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Concordia University, Montreal. Master of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing.

Concordia University, Montreal. Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing (Honours and Distinction). 

University of Winnipeg.  Undergraduate Student, English Literature.


Concordia University, Montreal. English Department. 
Rank: Assistant Professor. Creative Writing and English Composition. 
2010 – present.

Concordia University, Montreal. English Department. 
Faculty Member. 
Creative Writing and English Composition. 
2004 – 2010.

Concordia University, Montreal. School of Extended Learning.
Faculty Member.
Course Taught:
SEL 197. Skills for Success in University. (Credit Slot Course.)
2009 – 2010.

Summer Literary Seminars. St. Petersburg, Russia. Lecturer.
2006 – present.

Quebec Writers Federation, Montreal.
Creative Writing, Poetry, Personal Essay and Prose Fiction Instructor.
Spring 2005 – present.

University of Winnipeg. Centre for Academic Writing. Faculty Member.
Academic Writing: Multidisciplinary/Humanities Instructor.
September 2003 – April 2004.

Winnipeg Writers Collective. University of Winnipeg.
Intermediate and Advanced Creative Writing Instructor.
January 2004.

Concordia University, Montreal.  English Department. Graduate Student Teacher. 
ENGL 212.  English Composition Stage I.
September 2002 – April 2003.

Concordia University, Montreal.   English Department.  Teaching Assistant. 
English Literature Survey ENGL 272.
(British Literature from the Restoration to the Georgian Period.) 
September 2001 – April 2003.

Concordia University, Montreal.  English Department.  Research Assistant for Dr. Eve Saunders.
June 2001 – September 2001.


Contemporary Creative Writing and Creative Writing Pedagogy, Publishing and Editing, Contemporary Canadian Poetry and Prose, Composition and Rhetoric, Modernist Poetry, Linguistics, Critical Theory (Gender Theory, Poststructuralist Theory, Postmodern Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory).


Concordia University. School of Extended Learning. Faculty Council. 2009 – present.
Canada Council for the Arts. Juror.  Literary Projects and Programs Operating Grants. 2009.
Concordia University. Department of English. Part-Time Hiring Committee. 2007 – present.
Concordia University. Department of English. Faculty Council. 2007 – present.
Concordia University. Department of English. Curriculum Committee. 2008 – present.
Scream in High Park Literary Festival. Selection Committee.  2007.
Canada Council for the Arts. Juror. Writing and Publishing Block Grants. 2006.
Quebec Writers Federation. Board of Directors.  2005 – present.
Canada Council for the Arts. Juror. Writing and Publishing Block Grants. 2006.
Manitoba Arts Council. Juror.  Individual Writers Grants. 2005.
Western Canadian Magazine Awards. Juror.  2004 – 2009.
THIS Magazine. Juror.  Great Canadian Literary Hunt. 2004.
University of Winnipeg. Advisory Board. Juice Literary Journal.  2003 – present.


Indexical Elegies. (poems). Toronto: Coach House Books, 2010. (Forthcoming.)

Stripmalling. (novel). Toronto: ECW Press, 2009
The Theory of the Loser Class. (poems). Toronto: Coach House Books, 2006.

Asthmatica. (short fiction). Toronto: Insomniac Press, 2005.

Hello Serotonin. (poems).  Toronto: Coach House Books, 2004.

Resume Drowning. (poems).  Fredericton: Broken Jaw Press, 2002.

Transcona Fragments. (poems).  Winnipeg: Cyclops Press/Signature Editions, 2002. 


Open Text: Canadian Poetry in the 21st Century. Vancouver. Capilano University Editions, 2009.
Scratching the Surface: The Post Prairie Landscape. Winnipeg: Plug In Art Editions, 2008.
The Imagined City. A Literary History of Winnipeg. Winnipeg: Turnstone Press, 2006.
Post-Prairie. An Anthology of New Poetry. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2005.
Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry. Toronto: The Mercury Press, 2005.

Desire, Doom and Vice. A Canadian Anthology. Toronto: Wingate Press, 2005.

Career Suicide! Contemporary Literary Humour.  Montreal: DC Books, 2003.

The Common Sky: Canadian Writers Against the War.  Toronto: Three Squares Press, 2003.

In Muddy Waters: Conversations with 11 Poets. Winnipeg:  J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing, 2003.

Evergreen: 6 New Poets. Windsor: Black Moss Press, 2002.

You and Your Bright Ideas:  New Montreal Writing.  Montreal: Vehicule Press, 2001.


Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction Finalist for Stripmalling. 2009.
CUPFA Professional Development Grant: $4,000 for the completion of Indexical Elegies. 2009.
Canada Council for the Arts. Writer Grant: $17,500 for the completion of Stripmalling. 2008.
Expozine Alternative Press Award for The Theory of the Loser Class. 2006.
A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry Finalist for The Theory of the Loser Class. 2006.
2004 National Magazine Award for Best Editorial Package. Honourable Mention. (Maisonneuve.)
The Carol Shields Book Award Finalist for Transcona Fragments. 2003.

Thomas McKeen Award for Best Thesis. Shortlist. Concordia University. 2003.

The Wynne Francis Award. Concordia University. 2002.

University of Winnipeg Writer's Circle Prize. 1999.

University of Winnipeg Undergraduate Research Award In The Social Sciences. 1998.


Publisher, Editor-in-Chief. Matrix Magazine. 2006 –  present.
Managing Editor. Matrix Magazine. 2001 – 2006.

Publisher, Editor of Snare Books. 2006 - Present.
Founder and Co-Editor of Serotonin/Wayside Imprint for Insomniac Press. 2007 – present.
Editor of Bird Eat Bird by Katrina Best. Toronto: Insomniac Press, 2010. 
Editor of Selected Blackouts by John Goldbach. Toronto: Insomniac Press, 2009.
Editor of Thresh by Kim Minkus. Montreal: Snare Books, 2009.
Editor of Blues and Bliss: The Poetry of George Elliott Clarke. Kitchener: Wilfred Laurier, 2008
Editor of We could be like that couple…  by Sarah Steinberg. Toronto: Insomniac Press, 2008.
Editor of Variations on Holderlin by Geoffery Hlibchuk. Montreal: Snare Books, 2008.
Editor of Delible by Anne Stone. Toronto: Insomniac Press, 2007.
Editor of The Emily Valentine Poems by Zoe Whittall. Montreal: Snare Books, 2006.
Editor of Canada Post by Jason Christie. Montreal: Snare Books, 2006.
Editor of The Coward Files by Ryan Arnold. Montreal: Conundrum Press, 2006.
Editor of Post-Prairie. A Poetry Anthology.  (With Robert Kroetsch).  Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2005.

Editor of Cherry by Chandra Mayor. Montreal: Conundrum Press, 2004.

Editor of Career Suicide! Contemporary Literary Humour. Montreal: DC Books, 2003.

Editor of August Witch by Chandra Mayor. Winnipeg: Cyclops Press, 2002.

Editor of The Cyclops Review. An Anthology. Winnipeg: Cyclops Press, 2002.

Editor of Trains of Winnipeg by Clive Holden. Montreal: DC Books, 2002.

Head Editor and Founder, dark leisure magazine. 1998 – 2000.  


The Capilano Review, Event, New American Writing, The Walrus, The Queen Street Quarterly, tart, Prairie Fire, dark leisure, Contemporary Verse 2, HEADLIGHT Anthology, Word, dandelion, nthposition, StoneStone, PRISM International, filling Station The Danforth Review, eleven, Matrix, Maisonneuve, Geist. Sub-Terrain, Le Quartanier, 1998 – present



“Blues and Bliss: Negotiating the Polyphony of George Elliott Clarke.” Critical Introduction for Blues and Bliss: The Selected Poetry of George Elliott Clarke. Kitchener: Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2008.
Review of Travels in the Scriptorium by Paul Auster. The Montreal Gazette. 2007.
Feature Story on Neil Smith’s BANG CRUNCH. The Montreal Gazette. 2007.
Review of The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly. The Montreal Gazette. 2007.
Review of My Most Secret Desire by Julie Doucet. The Montreal Gazette. 2006.
Review of Dreamwheels by Richard Wagamese. The Montreal Gazette / Regina Leader-Post. 2006
Review of A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. The Montreal Gazette. 2006.
Review of Company by Max Berry. The Montreal Gazette. 2006.
Review of Oh Pure and Radiant Heart by Lydia Millett. The Montreal Gazette. 2005. 

Review of Incendiary by Chris Cleave. The Montreal Gazette. 2005.

“The Linguistic Music of Mary di Michele.” Mary di Michele: Essays on Her Works. Toronto: Guernica, 2005.

“Musing on Meta-Parody: A Conversation with David McGimpsey.” The Danforth Review. 2004.

Review of The Haunted Hillbilly by Derek McCormack. Matrix 68, 2004.

“Nicole Brossard: The Matrix Interview.” Matrix. 67, 2004.

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Review of Cobalt 3 by Kevin Roberts. Matrix 64, 2003.

Review of Late Capitalist Sublime by Ryan Kamstra. Matrix 63, 2003.

“Robert Kroetsch: The Matrix Interview.” Matrix. 63, 2003.

“What Means Home: The Construction of Place in Seed Catalogue and The Diviners.”  Winner, Wynne Francis Award for Excellence in the field of Canadian Poetry Studies.  


Guest Speaker. Blue Metropolis Literary Festival, Montreal. 2009.
Guest Speaker: Winnipeg International Writers Festival.  2009.
Guest Speaker: Kingston International Writers Festival.  2009.
Guest Speaker. Blue Metropolis Literary Festival, Montreal. 2008.
Guest Speaker. Blue Metropolis Literary Festival, Montreal. 2007.
Guest Speaker. Festival Voix D’Ameriques, Montreal. 2007.
Guest Speaker. Blue Metropolis Literary Festival, Montreal. 2006.
Guest Speaker. Ottawa International Writers Festival.  2006.

Guest Speaker. The Scream Literary Festival, Toronto. 2006.
Guest Speaker. Word on the Street Festival, Toronto. 2006.
Guest Speaker. The St. Mark’s Poetry Project, New York. 2006.
Guest Speaker. The Poet’s House (Sponsored by the Canadian Consulate), New York. 2006.
Guest Speaker and Host. Wild Words. University of Calgary. 2005.

Host and Panelist. Winnipeg International Writers Festival. 2005

Featured Reader. Toronto: “This is not a reading series.” 2005

Featured Reader. Toronto: Lexiconjury. 2005.

Featured Reader: New York City: Bowery Poetry Project. “Blame Canada!” 2005.

Guest Speaker: Montreal: Lower Canada College. 2005.

Guest Speaker: Toronto: York University English Department. 2005.

Featured Reader: Winnipeg International Writers Festival.  2004.
Featured Reader: Ottawa International Writers Festival.  2004.

Special Guest Panelist: Toronto: Literary Press Group AGM. 2004. 

Featured Reader and Guest Panelist: Montreal: Blue Metropolis Literary Festival. 2004.

Featured Reader: Toronto: The I.V. Lounge. 2004.

Featured Reader: Toronto: Art Bar. 2004.

Featured Reader: Winnipeg: McNally Robinson. 2004.

Featured Reader: Calgary: dandelion launch, University of Calgary. 2004.

Featured Reader: Winnipeg International Writers Festival.  2002.

Featured Reader: Ottawa: Mothertongue Books. 2002.

Featured Reader: Ottawa: National Library of Canada.  2000.


Various Television Appearances on Book TV, Bravo, A Channel (Winnipeg) from 2003 - 2009.
Various Radio Appearances on CKUT (Montreal), CJLO (Montreal), CBC Radio One, UMFM (Winnipeg) and others. 2003 - 2009.
Heart of a Poet. Episode 205: Jon Paul Fiorentino. Bravo Television. 2006
CBC Poetry Face-Off. CBC Radio One. 2005
“I Wanna Be Your Alpha Male.” Radio Essay for All in a Weekend. CBC Radio One. 2005.
“The Hostility Suite.” Radio Essay for All in a Weekend. CBC Radio One. 2005.

For Stripmalling

A witty prod at the dead end of a thirty-something writer considering his own dreary and seemingly unremarkable suburban Winnipeg origins; [It] captures the anomie of discomforting comfort and the suspicion of authenticity that can be the hallmark of the disenfranchised young—all the while presenting the reader with the dissembling refraction of views and self-referential perspectives that comprise Fiorentino’s odd, funny and disconcerting tale of strangely hollowed-out living. There is genuine wit here and some wonderfully observed and sustained comic sequences – great fun.
Noah Richler, Struan Sinclair and Aparna Sanyal

Stripmalling enthusiastically plays with notions of place and character, and it's chock-full of witty and subtle asides and observations that'll have readers thumbing back through the pages to read and re-read again and again.

Stripmalling is the first novel by Jon Paul Fiorentino, and a very funny one it is.... Amid the hilarious scenes that make up Stripmalling — gas-station hot-boxing, desperate ploys for sex, moderate success in the writing world — Fiorentino produces peaks of warmth and true sadness.

...poignant, politically savvy and laugh-out-loud-funny...

“[Stripmalling has] a poignant tension between narrative and fragmentation, hopefulness and cynicism. . . . [Fiorentino has] become one of Montreal's — and Canada's — most prolific and accomplished young writers.”

A collage-like experience, Stripmalling is a hybrid book forged out of multiple angles and perspectives. It is also a funny and clever experiment in tale-telling.

Stripmalling is a very funny book. ... It challenges the boundaries of
comedic taste, reader sympathy, modern consumerism, and box store capitalism.

Fiorentino is achingly funny. ... Obsessed with cycles of constructing
and demolishing, of remember and inventing, Stripmalling pays tribute to the performance of storytelling.

Seriously, in Canada, we often dismiss comedic books because
we think they're more lightweight or less literary. Not true!
Stripmalling is a rock n' roll ride into our self-delusions, the ennui of ordinary urbanity and the pain of evaporating dreams.
Plus, it's got pretty pictures.

[Stripmalling] resonates — to the point where its protagonist, Jonny, recalls one of literature’s greatest icons, Holden Caulfield, of J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye

Picture Synecdoche, New York, except easier to swallow and way funnier. In a way, the book itself is a mid-life crisis, more than being about one. Stripmalling is undeniably original, brave, and a very fun thing to read.

It's a Canadian triumph. It's not pretty, but it's a great romp. A funny, funny romp.

Jon Paul Fiorentino's Stripmalling is a wall-to-wall shag carpet of variegated grimness and hapless hilarity; a midlife crisis you can hold in your hand; a horny walking tour of sub-industrial, suburban Winnipeg — in a word, singular.
Guy Maddin, director of My Winnipeg and The Saddest Music in the World.

What is this book exactly? Part memoir, part diary, part how-to, part novel, part comic book, this incredibly comedic, somewhat tragic literary work is unlike anything you'll read, ever. Fiorentino details the desperate life of an aspiring writer with wit, oddness, and complexity.
Joe Meno, author of The Boy Detective Fails and Hairstyles of the Damned.

If you've ever had a mid-life crisis before reaching mid-life, worked for minimum wage, or been told to tuck your shirt in, this book is for you. What Jon Paul Fiorentino is up to is sly and self-effacing, deeply real and hilarious. Stripmalling is an absolute bender.
Emily Schultz, author of Joyland and Heaven Is Small.

For The Theory of the Loser Class

The Theory of the Loser Class is a glamorously designed, serious, wrenching tour de force of intellectual stamina.

Only a handful of pages into Jon Paul Fiorentino’s The Theory of the Loser Class, I burst into a friend’s apartment shouting that I had finally found a contemporary Canadian poet whose words embodied the soul and mind of the current generation. Not only that, but like the rest of us, he was a cynical bastard whose work not only lauded our generation, but sharply cut it down, too.

Fiorentino continues his iconoclastic reshaping of Canadian poetry traditions in his new book, The Theory of the Loser Class ... what emerges from the pages are unexpected but poignant re-imaginings of such mass culture icons as suburban malls, video games, late-night television, comedians, and, for a significant portion of the book, mass murderers.

Fiorentino is wickedly funny.

Fiorentino's book is an amusing, poetic treatise ... tender, academic, furious and surprising.

Jon Paul Fiorentino's The Theory of the Loser Class is a clever, youthful, smart-alecky book.

[A] great accomplishment ... [Fiorentino] most interestingly and creatively explores the psychology that permeates a culture of exploitation.

For Asthmatica

Jon Paul Fiorentino's ingeniously silly Asthmatica is a keeper.


Jon Paul Fiorentino is one witty, daring mofo ... [his] graceful language coupled with his unabashed need to confess and elaborate on the most disgusting of life's truths make this book a very satisfying read.


This collection is refreshingly light hearted ... a very real blessing.


Introducing a Montreal talent you'll read again and again. Asthmatica is one you'll want to own.

An idiosyncratic and savagely funny memoir. (Four stars.)


[Fiorentino] is able to blend deliberately funny zingers with stern and powerfully guided craftsmanship.


Asthmatica is a seamlessly funny, smart, naughty read filled with irreverent insights.

Fiorentino writes in an effortless voice, free flowing and conversationally witty ... The imagery of Fiorentino's prose is especially charming.


Jon Paul Fiorentino's latest collection is an acidly funny series of stories ... The outrageous humour of Asthmatica's stories, lists and crossword puzzles delivers a stealth attack against sterile hyper-suburbia, mall capitalism and familial norms.

For Hello Serotonin

Fiorentino strikes notes of chilling freshness by linking drugs, synaptic networks, and the other webs that bind and enable us.


Fiorentino is in the midst of something grand. 


Like the trained and tensile limbs of a magician, the poems in Hello Serotonin are at once dexterous and sinister. They offer a precise yet rousing elaboration of the sparking of thought from transmitter to receptor, of the leap of language (and its downfall) across the celebrated, complex, and always crossed lines of neurotransmission.


The lovely oddness and contextual grace of Hello Serotonin resonate long after you've finished reading – profusion of tantalizing questions and all.


For resume drowning
[Fiorentino] is not only a linguistically skilled, theoretically avant-garde academic poet, but also a humane, sometimes warm, always beating heart whose very cynicism transcends the limitations of post-modern nihilism.


resume drowning stands as a counter-cultural statement. Like all good art, it exceeds itself, gesturing beyond its own boundaries to the resumption of something lost, something dear.


For Transcona Fragments

Fiorentino is a master of syntax, enmeshing language with lyrical wit . . . an attractive, appealing book, Transcona Fragments transcends the poetic history of a neighborhood. More importantly, it is the narrative of the people from Transcona that these poems tell so beautifully. 


With this collection, grounded in the working-class Winnipeg suburb he grew up in, Fiorentino establishes himself as a Canadian William Carlos Williams, with a dash of Al Purdy.