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X-Files CCG Trades
X-Files Ultimate Deck Construction Resource
Reeves XF:CCG Page
X-filesccg homepage by Ewald Tienkamp
The X Files Total Resource
Includes all kinds of info on all the expansions.* * * * *
Shadowy Syndicate
All the inside news on the game. The page includes a newsletter on the game.* * * * *
The X Phile Guy
An Excellent page. Constant deals on cards, a chat, LISTS!!! Everything you need to know. All the scans you find on other pages are likely stolen from him.* * * * *
Dana Scully Abducted
One of my favorites. Simple and quite useful.* * * * *
Chris Heard's X-Files CCG Resources
A bunch of strategy and deck building info, instructions of creating your own Agent cards and LOTS more. A huge resource of general information.* * * * *
X-Files and Star Wars CCG Ultimate Resource
A lot of scanned cards.* * * *
Gaming Strategies & Tips
An excellent page containing strategy information and some sample decks.* * * *
Web Counter's X-File CCG Page
Includes a lot of info on deck creation including a number of sample decks. Be sure to take and look at the 'fake cards' section. * * * *
DeepThroatX's X-Files CCG Page
A cool page with deck constructions (a killer but EXPENSIVE! deck), promo card info, a have/want list and links. * * * *
Rince's Mainly X Files Page
Contains info on the CCG as well as some general XF stuff.* * *
Keith's X-Files CCG Page
A want/need list and a checklist of 1st and 101361 with pics.* * *
CCG Swap Page
A list of have/want cards from a bunch of people and also a links and news section.* * *
Player Data Files
Contains all the rules you need to play the game plus rules for playing a multi player game with limited amount of cards.* * *
X-Files CCG
Patrick's X-Files Trading & CCG Cards.* * *
X-Files Collectable Card Game
This page includes a small trading board and a good description of Premier cards. * * *
Badger's X-File Site
A page with cards available for trade.* * *
Want/Have XFCCG Page
A long list of have/want from different editions. If you click on 'HOME' it will take you to the main page about CCG's in general with collecting tips and other info. * * *
Mulder's X-Files CCG Page
Scans of the promos and also a list of all the cards from the premeir and 2nd Edition.* * *
Simon Pilkington's X-Files Card Game
Contains information on not only the CCG but other types of cards too.* * *
Steve Fitchett's X-File's CCG Page
Includes a history and trades.* *
X-Files Trading Cards and Collectable Card Game Page
Information on the CCG and the trading cards.* *
Xccg home
Contains a price list of cards organized into suits.* *
Nothing but images, lots of card scans.*
Ambercrombi's X-Files CCG Trade-O-Rama
Not any info, just a list of have/need for trading. *

Trading Boards
BBS X-Files Merchandise
CCG seen to be a constant discussion.
Drakonskyr's XFCCG Message Board
Includes not only trading but general XFCCG info.
Save the X-Files CCG
A chat dedicated to save the XF CCG
XF Trading Board
Has a small amount of lists.

Purchasing Cards over the Internet

The Dragon's Lair
Some Cheap Stuff
Dana Scully Abducted On-Line Order form
Buy boosters and starters of Premier, 101361 and TTIOT editions at bulk for CHEAP!!!
CBM: The X-Files CCG Page
Another place to buy bulk, even bulkier than DSA!
X-Files Trading Cards Lists
You can buy all the Premier Edition cards here except for a few URs. $0.25 for commons, $0.30 for uncommon and $1.00 for most rares.
On-Line Card Store
You'll find all the editions here at a resonable price.


X-Files Collectable Card Game Contest
Weekly prizes of a Booster Pack, if you do a little trivia.
X-Sightings: Operation X
I think this contest is over but keep checking.

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