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Welcome to:

The Spiritan Prayer Group

of Guelph and Wellington County, Ontario

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For those wishing to start or promote a prayer group in their area, we are willing to share information on the Spiritan Prayer Group of Guelph and Wellington County to help you, and those associated with you, in your efforts.

If you wish to obtain a photocopy of the complete Prayer Group guideline, please contact us and one will be sent to you.

Alternately, it can be downloaded. acrobat logo

Please remember that what you are consulting is just a framework of a living document that was put together for our internal reference, summing up the past, and the founding vision. It is prepared as a guideline of what is necessary for the "day-to-day" things. It is more like saw and chisel to the carpenter, or cup for those who want to drink. It is the Spirit of the Living God who will show you how to get living water in the the desert, bread of life from the harvest, and wine from the vineyard.

May the Lord bless what you are trying to do for His people, and give you discernment, wisdom and the strength to persevere and do it

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Jesus is Lord


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