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At Present


At The Console At The Console


Little JohnLittle John

Truckin' with Nagypapa Allison truckin' with Nagypapa (John)

Family at park in GuelphJohn, Halil, Margaret, Mary, Tina at park in Guelph

Grandma holding Allison, with Little John and Erzsi Barra with Allison, Little John, and Erzsi

Margit and BarraMargit and Barra

John and BarraJohn and Barra

Margaret and JohnMargaret and John

Giuliano, Erzsi, Barra, and Little JohnGiuliano, Erzsi, Barra, and Little John


Young John with Mom and LonkaYoung John with Mom and Lonka

Magda and Uncle TiborMagda and UncleTibor


E.Garner and A.Lowe wedding, 1935At the occasion of the wedding of Barra's parents, 1935


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