"Geggie and (drummer Charles) Gay anchor Tailleferšs tunes well and Geggie's solos command attention."
Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen (October, 1999)

"John Geggie, surely one of Canadašs premier upright bassists inventive, frisky, yet always anchoring it all."
T. Bruce Wittet, Drums Etc. (November, 1999)

"A very hip bassist"
Mark Miller, Globe and Mail

"Kudos to musicians, bassist John Geggie and drummer Jean Martin. Both have plenty of respect for the groove and Geggie's dark lyricism sits well with Martin's wild card impulsiveness..."
Paul Wells, Montreal Gazette

"Geggie unfurls a sonorous bottom of rich arco drones..."
Zoë Anglessey, Downbeat Magazine (February, 1997)

"Hats off to…John Geggie whose creative plucking, scraping, slapping and bowing of his strings set the perfect mood for a work that brought a deep emotional issue to the stage with a sense of humour and fascination."
Susan Hickman, Ottawa Citizen (June, 1998)
on Canada Dance Festival

"Geggie's own work, Slices of Life,...a more cerebral piece...but it is
eclectic and appealing,not to mention cunningly crafted."
Richard Todd, Ottawa Citizen (August, 1998)