Selected personal prayers and thoughts


1. Lord make me an instrument of Your charity and love, not Your judgement.

2. Father you are my Creator, let me be your good servant who pleases you in all that I am, all that I do, and all that You want me to be in the name of Your Son Jesus.

3. Word of Life Prayer

Father, before I was born my soul was in Your hands. I give You thanks for my life and all of creation. Uphold me in my daily struggles. When I stumble, pick me up, forgive me and heal me.
Give me the Grace to be one with Your son Jesus; to love You Father and all Your children.
Fill me with Your loving Spirit, the Word of Life, to renew the face of the Earth. Amen.

INTERCESSIONS: For those who asked you for prayers, and your own personal prayer intentions.

After reflection, in closing say:
Let Your Spirit give us courage and a burning desire to serve and love You Lord, with all our hearts and minds.
Make us members of Your family; feed us with Your Word of Life each day. Use us, as Your servants of mercy, compassion and love to our neighbours.
With all of creation, we worship You and give You all the praise, honour, glory and power. Forever and ever. Amen.

The cheerful cherub

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