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  • Peter Ryan, in Montreal for a brief two week visit, took in the Barbarians versus Beaconsfield matches on Sunday, July 10th.
  • Fred Forster (1957 - 60) and wife visited Montreal recently and joined the Barbs at Mckibbin's for a post game brew. They were on their way to a Golden Oldies tournament in Vancouver. They now split their time between homes in Newbridge, Ireland and Reno, Nevada. Joining the group, for this special occasion, was long time Barbarian Gordon Hunter and wife.
  • Former Barb's Fullback, Inside center and place kicker Bryan Huntley (1961-1962), now living in Australia, will be visiting Quebec in early Jan 2011.
  • Barrie Parker (mid 70's), now living in West Leederville, Australia, was in touch to acquire a Montreal Barbarian's jersey as a gift for his son. He also made a contribution to Barbs for whatever they deemed best.

2010 - New B.C. Youth Rugby Seven's program to be spearheaded in part by Shane Thompson.
Seven's Kickoff - Featured Speaker
B.C. Rugby Elite Youth Seven's Program

2006 - Great to see Alumnus Simon Tudge (England) and Alumnus Chris Drinkwater (Northwest Territories) and others at this year's Quebec Cup Finals in Ste-Julie. Simon just had time to make his 7:00 p.m. return flight to England following the game. Your support is greatly appreciated by all.

2006 - Alumnus Simon Tudge has generously donated $500 to the Senior Men's National Championship Fund. Thank you very much Simon. Your donation is greatly appreciated by all our members. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. All the best from all of us. Hope to see you in Edmonton.

2006 - "The Older I Get, the Better I Was" Long time Barb hooker and tight-head Jorge 'El Mucho Grande' Pettigrew is alive and well and living in Bolton, Ontario. Jorge is married to Michelle and has two beautiful daughters, Abigail, age 3, and Naomi, 17 months. Jorge is Senior Customer Service Rep. for Gay Denis Lee Food.

2005 - Keith Mallette was recently named Instructor of The Year for 2004 - 2005 by Curling Quebec. In addition Curling Quebec recognized Pointe-Claire's (Keith's) Junior Program as Program of the Year. The Montreal Barbarians loss has certainly been curling's gain. An honor well deserved.

2005 - Guillaume Klein - "Still playing rugby although I might get surgery on my shoulder this summer (dislocated it twice). I'm just coming back from stade Jean Bouin where they are playing the Paris IRB sevens and had a chat with Shane. I will probably meet him tonight at the Stade de france where there is the final of the french top division championship (and then probably out for a couple of beers). I took a picture of us with my Barb's shirt on to show the barbs actually are represented all around the world. Say hi to everyone."

2004 - Eric Saulnier - "The barb's are not the only ones who know how to win! Mossley Hill are doing good this year. I've got a regular spot at 1st team scrumhalf and we are killing everyone. We beat the Police 29 - 0 today and it had to be one of the funnest games I've ever played in!"

2003 - Ray Cornbill (New York, New York) former USA Eagles Coach and current Marines coach..

"Congratulations to everyone who made the Barb's 50th such an enjoyable event. It was very well conceived, striking a great balance between the informality and casual attire (not to mention very affordable) with a serious note for a historical perspective. I enjoyed every aspect and was very honored to present the awards to the International Athletes of the club. I wish more "veterans" had attended -- it was their loss. It was great catching up with the Barbs of the Eastern Champs years. Needless to say I would like to maintain my membership, so please tell me where to send the appropriate boodle. With thanks, and best wishes for another great year.."

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