Something is still rotten in Denmark...

Hamlet 2
The Revenge of the Ghost


A team of construction workers is digging for the foundation of a new building in the Danish town of Elsinore, when they discover ancient tunnels.

They vanish into the catacombs. They never return.

They are the first...

Hamlet and Claudius have resumed their ancient battle. And this time, they're recruiting.

Kate Winslow as the spectral, seductive Ophelia.

Derek Jacobean as Claudius, more evil than ever before.

Kenneth Brannagh as the horrifying Hamlet.
He's not just mad -- he's angry.

"Incredible. I wouldn't have believed that anyone could make a movie like this." -- Ginger Sisbert

"Horrifying" -- National Gazette

"A fine piece of documentary work" -- Weekly World Enquirer

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