"A Dickensonian not a Bing Crosby type of Christmas"

"Can't keep throwing money into a bottomless pit"

"Creative twist turned into a tourniquet"

"Discount derby"

"Dream Team v. mall"

"Evaporated in this recession"

"Greatest clearance sale of all time"

"Green-thumbed years"

"Ivana Trump"

"Larger dance floor"

"Malls that shouldn't have been built"

"Marilyn Monroe and the baked beans"

"Men not the designated shoppers"


"No standard mark-up on hope"

"Over-stored in dull stores"

"Procrastinators steal Christmas"

"Santa got mugged"

"Script says the Grinch stops"

"Shut off the faucet"

"Simon the Pieman"

"Supermarket shoppers don't browse"

"The last frontier is institutions"

"They were still selling cloth handkerchiefs"

"Tough go shopping in the U.S."