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The X-Files Collectable Card Game was started by NXT Games in 1996. This edition is called the Premier Edition. They come in starter decks of 60 cards for about $7-10 and 15 card booster packs for $2-3. There are a total of 354 cards in the Premier Edition. In order to play the game you need a friend who has a starter deck and a starter deck for yourself. There are two types of games you can play.

A rollback for both games is found in starter decks and an online version here. The main idea of the game is to identify you opponents chosen X-Files card while trying to keep your card secret by playing your "fighter cards". Sort of like Clue or Guess Who and Magic cards in one. Each card has:

  1. A name
  2. A suit (Combat, Site, Bluff, X-File, Agent, Witness, Event, Equipment or Adversary)
  3. A picture from an actual X-File episode from the 1,2 and (3?) season
  4. A paragraph explaining the cards effect in the game
  5. Keywords and Activators
  6. A quote from the episode
  7. The cost of the card in the game
  8. An "X" indicating if the card is only used in the advanced game. This card is used in the simple game also, so it has no X.
  9. The episode name that the card is from
  10. The Card number. All cards in the Premier cards begin with XF96-#


NOTE: Not all cards have these characteristics in the same location.

Also included in starter decks is a checklist of X-Files cards (that is needed to keep track of the game just like the Clue note pad). To play more than 2 games you need to photocopy it or you can print out the checklist here

NXT Games has stopped making the cards but The Shadowy Syndicate is an organization that is attempting to get the cards back in circulation. Several other versions have been released by USPC. They are an expansion for the original Premier deck. For now this site only contains information on the Premier Ed. More information regarding these extras can be found here. If you have further questions, feel free to email me. If I get a lot of response on a certain subject, I'll add it to the FAQ.

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