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This is a page dedicated to collectors of the X-Files Collectable Card Game (XF CCG) who have just began their deck. I started this page because I'd seen a lot of pages that had a lot of info on the ultra-rare (UR) cards and the promos but not too much about the average cards. I too only began my collection and am really enjoying the game.


If you know nothing about what the XF CCG is, take a look at the Brief History or the FAQ.

If you already have XF cards, you might want to see what your cards' rarity is in the Complete List of Premier Edition Cards or Print the file card checklist so you don't have to photocopy it.

If you have a larger collection and are beginning to get doubles you want to trade or sale, take a look at my Trading Board.

If you have a complete set and are more interested in expensive cards and expansions, the links section will have sites that may help.



Feb. 13 /98:

This page just started in February. Beside working out some bugs (help by reporting errors) and the links section, all sections are complete. I'll constantly be adding so bookmark this site and visit often!
Feb. 22 /98:
The links section is complete. I've got over 30 links and growing that are all rated from 1-5 and have a description. Not to brag, but this is one of the longest collection of links I've seen. If you have an XF CCG page, add it to the links here.
Feb. 28 /98:
The scans are finished. Also the Trading Board has been upgraded. Now just check off the cards you have and submit the form and it will on the board in the next few days.
Mar. 5 /98:
The Price list is complete! Average cost of Rare and Ultra rare cards. Take a look here.
Sept. 22/98:
I finally got this sight up to date, the little maintance necessary. I got way behind on the tradeboard but finally got them all on "Next Page" (you may notice I got a little lazy)
Sept. 23/98:
I now have cards for sale, you can see the list of all available cards here. I'll send a min. of 50 cards to anywhere in Canada free of S & H. To any Beginner looking to start a collection, commons are available for $.20, uncommons for .50 Rare's vary in price. For the more experienced, I have a Skinner Chooses A Side available. Email me if you're interested.


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