Everybody's Moonbase

An important date was left off of most of the "Y2k critical dates" lists. According to the 1970s TV series Space: 1999, September 13th, 1999, was the date that a chain reaction in a nuclear waste disposal site on the moon sent the moon wandering through space.

(Lyrics copyright 1999 by Joel Polowin. To: "Everybody's Moon" by Howard Ashby Kranz.)

Everybody's got a lot of garbage to store these days
The worst of it is hot nuclear waste
Everybody thought it was a really brilliant plan
To dump it on the moon near Alpha Base
Lord, you know we should have checked it
But now we're sitting here, watching things go "boom"
Time and physics don't do no forgiving
Now it's good-bye to the moon

So good-bye, everybody's moon
From everybody's sky, to everybody's space
Good-bye everybody's plans
As they go up in smoke, and good-bye Alpha Base
Dry up all the tidal waves
And cope with all the quakes, 'cause somebody has to
Try to live through orbital disruptions
'Til we figure what to do

Nobody's really keen on Mondays around this place
And triskaidekaphobia is rife
But no one thought the thirteenth of September in '99
Would make such a big difference in our life
We're all just trying to cope with changes
But some folks have even more cause for gloom
Especially astronomers and pagans
Sayin' good-bye to the moon

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