To a friend:-

There lies the corpse by the garden gate,
'Round stand the mourners in regal state.
Where stand I? -- Where none can see.
For where he is, I cannot be.

Bury the body in the cold, dark ground;
He's up in heaven with angels 'round.
Place some flowers on the cool, fresh earth;
He's with his God, in second birth.

His place is empty at the table there,
His laugh is gone from the morning air.
Sometimes I watch for his return,
Oh God, I fear I'll never learn.





Why does the moon shine so at night?
-- Because it's full and truly bright.

Why does the sun shine in the day?
-- To chase all the ghosts and spirits away.

Where are the dead who once lived today?
-- In heaven or hell, that is the way.

Why do loved ones die? Please tell me why?
-- It is with God, you can but cry.


Composed by Barra,

Guelph, ©1964-65