Dzur Debutantes

Originally posted on the Fidonet SF echo. We'd been talking about Steven Brust's fantasy novels set in the world of Dragaera, and noting that while Brust had written a couple of the novels as homages to Dumas' novels about the Three Musketeers, several of his colleagues had been writing Regency fantasy novels...

This probably won't make much sense unless you're familiar with the novels in question.

From : Joel Polowin
Date : Sun 14 Apr 96 11:30
To : Rosemary Ighel
Subj : Brust

In a message of <Thursday April 11 1996>, Rosemary Ighel writes to Joel Polowin:

JP>> So between Paarfi's romances in a style like that of Dumas, and Vlad's
JP>> stories in a modern style, there might be room for a couple of
JP>> Dragaeran Regency stories...
RI> Imagine, if you will, the Dzur debutantes.

All getting ready for their -- what's the term, "Coming Out"? With a tremendous run on the weaponsmiths. "I heard that Sarragra commissioned hers from Madame Blantenska -- it's to be in real Serioli steel with gold inlay."

"Oh, I've seen Madame Blatenska's work. I think it's *so* *showy*, and anyway, her swords are usually blade-heavy. I'm having mine done by Madame Helly, who's just developing a reputation for her work. She's promised me something a bit daring with a half-hilt."

"A half-hilt? Your parents are letting you go out with a half-hilt sword?"

"Well, they don't know yet. Helly promised not to tell them -- you've got to promise not to breathe a word to anyone, either! -- and by the time they see it it'll be just too late."

"I promise! Well, that should certainly get you some attention from the boys... -- What's wrong?"

"Oh, do you *really* think that Kerad will notice? I've been trying *everything* to get him to notice me, and he just keeps ignoring me. Now I'm finally going so far as to carry a half-hilt, and I'm *so* worried that he'll be so shocked that he'll hate me forever. And that horrible Freddie keeps following me around, and my parents just don't understand why I think he's a pest, and I think they think I really like him, and they're already teasing me about m-m-mar-r--"

"Hush, dear. Shhh. It's all right. If they're teasing you about it, you may be sure that they don't think it's going to happen. And in the worst case, why, I'll just challenge him to a duel..."

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