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ISBN 0-9684720-1-X
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This visionary work breaks through misconceptions underlying traditional gender stereotypes and establishes a new philosophical framework for gender equity. At once personal and philosophical, the author's journey begins with a letter to God, asking, "Why are you called HE?" Her struggle and inspiration will resonate with anyone who has ever asked the same question.

Part I relates the author's spiritual quest, wrestling with the male face of revealed religion. The unexpected "answers" to her letter provide unique insights into the meaning of gender found in the Bahá'í Revelation.

Part II explores philosophical concepts of polarities and dualities, exposing the false dualistic assumptions of the Western heritage and illuminating a new, positive conceptual framework based upon polarities that must be balanced within the individual and society.

The substantial Notes at the end of the book, referenced to the main text, provide captivating biographical and historical descriptions as well as quotations from the Sacred Writings of the Faith.

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"As I read Journey to the Father, I was immediately impressed with the simplicity and clarity of style, together with the depth and profundity of insights it contained … which in my opinion, should be shared as widely as possible."

Dr. William Hatcher, Ph.D.
Philosopher, Writer, Professor of Mathematics, retired.
Author of Love, Power, and Justice; Logic & Logos; Minimalism.