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New Titles

May 2006

Canada Post
Jason Christie
$10.00 CDN / US
6x6 inches
96 pages
ISBN 0-9739438-0-7 / 978-0-9739438-0-1

Jason Christie’s Canada Post interrogates the linguistic imperatives of the communication age and investigates the links between language and nationality with dry, delirious wit. Christie’s poems evidence a frightening, ludic journey from the capital to the outlying punctuation where the familiarity of our nation, language and identity begin to disappear in the cracks and fades of discourse. “Beware of grammar,” these poems advise. “It’ll get you every time.” Shrewdly political, wickedly funny, and fiercely intelligent, Canada Post is an important debut collection.

Jason Christie is an editor for filling Station. He lives in Calgary.

Dreadful Paris
Melissa A. Thompson
$10.00 CDN / US
6x6 inches
88 Pages
ISBN 0-9739438-1-5 / 978-0-9739438-1-8

I am the dull sister, the matte finish in a family of fine, sparkling things.

Having written this down on the second-to-last page of a borrowed copy of Art in America, at the age of 26, in the Turkish Delight Specialty Café, Ramona De Lottenville conspires to find her own glittering corner of the world. Further down that same page, Southebys announces the upcoming auction of a collection of rare thaumatropic devices. Cherished by Cheltenham Ladies College since 1887 and now available for public auction, a glorious possibility presents itself to Ramona. Dreadful Paris is a tale of private Mona Lisas, photographic decadence and, above all, distractions of the exquisite sort.

Melissa A. Thompson lives in Montreal, where she works as a researcher for Cirque du Soleil. Dreadful Paris is her first book.