A Cartoon History of Canada


This is a labour of love, a project that I am completing bit by bit, episode by episode, to use in schools. Eventually, as the years pass and I accumulate episodes, I hope to publish the series as a book.

The sample images here are poor scans of the pen and ink drawings I did.  The first chapter is about the United Empire Loyalists, one of the many pivotal episodes in Canada's History.  Currently I am working on chapters about the Rebellions of 1837-1838 in Upper and Lower Canada. Below each image is a description of its contents.

Loyalist Spring Fleets- the ships that took them from New York to Nova Scotia in 1782, to escape Persecution.

Examples of the persecution faced by the Loyalists or 'Tories' at the hands of the American rebels.

The land grants received by the Loyalist refugees were less than ideal, at least for some.

The British needed help defending against the American invaders, but the recently (1763) conquered peoples of New France were not exactly inclined to come to their aid.

When the refugees did arrive from America, the camps they had to live in were horrific- many died because the flood of people was far more than anticipated, and many came unprepared and unskilled.

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