier town without a sheriff. It's safe enough, it just feels like its on the edge of the planet and not 50 miles from Florida. If you ever get there, you'll always save a warm spot in your heart for the place.

Nothing has gone exactly as planned and during our telephone chat Jim told me that they'd been hit while they were at anchor by an American boat who dragged anchor all over the harbour during a frontal passage in the middle of the night. Borean had a fair amount of damage to her running lights. The following morning Jim met the owner of the "USS Dragger", (not the boat's real name but an appropriate one), now safely tied at the marina having failed to ever get the hook securely in. The gentleman at first was surprised that he'd hit Borean during all the fuss, but after being confronted with some physical proof compensated Jim for the damage. The running lights are now jury rigged and will will have to wait until Nassau, and the nearest marine store, for full repair.

Tonight, (November 23rd), Borean is leaving for an overnight trip across the banks to Chub Cay in the Berry Islands.


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