Alone: a grandmother's struggle for life,
written and published by Gord Truscott, 2000. 109p. ISBN 0-9687009-0-X

This book was written to raise money for Linda Gibbons. She has spent most of the past five years in jail and has outstanding legal expenses. Money raised will also support pro-life work and recognize the author's 15 months spent writing. The book cost ten dollars to put together and is available for a donation.

Cheques can be made out to Campaign Life Coalition, and sent to:

Campaign Life Coalition
104 Bond Street, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M5B 1X9

A copy (or copies) of - "Alone: a grandmother's struggle for life" - will be mailed to you. Please allow at least $10 per copy.

Alone front cover page

Foreword to Book on Linda Gibbons

by (Fr) Ted Colleton, C.S.Sp.

I have been a friend and admirer of Linda Gibbons for almost twenty years, but I knew nothing about her past history until I read Gord Truscott's book. Because of some physical, family and social difficulties, Linda had a very difficult childhood, which was followed by an unhappy marriage, which ended in separation. Her amazing swim in the Miramichi was a complete surprise to me as I had never associated Linda with swimming or athletics of any kind. But her obvious determination was a forecast to the really wonderful person she has become and her indomitable courage in fearlessly challenging the evil tide of the pro-abortion society in which we are living.

I was aware that, as a girl, Linda herself had an abortion, as she has never tried to hide the fact. But I see it as a great example of how God can bring good out of evil. It was her later realization of what she had done to her own child and to herself that has turned Linda into one of the greatest pro-life people in Canada. Let us remember that St. Peter, who three times denied that he even knew Christ, was later crucified head downwards in defense of the teachings of the Gospel!

I got to know Linda through the pro-life movement. I have stood with her and watched her fearlessly holding up such signs as "Abortion is Murder", which has more than once resulted in her being arrested and dragged in the most undignified manner to a police car. I have attended more than one of her "cases" and seen her, at the height of 5' 1", standing between two six foot police officers and refusing to answer questions or speak even one word. We have often heard the expression; "Speech is silver. Silence is golden." I don't believe I have ever seen that expression more aptly expressed than it is by the eloquent silence of this tiny lady who, I am certain, is prepared to give her life in defense of even one unborn baby.

Alone back cover page

The following is a very significant and true story. When Linda is in prison, she gathers the young girls, who are in for various reasons, and gives them lessons in the Bible. Linda is not a Catholic but she knows her Scripture far better than I do!

One day Linda was standing outside the abortuary in Gerrard Street, talking to Robert Hinchey, who works in 'Aid to Woman'. A girl and her boy friend passed by and turned up the steps leading to the house of death. Robert tried to get the girl's attention but she rebuffed him. Then she happened to see Linda. She turned around and ran down the steps. She embraced Linda and said, "I remember you when we were in jail together". Linda invited her and her friend up to the office of 'Aid to Women'. After a short chat, Linda had succeeded in convincing the girl that her baby was a real human being and what a crime it would be to have the child killed. The baby was born and you can see a photo of him on the back cover of the book.


God give us more people of the caliber of Linda Gibbons!


© Gord Truscott, 2000

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