Computer Music

Here is some music I like. Some are my compositions, most are my arrangements. All have been produced on my computer.  The music is entered in standard musical notation and then generated by software (Musicator) and all of the sounds are synthesized.

 If you have a high speed connection, I suggest you try the mp3 files which were synthesized in real time on MY computer, and recorded on magnetic tape and subsequently converted to mp3. Quality is quite good.

If you only have dial up, try the Midi files. Midi files are not recorded sounds. The music you hear is synthesized in real time in the sound card on YOUR computer.  I cannot predict what you will see or hear. That will depend on your browser, and on the sound hardware and software in your computer. The quality of the sound may vary from very poor and annoying, to very complex and interesting.

It all depends on what kind of a computer and what kind of operating system you run, and how you have set up the sound software.

MP3 Files

Midi Files

Music for amateur radio operators who can appreciate Morse