Words & music by Ray Overholt C. 1960

"I was surprised to find this in a western style songbook. It was a sort of anthem of the Charismatic movement. I remember going to Saint Margaret's Reformed Episcopal Church in Vancouver back in the sixties. The choir wore the traditional robes and mortarboard caps and Father Birch wore his black cassock. The church was packed with traditional folk, university students, hippies and "Jesus Freaks" waving their arms and singing at the top of their lungs. (They seemed to be competing with the angels)...How the rafters of that quaint old church reverberated! The thing I liked about Anglican/Episcopal churches was the kneelers. During the last verse, the congregation hushed and fell to their knees as they sang." ------OCOI Studios Multimedia Presentations: Family Systems Analyst 16-46689 First Ave: bneufeld@uniserve.com Xhilliwhack, British Columbia V2P 1X5


Verse 1:
I heard the angels sing "Glory Hallelujah!"
A mighty chorus way up high;
I heard the angels sing "Praise the name of Jesus!"
Singing in God's choir in the sky.

I heard a thousand trumpets sounding out His Glory,
telling the story how he came to earth to die;
I heard a million voices praise the name of Jesus,
Singing in God's choir in the sky.

Verse 2:
I heard the glorious song coming out of Heaven,
The sweetest music ever heard;
I heard a mighty song sung by all the angels,
My soul thrilled at ev'ry loving word.

Verse 3:
I fell down on my knees when that chorus ended,
They shouted out a glad Amen!
I fell down on my knees, prayed that when in heaven,
I would hear that choir once again.

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