as mentioned in  William Noel's Notebook
a 1911 Survey for Heart's Content Railway  ( Contributed by Leslie A. Winsor )

When the Branch Lines of the Newfoundland Railway, [Bay de Verde, Bonavista, Trespassey] were surveyed c. 1911 - 1913 the private property the line ran through was acquired by the Railway. Plans of the line are shown in the Railway Arbitration Awards Volumes held at the Crown Lands Vault in the Howley Building, on Higgins Line in St. John's. Plans are also available at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador. Some of the surviving awards for other lines in the province date back to 1895. The plans shows the parcel of land acquired,the name of the owner and sometimes list the various family members who own the parcel, or refer to the Estate of -----, and list the Administrator. I found the information listed below in one of the field books, and thought that it may be appreciated by anyone researching these families in Hearts Content where some Church records were destroyed. The parcels of land listed below were fishing premises that would be displaced by the new railway wharf.

No. 240 Bertha House?, admn. for Jeremiah Rowe

No. 241 Estate of Nemia Rowe died 10 years ago. He left two sons, Eli and Jeremiah Jr., and a daughter who died very young. Jeremiah Rowe Jr. died 4 years ago, left no issue. Eli Rowe left Heart's Content over 20 years ago. He died in Boston 2 years ago.. He left a widow and seven children, 6 boys, and 1 girl. Widow and children [who are all of age] are in Boston but can't get their address as Jeremiah's friends at Hearts Content have written to get it. Since the death of Jeremiah the property has been looked after and kept in repair by Martin Rowe.

No. 242 Estate of James Rowe.  James Rowe died several years ago. Left two sons, George and Orestes, and one daughter Lydia. George died one year ago, leaving a widow Mary Rowe, and five children: Ethel married George Rowe now in Montreal; James at Ayres and Sons, St. John's, 27 yrs; Allison at Cable Office, Hearts Content, 20 years; Henry at Royal.Bank, Hearts Content, 16 years, and Edward at Hearts Content, age 14 years. Orestes Rowe lives at Hearts Content. Lydia married to John Rowe, Southern Cove, Hearts Content.

No. 243 Estate of William Rowe Sr.  William Rowe died about 10 years ago. Left a widow Elizabeth Rowe now living in St. John's, and one child Henry Niott? Rowe (ed. note: s/b Mott) now with the 1st Nfld Regiment. Don't know Mrs. Rowes address at present but Mrs. C. S. Rendell is getting it. William Rowe left Hearts Content and settled in St. John's 20 years ago, left property in charge of James Rowe of Solomon. All William's property except one garden and the fishing property was sold before he died.

No. 244 Estate of Solomon Rowe   Solomon Rowe died 11 years ago, left a widow Maria living in Hearts Content and six children: William living at Halifax; James at Hearts Content; Samuel at present in Sydney; Susannah married James George, Southern Cove, Hearts Content; Amelia now married living at Hants Harbour about 30 years; Fanny married to James Hippen of Hearts Content 18 years ago.

No. 245 Estate of Thomas Rowe.  Thomas Rowe dead over 50 years. Left two sons, James Rowe and Thomas Rowe of Hearts Content.

No. 246 Estate of Obadiah Rowe.  Obadiah Rowe died over 40 years ago. His wife died before him. He left the following children: Abraham living in Hearts Content, Frederick living in Hearts Content, William, dead over 20 years, no issue, Bennett Rowe, daughter, unmarried Hearts Content.

No. 247. Charles R. Rendell. Given him 30 years ago by Henry Rowe. He reared up Rendell .

No. 248, 249, 250, 251. Orginally the estate of Noah Rowe.  Noah Rowe left three sons, and one daughter. as follows: William living in Hearts Content; Richard died 5 years ago, left widow and children; George living in Montreal; Mary Jane, married Albert Hopkins 15 years ago, now living in Montreal about 4 years. Richard left widow Eliza living in Hearts Content and 3 children, James living in Montreal 14 years, Stanley living in Montreal 5 years, Elisha living in Hearts Content. According to Noah Rowe's will the fishing property is left in four divisions, one share each to William, Richard,George, Mary Jane. William Rowe has charge of Georges share,.he pays him 25 cents a year and keep property in repair. Elishia Rowe, son of Eliza Rowe has charge of Mary Jane Hopkins's share on the same conditions as above.

No. 252. Estate of Peter Rowe.  Peter Rowe died 25 years ago, leaving a widow and 4 children. The widow since dead. The children are as follows: Thomas, of Hearts Content now in Sydney; George in Boston 12 years, Dora married Arch Barrett of Hearts Content 20 years ago, Eliza married Orestes Rowe of Hearts Content 11 years ago, she died 3 years ago. I understand Orestes Rowe is making a claim for a share.

No. 253. Estate of Adam Rowe.  Adam Rowe left two children: Elias Rowe in Boston 4 years; Eliza married Eli George about 40 years ago. She is dead about 15 years and left one son Nathaniel George and one daug Emma married to Arch Legge of Hearts Content over 20 years ago. Eli George is paralized and is an imbecile. William Thomas Rowe the son of Elias is looking after the property.

No. 254. Estate of Nathaniel Rowe.  Nathaniel Rowe died 35 years ago leaving the following children: Enoch died 15 years ago; John Thos. at Hearts Content;.Adam at Hearts Content; Joseph at Hearts Content; Isaac in Boston 4 years. Enoch Rowe left a widow and six children as follows: Olivia [widow] at Hearts Content; Alexander at Hearts Content; John in Sydney 4 years; Moses at Hearts Content; Nathaniel in Hamilton, Ont., 10 years; Hedley died at Hamilton, Ont. leaving a widow but don't know of any children; Enid married Alex. Pelley 10 years ago, now living in Hamilton, Ontario.