Caveman Inventor

This is a picture of the Caveman Inventor, creator of the world's first variable-setting weapon, the FASAR (Force Amplification by Sticks And Rocks). As seen in the picture, the weapon is set to "stun" (blunt rock). In mere minutes, it can be adjusted to the "kill" setting (sharp rock tied to my waist).

A fearful beast (Scruffy, our mostly-Welsh-border-collie) cowers at his feet.

Also note the pocket protector full of writing implements (charred sticks).

This bit of silliness was perpetrated for an SF convention a few years ago, and the GIF has been distributed with others from the FidoNet SF echo. The FASAR was banned from at least one SF convention by con security ("It's a weapon"), as was its alternate, a block of grey foam rubber tied to the stick ("It's a simulated weapon"). C'mon, guys, use a bit of judgement. I'm more dangerous with a pen than with a hammer, even when I'm NOT writing filk. I later immortalized the incident in song.


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