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12 Top Reasons for the CHP to "keep on keeping on"

CHP COMMENTARY: July 16, 1999

By Ron Gray, National Leader, Christian Heritage Party of Canada

This year, the movement to restore Christian principles in politics was dealt a severe blow in the United States when one of the founders of the Moral Majority said, "Christians have lost the culture war; we should give up political action and try something else." A well-known Christian writer co-authored a book with the same defeatist arguments.

The effects of their arguments are also being felt in Canada. But Canada has something the United States does not: an openly Christian voice in the field of politics, the Christian Heritage Party.

Here are a dozen reasons why the seductive so-called "logic" of the suggestion, "let's try something else" is DEAD WRONG:

  1. The voice that whispers in your ear, "Give up, leave the field of battle" has a hiss in it.
  2. If you listen to that voice, or spread that kind of defeatist talk, you could discourage other warriors and watchmen along the wall.
  3. Many other organizations are already active in non-political areas, working to reverse Canada's declining moral standards: Focus on the Family, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, the Knights of Columbus and CWL, the Canadian Family Action Council, REAL Women, Women for Faith, Prayer Canada, Intercessors for Canada, the Watchmen, Canada in Prayer, Peacemakers Canada, Bridge-Builders, national and local pro-Life organizations, and many others. BUT IN ALL NORTH AMERICA,THERE IS ONLY ONE CHRISTIAN POLITICAL PARTY. We dare not abandon our post. In a war, deserters are counted with the enemy - and we are in a war!
  4. The federal government of Canada has been picking off Christian organizations like those listed by revoking their tax status for "being too political." Of course, Revenue Canada doesn't challenge the tax status of Planned Parenthood, radical feminist, pro-abortion or pro-gay organizations, which are all overtly political! Those groups actually get government funding - with your tax dollars!
  5. The CHP, as a registered federal political party, cannot ever have its right to issue tax receipts withdrawn for "being too political" - being political is what political parties are all about! If we were to withdraw, the nation would lose forever this voice for Judeo-Christian principles.
  6. The CHP is the only political party actively fighting to stop the five parties in the House of Commons - Liberal, Reform, PC, NDP and BQ - stealing your tax dollars to pay half their election campaign expenses!
  7. While we haven't yet elected a Member of Parliament, the CHP has had successes behind the scenes, forming liaisons with other organizations to advance Judeo-Christian principles in political discussions at the nation's capital and across Canada. And we HAVE had successes in laying the groundwork for future campaigns.
  8. A farmer doesn't give up before harvest time; a soldier doesn't tell the Commanding Officer, "It doesn¹t seem to be working; I think I'll go somewhere else." God has said, "Be not weary in well-doing, for in due season you shall reap, if you faint not."
  9. For Christians, obedience IS success.
  10. If we give up, one day our children and grandchildren will ask, "What were you doing when Canada's moral foundations were being destroyed?" Or even worse, they may not know Canada ever HAD moral foundations. Indeed, they may not even understand what 'morality' means.
  11. Christians have the right to see the principles they believe in represented in politics. Without the Christian Heritage Party in the field, the political spectrum would be dangerously truncated - people of faith would be excluded from their nation's public policy dialogue. NO OTHER POLITICAL PARTY CAN BE COUNTED ON TO SUPPORT THE CLAUSE IN THE CANADIAN CONSTITUTION WHICH DECLARES "the supremacy of God".
  12. One day, we must all answer to God for how we did our part as a citizen of a democracy. Perhaps we should all ask ourselves, from time to time, "Is Jesus really the Lord of my time, my talent, my treasure - and my vote?" Because Jesus said, "He who puts his hand to the plow and turns back is not worthy of the Kingdom."

Think about it.

Ron Gray Party Leader CHP

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