Joel's Funny Stuff

A miscellaneous collection of humorous stuff. If you like what you see here, you might also enjoy some of my filk music.

Barrayaran Emperor Penguin — Rediscovered fauna of Kyril Island on Barrayar

Bert Worcester, Pi Cop — B5 meets Wodehouse meets penguin

Broomball Wizard — Potter meets penguin

Centauri Emperor Penguin — Meet Emperor Popperi the First

The Dead Ensign Sketch — Monty Python meets Star Trek.

DOS 7 — An April Fool's posting, 1994, about a nifty new system driver

Dzur Debutantes — A Fidonet posting, 1996, about Steven Brust's Dragaera novels

Enterprise — Some comments about the premiere episode of the new Trek series

Hamlet 2 — The horror continues...

Home Priapism Kit — A spam pastiche

Icicle Lights — How to make them less boring

Recent Monolith — 2001: A Space Dessert

New Open Source B**b Project — In poor taste. Be warned.

Phantςmon: The First Menace — When marketing wars collide...

Q-17 — A Usenet posting about Steven Brust's Dragaera novels

Ranger Spiff — Calvin & Hobbes meets Babylon 5 meets Princess Bride.

Newest Plush Squidlet — Instructions for the construction of a small plush giant squid, optionally a "shaker toy" percussion instrument

Training of a Sith Apprentice — That double lightsaber is a tricky weapon to learn to use...

Ensign Trekatubby — Eh-oh! Time's up for the Trekatubby!

Tuxbert — Dilbert discovers the hazards of infinite improbability generators

New Txulhu — The greatest of the Great Old Ones and Zeroes

War Against Drakhs — Babylon 5 fans: Just say "NOOOOooooo!!!"

WOBBLER virus — An April Fool's posting, 1996, about a new Win'95 virus

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