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J.K. Liber, P.Eng., M.Sc.

1. Mr. Liber has over 38 years experience in civil/structural design, and he has been responsible for several blast design projects.

2. Chairman of the task force to develop global guidelines for large multi-national chemical co. regarding the Design of Blast Resistant Buildings, 1988-1990.

3. Member of the committee (civil/structural expert) that developed the API Recommended Practice 752, "Management of Hazards Associated With Location of Process Plant Buildings", May 1995.

4. Member of the CCPS (AIChE) Vapor Cloud Explosion Subcommittee that developed "Guidelines for Evaluating Process Plant Buildings for External Explosion or Fire", 1996.

5. Mr. Liber has developed a computer program, SDOF used for the design of structures (elements) subject to dynamic (blast) loading. This software is similar to the commercially available code BIGGS.

6. Other computer codes developed by Mr. Liber:

7. Mr. Liber has conducted several seminars on the subject of structural dynamic analysis associated with blast loading of structures.

8. Detailed resume will be forwarded upon request.

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