Service Club Fundraising Show

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Just one night of laughs can bring in big profits for your service club!

If your Legion, Kiwanis, Lions, Kinsmen, Rotary Club, Moose, Elks, Eagles, or Masonic Lodge wants to attract new members, raise money and have a whole lot of fun, talk to Russell Roy.

Through his "Laughter at the Service Club" program, he'll do an all clean 90-minute stand-up comedy show featuring top comedians with national TV exposure, at your branch, in your banquet hall… ALL AT NO OUT OF POCKET COST TO YOUR CLUB!

Russell will run a silent auction or 50/50 draw, make announcements about upcoming events, and talk up your membership goals with non-members who are drawn in to see the show.

All you need is a minimum of 80 people!

They can easily be contacted by phone, email, or through using the supplied direct mail piece.

Plus Russell will provide you with the artwork for 11 x 17 posters. Print and post them around the club and other high traffic areas in your community.

Plus a story for your branch newsletter and a press release for the local papers, are also provided.

Russell and his fellow comedians will also do phone interviews with local radio stations to help you fill those seats.

"The Russell Roy Comedy Night" is always a riot, with plenty of big house laughs and multiple applause breaks.

How do you get started?

Choose a night between Thursday and Sunday for a show that will run between 8:30 PM and 10 PM, make a small $100 deposit, and Russell will provide all the tools and the expert advice to help you sell seats.

Russell Roy Demo Video

What’s the cost?

Option 1: Straight Door Deal We know that your comedy night will be successful. All we ask for is the door proceeds – an 80-ticket minimum at $10 per ticket.

You have the option of charging above the $10 ticket price. For example you can charge your patrons $15 or more with a buffet meal –, a dance – or silent auction.

Remember you are taking in additional food and beverage sales (usually around $10 or $15 per person) from a full house – and you are collecting anything above the $10 admission. With a little volunteer effort in the promotion, you can make a lot of money with this event!

Option 2: Flat Rate Deal Flat Rate for the show is only $1,500. You’ll break even, at an easy to reach, 150 ticket sales (at $10 each). Russell has the P.A., a stage and professional lighting, so there is no need to rent equipment & that saves you money!

The only cost to book a show right now is a $100 deposit!

* Accommodation and travel expenses will also be needed if your event is located over 2 hours from Toronto.

Great quality show

The Russell Roy Comedy Night is the best all clean traveling comedy show in the country – with over 50 years of combined performing experience. Only Russell Roy through his years of experience in the industry and vast comedy connections could provide such a high caliber show at such a low cost.

You can rest assured you are getting the highest “A" caliber comedians for your show. This will draw patrons and make you money. Russell Roy’s stand-up comedians have appeared internationally at The Edinburgh Comedy Festival, and on T.V., on The Mike Bullard Show, Comedy at Club 54, A&E's Evening at the Improv, The Comedy Network, CTV, and CBC. They have played the best comedy clubs and theatres all across the country.

The Russell Roy Comedy Night is guaranteed to be the highlight of the year for your branch, service club or organization. With minimal effort your branch or service club will reap maximum profits and a golden opportunity to increase membership.

Raise a ton of money. Increase your declining membership.

And to make it worry-free Russell Roy provides a 7-day cancellation clause if you can't meet your minimum ticket sales. (The show can still go on with less than 80 ticket sales – as long as your group agrees to cover the minimum).