Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get X-Files Collectable Cards?
At most cards stores, comics book stores and also at The X-Store.
How much do XF CCG packs cost?
Where I live (Canada) they cost from $7-10 for 60 card starter decks and $2-3 for booster packs
How many cards are in the premier Edition?
What is the difference between the black starter pack and the yellow one?
I asked the owner of my local card shop, he said they are the same cards (plus 20 more) but there are I few game bugs fixed. Also these packs have a number from 1 to 6 on the front. This number tells you exactly what cards are in the pack. A list of the 6 can be found here. You can tell the difference on the cards by the Bureau File Number (usually found in the effects [4 ]section of the card) like this:
XF96-00203 v1
Instead of v1 it will say v2
How come I can't find a card from ________ episode?
It's probably because that episode was in the 3 season or later and Premier Ed. packs only have cards from the first and second episode.
What is a CCG (Collectable Card Game)?
It is a game that you play with cards like poker or 21. The difference is that you can collect them like baseball cards. There are many kinds of CCGs, the most popular would be Magic cards.
I have an Agent ________ card, is it a UR (Ultra Rare)?
You'd have to look at the card number. There is two kinds of agent cards, Ultra Rare and fixed. The UR are self-explanatory and the fixed cards mean they are put in starter decks.
Transvestitve Rulebook
What is the Transvestite Rule book?
Collectors have given the error on the 15 th page of the Advanced Rulebook this name because it is a fixed Dana Scully card but the name on the card in Fox Mulder. I'm not sure of the rarity of this book is, but the creators have fixed (ha ha) the problem in recent decks.
What is a PROMO card and where can I get them?
Promo cards are a small number of cards that the creators have made for promotional reason. There is ussually a very limited number of the cards as to increase their rarity. They are given away at festivals such as Gen Con and sometimes come in CCG or X-Files magizines.

If you have a question, email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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