50th Anniversary Homecoming Reunion - Attendees.
Thank you for making the weekend special!!

If you are a former Montreal Barbarian visiting for the first time could you please take a few moment to fill out our Feedback Form. It is our hope to expand upon the list of former members found as a result of our 50th Anniversary efforts. Thank you for taking the time to help us continue to grow.

Nova Scotia
Peter Williams, Mike and Lynda Johnston
Rev. Pat Wheeler, Keith and Jo Mallette, Alexandra (Miguel) and Jamie Henderson, Gordon Gray, Tanya Doyon, Manny Pantelakis, Alan Lee, Rhonda Baptiste, Laura Morrison, Garrett Austin, Roland Ulfig, Tania Wilson, Pat Corbett, Valerie Jack, Gordon Hunter, John and Judy Turner, Cameron Gray, Dominique Desroches, David and Heather Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Brett Taylor, Mike Dawson, Rob Megeney, Allison Piela, Sylvain Chevrier and Michele, Mark Shelest, Glenn Henzell, Bob and Chris Henzell, Ken Taylor, Krzy Winiarczyk and guest, Rob Zeliger and guest, Mandi Brunet
Terry Kalino, Jorge and Michelle Pettigrew, Gray and Cathie Fumerton, Scott and Linda Fortier, Jean Marier, Ken and Carolyn Nimmo, Dave "Tiger" Williams, Blair and Teresa Mitchell, Karl Aboud, Diane and Steve Masson, Kyle Fleming, Mike Lilly, Ilan Saragosti, Frank Lepanto, Bill Johnson, Tom Maeder
Bob, Debbie and Melissa Gamble
British Columbia
Rob Serrouya, Carlos Serrouya and Silvia Wood, Ron Jessop
Alli Turner (Switzerland)
United States
Ray Cornbill (New York - Former USA Eagles Coach)
Montreal Barbarians
John and Sarah Thompson, Jason Thompson, Grant Aldridge, Cynthia McIntosh, Derek Della Rocca, Eric Van Sickle and guest, Candace Patterson, Steve Demers and guest, Grant and Karen Aboud, Scott Laekas and guest, Chuck Bethel and guests (5), Ian "Jimmy" Salmon and guest, Cristal Zavala, Dan Saragosti, Joey Wener and guest, Trevor Chantler, Sylvia McIntosh, Marcia McIntosh, Glenn and Karen Neill, Adam Mathieu, Andre Lafon and guest, Eryn Hessian, Jessica McIntyre, Hoising Chantang, Billy McDonald, Taylor Noakes and guest, Alex Ffrench, Sheila Turner, Chad Thompson, Wade Ashworth and guest, Ryan McElligott and guest, Leah Robbins and guest, Steve Mason and guest, Meaghan Miller and guest, Lindsay Belzie, Eric Stathatos, Janet McLachlan, Blake Van Wyck, Angela Locke and guest, Naomi Dicks, Adam Warnock and guest, Melany Waring and guest, Chris Taza, Eric Mueller, Liz Mooney, Mark Gunnip, Jim Matthews and guest, Shane Thompson, Shawn Forrest and guest, Erin Dance, Pat Schmidt, Pat McBride, Steve Clarke, Julie Bertrand, Veronique Lecat, Chris Kalika, Paul Van Wyck, Andy Gales, Huw and Reni Griffiths, Alicia Cafferata, Dave St-Pierre, J.C. Lavoie and guest, Ben Laekas, Judika Ramcharand, Roger and Claudette Chanu, Andy Wanka, Graeme Burns and guest, Warren Rosenberg, Amy Gallant, Theresa Casey, Dan and Katia Furlong, Darryl Driscoll and Nancy Meier
Congratulations and Best Wishes
Dave Hardy (Australia), Hamish Steedman (Scotland), Eric Saulnier (England), Charles Bishop (England), Terry Marshall (60's Carling Cup Champions), Simon Tudge (England), John Macdonald (Scotland), Paul Seagar (England-New Zealand), Gordon Burnett (Montreal), Reg Jack, Rick Jack(Australia), Jim Miller, Denis Gustard, Richard de Aguayo
Alumni Game Lineups
  • Alan Lee
  • Rick Tucker
  • Peter Williams
  • Karl Aboud
  • Kyle Fleming
  • Ilan Saragosti
  • Sylvain Chevrier
  • Jorge Pettigrew
  • Scott Fortier
  • Ken Marler
  • Chris Kalika
  • Chris Taza
  • Roger Chanu
  • Adam Mathieu
  • Glenn Neill
  • Mark Wiatkowsk
  • Grant Aboud
Black and White
  • Ross Aitken
  • Blair Mitchell
  • Mike Lilly
  • Rob Serrouya
  • Manny Pantelakis
  • John Turner
  • Garrett Austin
  • Bob Gamble
  • Dave Thompson
  • Gordon Gray
  • Terry Kalin
  • Frank Lepanto
  • Chris Papadopoulos
  • Keith Mallette
  • Krzy Winiarczyk
  • Dave "Tiger" Williams
  • Glenn Henzell
  • Chuck Bethel
  • Joey Wener
  • Steve Demers
  • Referee
    • Jason Thompson
  • Touch Judges
    • Diane Masson
    • John Bothwell
    • Dave 'Tiger' Willaims
  • Alumni Spectators
    • Ray Cornbill
    • Patrick Wheeler
    • Ron Jessop
    • Gray Fumerton
    • Mike Hennesy
    • Roland Ulfig
    • Steve Masson
    • Gordon Hunter
    • Ken Nimmo
  • Statistician
    • John Thompson
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