Doug Heron (L), CBF Vice President, and Panos Gerontopoulos (R), Chairman of the WBF's Youth Committee, award the gold medals to the victorious winners from Denmark.

Richard Anderson, ACBL Board of Directors (L) and Panos Gerontopoulos (R) congratulating the Danish champions.

ACBL Board of Directors Jonathan Steinberg (L) and Joan Gerard (R) presented the silver medals to the team from Norway.

Joan Gerard (L) and Jonathan Steinberg (R) with the Silver medallist Norwegian team proudly displaying their Native Canadian prizes.

EBL executive member Nissan Rand (L), Israel, and WBF Treasurer George Retek (R), congratulate the bronze medal winners from Russia.

John Carruthers (R) congratulates Canada Red in a special presentation honouring their fourth place finish.

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